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Hazrat Khaja Mahbooballah R.H (Misri Gunj)

Khaja Mahbooballah
by quadeer

Syed Mohammed Siddiq, also known as Hazrat Mahbooballah, was a renowned and well-respected Sufi mystic of the Deccan in India. Born in Hyderabad, Hazrat was remembered for his unrelenting dedication to Islam and his love for God. With followers across the world, he is a saint who has transcended language and nationality to touch the lives of humans everywhere.


Mahbooballah was a Muslim Sufi saint of the 18th century, famous for his public preaching, proselytizing, and social work. He was also a scholar, preacher, poet, philosopher, medical practitioner, calligrapher and a reviver of Sunnah.

Syed Mohammed Siddiq was born in Hyderabad on 29 Shaban 1263 Hijri — a date that makes him one of the earliest Sufi mystics in India.

In life, Mahbooballah practised as well as preached Sufism.


Hazrat is the son of Hazrath Syed Mohammed Parwarish Ali Hussaini, also known as Badshah. 

Hussaini Rh. He belonged to Syed Hussaini’s genealogy. Hazrat’s mother, Syeda Ewaz Begum, was the granddaughter of Hazrath Mir Shujauddin Rh. who was a prominent Sufi Shaikh, a great scholar, and writer of many books.

Born in Hyderabad on 29 Shaban 1263 Hijri to a family of religious scholars, Mahbooballah spent most of his life in Hyderabad, where he gained fame for his practice of medicine. He is reputed to have restored Islam and freed it from deviation. His lectures attracted large numbers of people from different religions and castes.

He was a descendant of Prophet Mohammed, and his followers believed him to be one of the greatest Sufi saints of that time.


Khaja Mahbooballah by birth Wali. There happened a lot of incidents recorded in his journal by different personalities that signify that he was not an ordinary child.

Hazrat’s mother noticed in her dream Bibi Jannat Khatun Fatima tuz Zehra (SA), daughter of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who made her aware that she was carrying, and she said to his mom, pointing to the baby: This is is our child, serve him with care.

Education and Teaching Strategies

As a child, Khaja Mahbooballah exhibited an unusual ability to understand the Qur’an and its verses. His mother would notice that he would recite verses perfectly even though he had learned them only moments before. Even more remarkably, his father would spend hours reciting the Qur’an to him only to find that his son could repeat the same surahs without fail.

Hazrat was a Hafiz and Qari of the Holy Quran. Hazrat has learned Arabic, Persian, literature, and philosophy. Hazrat mahbooballah was an expert in jurisprudenceanalysis of the Quran, and prophetic traditions. In addition, Hazrat was familiarized with the science of mysticism. Hazrat was also interested in medicine, and he wrote a book on herbal remedies.

Hazrat mahbooballah was an expert calligrapher in Naskh and Nastaliq (Persian and round spherical writings).

He wrote a book Afkaar-e-Ghaib under the name Khulq.


Hazrat Khaja Mahbooballah was accorded twenty-five titles through spiritual revelation. 

It is recorded in history that Khaja Mahbooballah was very much worried when he was accorded the title of Abdul Qadir sani by the Hazrath Muhammad Mustafa(p.b.u.h). Hazrat was thinking about how he could enter the service of “Huzoor Ghouse Azam(p.b.u.h)” Abdul-Qadir Gilani. Hazrat felt highly uncomfortable facing “Huzoor Ghouse Azam(p.b.u.h)”, with a title similar to his label. This thought had taken all his peace, and he felt perplexed. He soon saw ‘Huzoor Ghouse Azam(p.b.u.h)’ telling him: “Khaja miyan Do not panic, only he is a faithful follower who annihilates in his Murshid(Fanaa fi-Sheikh).

Hazrat Khaja Mahbooballah possessed extraordinary miraculous powers and used them to cure sick people by showing them the way to do good deeds and would also.

Tell his mother in sleep that he and other prophets had come here to eradicate all kinds of sins and evil deeds. Their responsibility is to spread love and compassion among mankind and make the earth a better place to live in.

His Mission and Teaching Strategies

Hazrat khaja Mahbooballah’s works and his purpose of Shariah and Tariqah were successfully carried out by his successors in India and abroad. A journal (Mahboob) named after him is published every month, highlighting the Tafsir QuranHadees, Sufi topics, and Mahbooballah’s knowledge and poetry.

Urs Anniversary

Hazrath Mahbooballah’s urs Shareef is celebrated on the 18th day of Dhu al-Qi’dah in QaziPura, Attended by thousands of devotees from throughout the world to avail themselves of his Faiz. 


His khalifas are few, but they are the Sufis of Hyderabad.

1. Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Hussaini Rh.

2. Syed Mahmood Ali Shah Hussaini MakkiMiyan Rh.

3. Syed Shah Mohammed Omer Hussaini Rh.

4. Syed Mohammed Osman Hussaini Fayeq Rh.

5. Syed Shah Yahya Hussaini(Yahya Pasha)Rh.

6. Syedna Syed Shah Muhammad Baqar Ali Hussaini(Faqeer Pasha)Rh.

7.  Maulvi Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui Rh.

8. Moulvi Abdul Muqtadir Siddiqui Rh., his nephew.


Hazrat Mahbooballah’s renowned followers include the royal family of the Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam who was the wealthiest man of his time. Osman Ali Khan’s four wives -Iqbal Gowhar Begum, Ahmedi Begum, Khadri Begum, and Hanfia Begum were devotees and regular visitors to the Dargah of Hazrat Khaja Mahbooballah, and they were buried in Riyaz Madina.

Amongst other members of the royal family includes Nizam’s third daughter Ahmed Unisa Begum with the title of Shahzadi Pasha, a special designation for an extraordinary daughter. She was the daughter of Nizam’s first wife, Dulhan Pasha. She was a competent woman, and it is said that she was the Power behind the Crown. Moreover, she was a great believer in Khaja Mahbooballah. Eyewitnesses in Old City still recall how she came with utmost reverence to Dargah of the holy saint.

After paying homage to the Dargah, she took the blessings of Hazrat Syed Mohiuddin Hussaini Chand Pasha, the grandson and successor of Khaja Mahbooballah. To him, Shahzadi Pasha said her last wish was to be buried in Riyaz Madina after her death. shazadi pasha’s wish carried out her request, and she rests in Peace in Riyaze Madina.

Mir Osman Ali Khan himself remained a devoted follower of Shaikul Islam Syed Mohammed Badshah Hussaini, the renowned preacher and nephew of the Sufi Hazrat Khaja Mahbooballah. He attended many of his sermons and speeches in the Grand Mosque of Mecca Masjid and at Qadri Chaman, near Falaknuma Palace, where he discussed a variety of religious topics. 

Urs Anniversary is celebrated every year by the custodian.

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