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Hazrath Jhangir peeran Rh (Shadnagar)

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Hazrath Syed Shah Jahangir peeran was a real brother to Syed Shah Burhanuddin. Both Hazrats came from Arabia. Their lineage can be traced back to Banu Hashim, a noble family of Mohammed (PBUH). They came to spread the message from the holy prophet Mohammed Allahu alaihi wi salam. They arrived in Delhi first, then moved on to Deccan where they stayed near MahbubNagar, a shadnagar village.

While there isn’t any definitive evidence of the History of the Dargah being found, it is possible to deduce some details from an Arabic text about the Jahangir Peeran Dargah. Jahangir Peeran Dargah is believed to have been used for the tombs of both them. It is believed that the Golconda Fort 400 years ago was conquered by kings who later visited this Dargah. Syed Ibrahim Ali, one of their sepoys was elected guardian of Dargah. He was selected to be khazi for four Parganas. The guardians of Ibrahim Ali’s descendants were not appointed. Later, the Dargah was taken over by the state waqf board.

No one walked the Dargah after dark, that lions roamed it at night and that whites used their tails to clean the Dargah in the morning.

For three days, Makar Sankranti devotees hold Urs festivals at the Dargah during the Makar Sankranti celebration. These festivals are attended by not only the state’s Muslims but also foreigners. Here is a regular spot for Muslims who travel to Arab countries for work.

Here, the Hindus believe that the Narasimha Swamy Temple was once the Dargah’s site in ancient Times. This belief is why many Hindus visit the Dargah. It is wrong and unfounded to say that there was no temple in ancient History.

This Dargah stands as a great symbol of religious Harmony. Here are Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs. The Edlabands are the mainstay of the Lambada family in the area. They also make kandus. The area’s most wealthy families are able to worship any home god they choose.

From here, there is a bus stop. There are special buses that run on Sundays and Thursdays. There are also autos and jeeps available.

Many miracles are expected to occur every day at the shrine, as there are many Miracles that belong to Hazrat jahangir Peeran. This will be proven by the many visits to the shrine, which will also show their blessings.

These are among the many thousands of devotees who visit the shrine every day to receive blessings. It is for this reason that many people visit the shrine to witness their miracle-working lives. This shrine is well-known and popular in Hyderabad.

Hazrat Jahangir peeran was 18-19 years old when they left this planet.

KCR stated that Jahangir Peer Dargah will become a tourist destination. According to him, Rs 50 crore is being allotted for the Dargah’s development. He stated that he would construct toilets on 100 acres to accommodate travellers. He said he would build the Jahangir peeran Dargah with all necessary facilities within one year. CM KCR paid homage to Mahabubnagar MP in Rangareddy district by visiting Jahangir peer Dargah at Kottur Mandal. The religious elders attended the prayers.

Telangana in India celebrates Jahangir Peeran urs (anniversary). Many devotees paid homage and visited the shrine during this time. A qawwali is held at the shrine every night to mark the end of the urs. The event is organized by the state government. Unfortunately, there are no reference books available at the moment.

urs is celebrated every year by wakf board of telengana.

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