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Hazrat Shamsuddin Turk PaniPati

shamsuddin panipati
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Hazrat shamsuddin was Sadat Alavi, famous saints, and master of outward and inward dispositions. He received Kharqah Khilafat wa Faiz Batani from Makhdoom Alauddin Ali Ahmad Sabir. And Baba Faridganj has derived many inner benefits from Shukar. He left Turkestan in search of a mentor from destination to destination, when he reached near Multan, Baba Faridganj stayed for a few days in the service of Shukar and obtained the Faiz and also got the caliphate, but he said knowingly that I do not follow you. Because you will get your inner blessing from another mentor.
It is said that when he reached Peran Clear, he came to the service of Makhdoom Khwaja Alauddin Ali Ahmed Sabir, and Ali Ahmed Sabir became the favorite of God as soon as he saw him. He looked at you very carefully and said: This is my boy, I have prayed to God that our series will continue with you. So he placed the helmet of Chartar on his head and performed the ritual, at that time he was revealed from the earth to the Throne.
You have served your feet for eleven years and performed ablution. You did extreme austerity and mujahidah, and adopted poverty and hunger and patience and contentment. In a few days, he reached the highest level. He left there with permission and came to Delhi and became a servant among the riders in Lashkar Shahi and in a short time acquired the goods of Amirana. Do not attach your heart to anything, day and night stay in the favor of God’s love and Mujahid.
It is said that King Ghiyas-ud-Din Balban attacked a fort, he was also present in the horsemen, while the victory was delayed, dust appeared one night, clouds and wind rose from all sides, the tents of the army and nobles fell. Due to rain and wind, rain and cold, there was no fire anywhere, no fire was found to heat the water of the king, the saka of the sugar house was moving for fire.
From a distance, I saw that a lamp was lit in a tent. When I came closer, I found that a dervish was reciting the Holy Quran in the light of the lamp, and the wind was strong, but it was not damaging the lamp. When he saw this, he could not shake his tongue in awe. He said: If fire is acceptable to you, take it.
Saqqah moved forward and reached Jalali and his place by the fire of wood. In the morning, I saw that the same dervishes were performing ablution on the pond in the dress of riders, when I looked carefully, I recognized that these are the same dervishes of the night, and I knew that all this blessing and greatness is yours. Gradually this news reached the Sultan. The sultans and nobles all believed and obeyed him. Purpose! With your prayers, that fort was also conquered in a few days. Then from there he came to his Peer and after being granted the Kharqa Khilafat Wilayat, he ascended to Panipat.
Glory always prevailed in your mood, people were silenced by fear. When you came to Panipat, all the creatures turned to your service and became devotees. He was engaged in the guidance of the devotees for years. Sheikh Jalal-ud-Din is famous and well-known among his successors. Hazrat shamsuddin passed away in 715 AH. Hazrat shamsuddin shrine is famous in Panipat.
Annual urs of hazrat shamsuddin panipat is celebrated every year.
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