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Hazrat Sultan Mashaikh Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya Delhi

Nizamuddin auliya
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Hazrat was Sahih Nasab Syed and the whole of India is full of your relics and blessings, Hazrat father name Syed Abdullah bin Ahmad AlHussaini Badayuni, he came to Delhi with his mother, Bibi Zulekha.

Hazrat was disciple of the Sufi saint shaikh fareeduddin shakergunj rehmatullah alaih.

books are full of your external and internal achievements. Therefore, I consider it sufficient to write only this much that even though Baba Fariduddin Ganj Shukar has had many caliphs before him and has been loved by them, but you are the one who, when he was the first to attend service, Baba Sahib said this:

Hazrat nizamuddin auliya have passed through all stages of Wilayat and Qutabit and have reached the status of Majbubi. And this is a rank which is rarely attained by a saint for a short period of time, but he remained steadfast throughout his life, and it was the effect of Baba Sahib’s prayer that Sultanji nizamuddin auliya desired and granted this rank of constancy. . It is written in Akhbar Al-Akhyar that once a person mentioned in your Majlis that your friends have organized a Majlis in such and such a place and there is also a psalm. So you said that I have forbidden that there should be no psalms and forbidden things.

They did not do well. You spoke very clearly about this. There were no psalms in his assembly, and one of his friends used to inform him that if he listened to psalms, he forbade them and said that it was not good. It is written that one day your father said, “Bring some food.” Baba sahib ate with all the friends and appreciated that it was cooked very well. I have prayed to God that seventy mannas of salt should be used in your kitchen every day, so it used to be used a lot in your anchorage, until some envious people conveyed this to the king that this is two thousand ashrafiyans a day.

Maulana Jami writes that the property of a merchant of Multan was robbed by thieves on the way. He went to Sheikh Sadruddin bin Sheikh Bahauddin Zakaria and said that I am planning to go to Delhi, write some recommendation to Sultanji nizamuddin auliya so that he can get me some capital and trade. He wrote the rak’ah. When the merchant came, Sultanji nizamuddin auliya asked the servant to give whatever comes from the morning prayer to the evening prayer. The servant seated them in one place, referring to whatever was coming.

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya collected the words of his Pir-o-Murshid in a book called Rahatul Quloob.
Some sayings of Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya

The wilayat (department) of gnosis and faith may suffer from the end. Wilayat of compassion is powerless.

The love of the Awliya (saints) is stronger than their reasons. The lock of spiritual perfection has many keys. All of these keys must be present. If we don’t open it, others might.

A person with knowledge, mind and love should be the Caliph of the Sufi sheikhs. As long as possible, remove your heart, because the heart of a good Muslim is in the palace of the manifestation of Allah.

Many of his disciples chieved spiritual height, including shaikh nasiruddin chirag and amir khusro etc

It is written that three thousand scholars. Apart from this, students used to get stipends from Hafiz and Sultanji of murids and students. Hazrat nizamuddin auliya passed away on the 18th of Rabi al-Thani 725 Hijri according to 1325, during the reign of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, his shrine is famous and well known.

Annual urs is celebrated every year by sajjada nasheen of hazrat nizamuddin auliya. Lakhs of People came here to celebrated the urs ceremony and seeking of blessing of hazrat khaja nizamuddin auliya.

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