Hazrath syed shah afzal biabani Great Natural Master 1

 Hazrath Syed Shah Afzal biabani (kazipet dargah Warangal)

afzal biabani
by quadeer


Hazrat’s father’s name Syed shah Ghulam Mohiuddin biabani RH.

Hazrat Afzal biabani linage traced back to Hazrat Syed Ahmed Rifai. known by Syed Ziauddin Biyabani R.h and was a famous holy person of his time. And who was become famous with the title of Biyabani and related with him in his 10th generation.

His tomb situated in Ambad Sharfi in the Jalana district of Maharashtra State. His tomb is in Ambad Sharif, which is famous even today for fulfilling the desire and wishes of who visit his tomb.

Hazrat appointed as qazi to the Warangal district. Hazrat was the caliph of his father, Hazrat Syed Shah Ghulam Mohiuddin biabani.


On the invitation of his disciple one day, Hazrath attended a function at Mustaipura Pura.

Some persons under went rite of initiation bait and became his disciples in that event.

A childless disciple’s wife requested that he pray to Allah to bless her with a child. Hazrath predicted that she had no children in her fate.

The whole family members became heartbroken and crying. They fell on his feet and requested him many times.

He pitied and assured that Hazrat would bless them with a child. but the child should named after him, whether a male or female.

Thus, with female child blessed them with a female child named Afzal Bee.

Hazrath was so kind hearted that whoever came to him seeking his blessings never disappointed.

PREACHING OF ISLAM (1833-1856 A.D) In those days, most of the Muslims of south India was not on the straight path. They led astray (Gumrah) by evil companions.

Especially the military men of Hanamkonda and Balaram Secunderabad involved in worldly affairs.

when led them to forget Allah prayer Namaz

Islamic principles

social and moral values.

To stop the day to day deterioration of Islam, Hazrath Mohammad (P.B.U.H) appeared in Hazrath Afzal Biabani dream.

He ordered to preach religious ideas based on equality. And believe in the existence of one God Allah and Islam.

Among the people of south India, especially among the military men, as they were good at heart.

To bring them on the right path. Hazrath Afzal Biabani took the responsibilities of preaching Islam among the people.

And led the glorious foundation of Islamic and social reformation in south India. 

 Thus at the age of 40 years.

Hazrath Afzal Biabani having replete with much knowledge of Islam and sainthood.

Dedicated himself to this holy work of preaching to make the people know Islam. And the teachings of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H.

Responding to Hazrath Afzal Biabani’s apt involvement in preaching Islam.

The people started following Islamic Principles and established the worship of Allah Namaz.

Most people enchanted the beauty of Islam’s teachings and abandoned their unhealthy ways. To follow his instructions to purify.

So military men of Bolaram Cantonments and Hanamkonda Cantonments, influenced by Islamic preaching .

They became disciples and devotees of Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.). Those obsessed with their past misdeeds felt guilty and realized themselves and prayed Allah, the Merciful of forgiveness, through their spiritual master (Murshid), Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.). 

He was nothing but the deputy of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and got the blessings of Allah. To earn more knowledge in the holy presence of Hazrath, the followers came to Kazipet.


Islamic law Shariah, the way of knowledge

Maarifat-inward truth Haqiqat, methods of Islam

Tariqat-the way of love with Allah Mohabbat.

Many people stood by him became his disciples Mureed and pledged loyalty bait, shunning their misdeeds and adopting a straight path.

So people in south India have embraced Islam due to his teachings, miracles and preaching.

Some disciples became saints by doing rapt prayers, fasting, invocation, meditation, and dedication. At the same time, few of them have blessed with saint-hood by Hazrath Afzal Biabani (R.A.)

The shrine is famous by qazipet dargah. So People from all religions come here and seek blessing here.

Annual Urs celebrated every year.

Lakhs of people gather here on the occasion of sandal Shareef.

Khusro pasha syed shah khusro bibani appointed chairman for andhra pradesh wakf board 2014.

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