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Khwaja Muhammad Rahat Hasan Shah

mohammed rahat hasan shah
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Hazrat mohammed rahat hasan shah was born on 26 Muharramul Haram 1343 Hijri in Bhainsodi Sharif of Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. Your name is Aqdas “Muhammad Rahat Hasan” Your father’s name is Huzoor Shaikhul Auliya Khawaja Alhaj Muhammad Inayat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaih.
your family
The founder of this Khanism is Hazrat Abdullah Khan Afghani Rahmatullah Alaih, who after moving from the town of Afghanistan, Shaikh Jaan, District Peshawar, to the town of Bhainsodi, District Rampur (UP) as his permanent homeland, which till date has been the homeland of this tribe for generations after generations. It is known that this Ajimul Barkat clan has always been very pure, clean and pure. Your mother too, father
Also, grandfather, grandmother, great grandfather, great grandfather, there is a continuous chain of exile from here to there. There are links of light, chains of light which are connected to each other. The one who is born in such a pure place of residence and honor will be a blessed person only.
but why?
Hazrat rahat hasan shah very famous title “Sabdus Saleekin” means in the light of its meaning and usage, “To walk on such a path with utmost senses and passion, along with the Prophet and the Guru according to principles and principles, which leads to the destination of Irfan Haq.” Make it reach. This path is called Tariqat. Tariqat is the recognized path but the candle of Shariat Mustafavi must be lit on this path, otherwise this will not be the path of the people of Allah at all but it will be the devil’s path. Only that path is acceptable, beloved and will lead to Allah. It is the one which has the approval and strong protection of the Shariat of Pakistan. The entire treatment and philosophy, reality and success lies only in the happiness and love of Huzoor Syedna and Syedul Kul Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. That is why Huzoor Qutbul Arfeen Khwaja Muhammad Nabi Raza.
Shah Dada Miyan Rahmatullah Alaih declared the truth with great truth and clarity that the Shariats that the Pākehā endured were cut off from him. I and my old Ijmaa Qudusta Israrahum have no relation and no attachment with such a person. It is true that every blessing is related to Daman-e-Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. “Sanad” is also an Arabic word which means trust, confidence, safe haven, door and support etc. The word Sanad is very common in the use of the principle of Hadith, Sanad is the real basis of Hadith. .As is the Sanad, so is the reality. Now read the translation of “Sanadussalekin” which is based on the advice of Hazrat Khwaja Rahat Hasan Alaihiramah. You are the Sanad of Salik, the person to whom you are giving the Sanad of Suluk is “Salik”. You are not only a Salik but also a Salik, the one who turns the people into Salik. Making the lost people into human beings and then putting them in the factory of Irfan Haq and making them like the people of Allah, this is your treatment-e-Tasawwuf and this is the service of Silsila-e-Jahangiriya. The primary purpose of Isha’at!
Abdale Zamana and Mustazabuddawat
The meaning of “Mustazabuddawaat” is that the prayer that comes from one’s tongue gets accepted very soon by God. In Safe Auliya, very high status Sarapa Khair and Barakat, Mustazabuddaawat elders are called “Abdal”. Baksarat Fazael-wa-Maratib of Abdals have been described in the Hadiths. Only a few features are being mentioned here.
1–Mustazabuddawaat are there.
2– There are very good living hearts.
3- Want the well being of everyone.
4- Heart and tongue are one.
5- By the blessings of whose mention the troubles are averted.
6–It rains because of them.
7– The order of the land is maintained by them.
8–Their chest is purer than the ears.
In the light of these specialties, the clean, clear and shining character of Hazrat Khwaja Rahat Hasan Alaihiramah,
After the Mutale, the truth was destroyed and the people of the heart made a clear announcement and this announcement spread everywhere that Hazrat Khawaja Rahat Hasan Alaihira Rahma Abdale Zamana is
Mustazabuddawat is elderly.
Happy Ahlia
hazrat rahat hasan shah’s own Dargah is Madfoon near Aali, he died in 1995 AD. You were extremely pious, Waliya and Arefa. Muntazma, a very elegant poet in Urs and all Umurs. Taking care of Murideen is a very kind heart and loving heart of Kusha Murideen, providing relief in love, sorrow and pain. It has been an old tradition of this family to help in every possible way and this legacy tradition continues even today.
You had three sons.
1–Sanadul Auliya Khawaja Fasahat Hasan Shah Alaihiramah
2–Makhdoom Gerami Qibla Misbah Hasan Miyan.
3- Makhdoom Gerami Qibla Farhat Hasan Mian.
and there were two sahibzadias
1-Makhdooma Naima Khatoon
2–Makhduma Fahima Khatoon Murideen and Caliph
The number of Murideen and Caliph is small but important and very important. Every Murid has a complete sample of Dhikre Jali and Khafi. Among those Murid, the elderly Tajus Sufi Sadrus Sufi Hafizo Qari Sheikh Ahmadullah Shah Rahati Inayati Razai Abul Ulai Jahangiri Rahmatullah Alaih, who is resting in Moja Khajuri of Barabanki district, is one of them. All the followers are Bafaiz, Bamurad, Shahkar of Rahati Factory with good demeanor and Tasawwuf, all have the mark of Pir and Murshid, Rahati Gohar Sadat is easily recognized in the crowd of Sufis.
According to 4 Zikada 1395 Hijri English calendar, on Sunday 9 November 1975 AD, you said goodbye to this world. Your Namaz and funeral procession of your own family members, elderly, Bhainsodi Sharif’s Jama.
The profession of the Masjid was taught by Imam Maulana Nurul Hasan Sahib alias Dadda Miyan Rahmatullah Alaih. Every year on 2,3,4,5 days of Zikada, Bamqam Bhainsodi Sharif celebrates Urse Mubarak in a very honest and spiritual manner where lakhs of Rahati slaves are present.
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