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Hazrat Syed Shah Moosa Quadri Rh Hussaini Alam (Ahata Moosa Quadri)                                  

Moosa Quadri
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Hazrat  Moosa Quadri can trace his lineage back to Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani who is one of the most revered Sufi saints as well as a scholar of Islam.

Hazrat Mohiuddin Quadri was the son of Syed Shah Mohiuddin Quadri. He is another well-known spiritual leader and figure in the community. At the age of 22, he was made a caliph (or leader) in the Qadiri Order by his father. He quickly became a respected scholar.

In the year 1152, Hazrat Moosa Quadri was conceived in Hyderabad. Hijri and her father were given to her sister by whom he was raised. She lived in Mustaidpura, Hyderabad. He was used to visiting his dad at times when he was young. Hazrat began to follow the system of practices his ancestors at the age of seven. Hazrat used the chain of Quadri Sufi order to take the oath for small children as a youngster.

He was 14 years old when he visited his father and went to the graves of his ancestors. His father was sweeping the tomb area at that time. After completing the work, he called his father to the tomb and asked him to touch his feet with respect and honor. His father then grabbed his hand. Hazrat gave him the promise in the Queria chain to the Sufi Order. Hazrat gained the wealth of faith. He also gave him details about the spiritual pathway to someone who is committed to a spiritual master on a spiritual path to Sufism.

Hazrat moosa quadri was 19 years old at the time he was given the job of shrine caretaker. He taught a lot of people the rules and regulations of Sufi teachings and preachings. He was used to being busy from the age of 19 until he reached 63 years.

  1.  It is a mystical exercise.
  2.  endeavors.

Hazrat used to perform congregational prayers every day. He also used to read the following books to gain practical knowledge.

  1. Islamic law
  2. Faith

Hazrat used not to reveal his daily Recital or practices to anyone else. He will be upset if any visitor comes to him at night. He stopped visiting the mosque and recited the five congregational prayers at the house in his last years of life.

He was also used to performing many supererogatory prayers in addition to the five congregational prayers. Hazrat was a regular follower of the five congregational prayers. He was also used to being busy in supererogatory prayer worship from night to Tahajud (mid Night prayer). He was used to being busy with his recitals daily, and he didn’t leave the beads behind.

He visited his house on 21st Ramzan, and he died or became ill after that. He used to say that he was now sixty-two years old, but his life line is still intact.

On 21st Zeqad, 1215 Hegira, Hazrat died In Hyderabad, he was buried in the Moosa bowli hussaini alam. His father’s tomb was where he was buried. Hazrat lived a short life, but he accomplished a lot. His grand tomb can be found at the Purana Pool gate in Hyderabad.

Asif Jah Sai was a Hazrat devotee.

Hazrat moosa quadri is the father of four sons.

Syed shah Ghulam Ali Quadri moosavi

Syed shah Ghulam Qasim Quadri moosavi

Syed shah Ghulam Hussain Quadri moosavi

Syed shah Ghulam Mohammed Quadri moosavi

An anniversary is celebrated every year.

Syed Kazim Pasha Quadri  al moosavi (khateeb Deccan) And syed Aale mustafa quadri al moosavi (khateeb zaman) belongs to Hazrat Moosa Quadri Rahmatullah alaih.

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