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Yahya pasha
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Hazrat Yahya pasha, a Hyderabad Deccan native, was born. Hazrat is a caliph under Hazrat Hafiz Syed Shah Osman Hussaini. Hazrat’s house was close to masjid Noor in qazipura. Hazrat used to give Rohani treatment to many people. Hazrat Yahya pasha was to hajj twice in his life.

Hazrat Shah Muhammad Yahya pasha Qadri is Hazrat Syed Muhammad Siddiq Hussaini. Hadhrat Siddiq was 10 years old at the time Hadhrat Hussaini died. Hazrat Khwaja Mahabooballah was very fond of him. He would stay with Hazrat Mahbooballah every day.

Hazrat Bahrul Uloom Maulana Hasrat claims that some Tariqa brothers complained that they couldn’t form Hadhrat Mahbooballah’s vision (Tasawwur-e-Shaykh). Hadhrat Mahbooballah instructed them to create the Yahya concept.

 They were able to create Hadhrat Mahbooballah’s image (May Allah show His mercy upon him). It is said that Hadhrat Mahbooballah (May Allah show His mercy on Him) once said that Yahya was 2 swords in 1 scabbard.

Hazrat Yahya, who was only ten years old at the time of his death, was an extremely young man. Hazrat received his entire education and instruction from Hadhrat Osman Hussaini, his elder brother.

He gave the pledge of allegiance (Bayah) to his father but got the Khilafah(authorization to accept and instruct disciples) from his elder brother. He did however detail his permission chain from his elder brother in the Shajra.

Hazrat Yahya pasha compiles 40 Hadith on the goodness of Durood. 15 Hadith out of 40 were included in Noor e Baseerat, the compilation of his writings. Some of them are listed here, along with references to the principles of Hadith.

  • Translation: The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said: Allah Ta’ala sends 1 Durood upon me and writes 10 virtuesto that person. This wipes out 10 sins, and raises his (or hers) status by 10 grades.
  • Translation: The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said: Whoever sends Durood100 times on Friday night or on the night before Friday, Allah Ta’ala forgains 80 years of sins.
  • Translation: The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said that if someone recites Durood 100 consecutive times in the evening precedingFriday, or on Friday, then Allah Ta’ala fulfills 100 wishes and appoints a angel for that individual. The angel will give glad tidings when the person is laid to rest.
  • Translation: The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) stated: 100 Duroods per day are enough to fulfill 100 wishes.

Hazrat is the father of four sons, and one daughter.

  • Hazrat Hafiz Syed Mohiuddin Hussaini Quadri
  • Hazrat Hafiz Syed shah Ibrahim Hussain Quadri
  • Hazrat Hakeem Syed shah Osman Hussaini Quadri
  • Hazrat Syed shah Mohammed Hussaini Quadri

Hazrat Yahya Pasha writes books

  • Mazhar e Anwaar
  • Anwar e Ghaib

Hazrat left this world in the month of the safar Islamic Calendar.

Every year, annual urs are celebrated.

The Hazrat shrine can be found at misrigunj.

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