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 Hazrat Syed Shah Noori Shah Chisti Quadri Rh (Bandlaguda,Barkas)

 Noori Shah
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Hazrat was a disciple and Caliph of Hazrat Ghousi shah. Hazrat used to stay in khankha nooria bandlaguda.He was the 21st grandson of Ghousul Azam Sheikh Mohiyudheen Abdul Qadir Jilani (RH).

Hazrat noori shah is widely known as Noor ul Mashaikh. Hazrat’s chain has expanded worldwide in more than 40 countries through millions of his students, many gatherings, mosques, Islamic schools, colleges, and hospitals

Hazrat Noori shah is a renowned Islamic scholar who lived in the 19th century and gained prominence as an outspoken critic of the orthodox Islamic clergy of his time.

He is best known for developing a distinct Sufism approach that emphasized love and service to humanity rather than rules and rituals. 

He is said to have been the first great Muslim saint-poet in the Indian Subcontinent and is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in spreading Islam in South Asia.

Hazrat is the Founder of Kerala’s First Islamic Arabic College, Jamia Nooriyya Arabic College, Pattikkad in Malappuram District. He accepted the post of vice president of the Jamia Nooriya.

Hazrat was the student (mureed) of the renowned Sufi saint Moulana Peer Ghousi Shah.

Shaikh Noori Shah Jeelani received the title of Caliph (or religious successors) from his spiritual teacher Shaikh Moulana Ghousi Shah of Hyderabad, India, after years of spiritual training under his guidance.

His ʿUrs (anniversary of death) is celebrated on the 14th day of the month, Rabi us Sani.

His mausoleum, Dargah, is located in the very famous Noori Maskan of Noori Nagar in the Bandlaguda area of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

While Shaikh Noori Shah Jeelani had millions of disciples (students or murids), few were given Caliph and made Khalifa (or religious successors) of his religious-spiritual chain and continued to spread the knowledge of Sufism and Spirituality

Among his senior Khalifa (or spiritual successors) who later became very well acclaimed and most renowned Sufi Saints in the Indian Sub-continent include 


Shaikh Syed Arifuddin Jeelani Noorullah Shah Noori (Damath Barakatuhu)

Sheikh Syed Muneeruddin Jeelani Kamalullah Shah Noori

Shaikh Syed Nasiruddin Jeelani Asrarullah Shah Noori (Damath Barakatuhu)

Khwaja Dil Nawaz Faizee Shah Noori

Khwaja Faqeer Nawaz Aamir Kaleem Shah Noori

Shaikh Jamali Shah Noori

Shaikh Ibrahim Khaleelullah Shah Noori

Shaikh Zuhoori Shah Noori

Shaikh Yaqoob Ali Shah Noori

Shaikh Syed Aziz Ali Shah Noori among others. 

These Sufi saints later spread their knowledge across more than 20 countries, mainly in the Indian Sub-continent, Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries.

Some of the works published in the Indian sub-continent were as follows:-




The chain of spiritual masters (silsila) of Nooriya reaches both Qadriya and Chistiya masters; hence it came to be known as Chisti Qadiri.

Shaikh NooriShah Jeelani spiritual preachings continued to influence millions of ordinary people across more than 40 countries with the following significant sub-branches:

Silsila-e-Arifiya Nooriya Sheikh Noorullah Shah Noori (Syed Arifuddin Jeelani) Noori maskan Hyderabad.Silsila-e-Kamaliya Nooriya Shaikh Syed Kamalullah Shah Noori (Syed Mohammed Muneeruddin Jeelani)

Silsila-e-Asrariya NooriyaSheikh Syed Asrarullah Shah Noori (also known as Syed Mohammed Nasiruddin Jeelani)

Silsila-e-Faizeeya NooriyaShaikh Khwaja Dil Nawaz Faizee Shah Noori Chisti Qadiri Lalpet Dargah, Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu,

Silsila-e-Aamiria Nooriya  Shaikh Khaja Faqeer Nawaz Syed Muhammad Umar Aamir Kaleemi Shah Noori Chisti Qadiri Hasani Hussaini Jafari Jeelani Pannur Dargah, Sunguvarchatram area, Chennai District of Tamil Nadu, 

Silsila-e-Jamaliya Nooriya Shaikh Jamali Shah Noori Chisti Qadiri Ayangudi Dargah in Kattumannarkoil of Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu.

Silsila-e-Zuhooriya Nooriya Shaikh Zuhoori Shah Noori Chisti Qadiri, Karuvarakundu area, Malappuram district in Kerala

Silsila-e-Khaleeliya Nooriya Shaikh Ibraheem Khaleelulla Shah Noori Chisti Qadiri Parappuram area in Kerala

Silsila-e-Yaqoobia Nooriya Shaikh Mohammad Yaqoob Ali Shah Noori Chisti Qadiri

Hazrat Noori shah left this universe in the month of rabi us sani.

Look around your neighbourhood do you see any boys or men with long white beards? That’s probably Hazrat Noori Shah, who left this universe in Rabius Sani. His shrine is in Noori Chaman barkas.

There is an annual urs (death anniversary) of Hazrat Noori Shah celebrated on the 13th, 14th and 15th day of rabi us sani. People from all over India come to pay their respects to this pious saint.

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Books for your reference: 

1. Mukhtasar ahwal Auliya Deccan