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Hazrat Syed Shah Rafiuddin Ahmed Quadri Gharib Nawaz Rh

Rafiuddin Ahmed
Rafiuddin Ahmed

Hazrat Rafiuddin Ahmed quadri was born at Baghdad Shareef. Hazrat was named Hazrat Shah Majeeduddin Ahmed Quadri. Hazrat was a disciple, and caliph under his father. Hazrat Shaik AbdulQadeer jeelani RH is the source of Hazrat’s linage.

Hazrat Sayed Rafiuddin Ahmed quadri Baghdadi. (May Allah have mercy upon him).

Hyderabad Is a distinguished and great personality, who belonged to the Qadri dynasty as well as Hazrat Ghous -ul-Azam Dastgir.

Hazrat Syed Rafiuddin ahmed quadri Baghdadi, may Allah have mercy upon him, is one of the holy people who visited Hyderabad. He belongs to saba Qadri. The Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him), ordered that he visit Hyderabad and Deccan when he was at the court of Allaah (peace & blessings be upon them).

Saba Qadriyah is the name given to the seven religious leaders, who are both from the Hazrat Ghausul-Azam Dastgir lineage (RA), and the lineage of Hazrat Meera Baghdadi (may Allah have mercy on him). The elders were Hazrat Meera Baghdadi and Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam Dastgir (may Allah have mercy upon him).

Hazrat Ahmad Syed Syed Ismail Noori (may Allah be merciful on him) visited Warangal. Elders visited Hazrat Makhooq Rabbani (may Allah have mercy upon him) and made two visits to Kurnool. Hazrat Ahmad Hazrat Ishaq (may Allah be merciful on him) was full of praise. They are all Qadriyah. I believe in the elders. There is some disagreement among scholars about who they are.

Today, the Sindhis are departing. Sir Syed Rafiuddin Ahmad Quadri Baghdadi (may Allah be merciful on him) is also a morsel from Nawaz. He is also the deputy to the poor Nawaz. Your title is Gharib Nawaz. Your lineage extends to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), so when you visit Hyderabad, it is believed that you are there with your wife or son.

He also had twelve-year-old disciples.

You kindly visited this place during the reign of Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah.

Today’s Wazifa hates Hazrat Syedna Ghaus Pak, his descendants Amjad, and all those of his blessed lineage. He sent Asad Khan, his servant, who was not present, to Hazrat. Khan, who was a minister today, had a great affection for Hazrat Ghaus Pak and great beliefs Baghdadi, may Allah have mercy upon him, so he kissed her tenderly.

He thought that Hazrat would give him a good relationship if he gave it to me after the pilgrimage. He must have realized that Hazrat Muhammad Rafiuddin Ahmed quadri was his.

He took out a little bit of Egyptian under his pillow to make his bed more comfortable. It was quite a change to be able to see the idea in my heart. They bring their intentions and their needs to the service. If anyone wishes, then Allah Almighty, or the righteous servants Allah bestow such blessings upon those who request them. This is the heart of the Prophet (peace & blessings of Allaah be upon Him), as he used to spread Islam through it. He wanted to bring the people of Allaah together with Allah.

Allah may bless them, and grant them strength and power. They used to tell them that, but they didn’t show it by their will. A misguided person can become a member Ahl as-Sunnah, or non-Muslims will become Muslims and then enter Islam. One is the Hazrat idea. He said to you that the minister of Istikhara took the Laila from your hands and that Hazrat would be very kind to him. I had the thought that He would give me the king’s devotion to Hazrat in that way.

He took some Egyptian bread and blessed his family. Hazrat Muhammad Rafiuddin Ahmed quadri Baghdadi (may Allah be merciful on him) then spoke to the blind and lame daughter of the king.

When the king visited your assembly, he had two types of ministers and ceremonies to test you. You were in this state at that moment, which meant that you were praying to Allah Almighty. The king was greeted by God when the use was successful . He said, “Since God belongs to you, He used to sit down on the ground. Asad Khan, the king sitting on the ground said that Hazrat Hazrat’s son was windy and tall. We ask for your prayers for his recovery. He breathed, saying, “Call the girl and Allah will heal them. 

The king offered water of praise to the girl as though she needed it. The girl will be safe. Hazrat Rafiuddin Ahmed quadri Baghdadi (may Allah be merciful on him) sent his girl. Hazrat Abdul Razzaq Sani (may Allah be merciful on him) wanted to strengthen the marriage of the elder brothers who had died.

You can visit a mansion close to our palace. Hazrat said that today was your Mazar-e-Sharif. It’s all fine. The king joined him as he appeared and they reached the top of the hill. The king thought that Hazrat might tell him something and provide him with food.

In shaikpet, you will find the shrine of Hazrat Rafiuddin Ahmed Quadri. Since the early 20th century, it has been a popular place for meditation and worship in shaikpet. Hazrat Rafiuddin Ahmad Quadri celebrates annual urs. This shrine is visited by large numbers of people for ziyarat (pilgrimage), and to receive blessings from Dervish.

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