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 mohammed hasan abulullai RH (Bhoiguda kaman)

 mohammed hasan sahib qibla abulullai
     by quadeer

The ancestors of Hazrat Mohammed Hasan Abulullai hailed from Iran. They migrated to Deccan and established their family in the Balkonda village of Nizamabad district.

Hazrat Muhammad Hasan  Abullai was born at the Balkonda village in Nizamabad district, 1249 Hijri .

Hazrat Mohammed Hasan Abulullai credited with the revival of Islam and resolution of religious conflicts during his lifetime.

His shrine contains relics today considered sacred by Muslims all over the world.

People visit the shrine from all corners of the globe to ask for blessings in their endeavours and to resolve problems by praying for him

This shrine is a popular pilgrimage site for Sufi Islam followers and visited by people from all walks of the country

Since his childhood, Hazrat has been much interested in the following things. 1. He was a lover of Fakirs. 2. He was a lover of Sufism. From the earliest age, Hazrat was not interested in the world’s relations and its people.

His father Agha Mohammed Haider was a disciple Hazrat Shah Muhammad Hasan and took him to Hazrat house for his internship.

And Hazrat Mohammed Hasan took from allegiance from him and included him among his disciples.

Due to this reason, a great change appeared in him.Upon becoming his master’s disciple, his daily recital and practices increased very much. He assumed the following things.Contentment (Qana’at):Tawakal (trust in Allah).

Mohammed Hasan abulullai used to always present with his spiritual master every day. He used to also involved in the recitals and routines as instructed by his Sufi master.

Upon watching his hard work and endeavors, his spiritual master has awarded him caliphate and dress.

Upon the death of Hazrat Mohammed Hasan abulullai, his following two caliphs were becoming famous and well known.

1.Hazrat Agah Mohammed Dawood.

2.Hazrat Hafiz Mir Shamsuddin Ali.

After receiving the caliphate of his spiritual master, his efforts and practices increased in the next things

  1. Darwashi (Sufism).
  2. Love of Allah.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

So Hazrat used to present in the company of the master with tremendous respect and glory.

His character is famous for the following things.

1. Good manners

2. generosity

3. politeness

4. Large hearted-ness

5. Punctuality for congregational prayers

6. Miracles and revelation

7. Lover of learned persons

8.Lover of ecstasy.

There used to present 10 to 20 poor people and some guest persons on his dining cloth. There were a considerable number of his disciples and devotees. Hazrat used to take allegiance from his disciples in a chain of Naqshbandi and Quadri.

He used to conducting well with his disciples and devotees as friends.  Hazrat left this world on 15th Rabil Awwal in the year 1324 Hijri. The next day the funeral prayers arranged in Mecca masjid, a Mosque in which many people were present.

The ruler of Hyderabad, Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan has, also attended his funeral prayer.The area around his mausoleum is famous as AghaPura street.

On the outside of the way to the shrine, the following two structures constructed by him.

The big arch constructed in the year 1304 Hijri. Arch AghaPura (bhoiguda Kaman) constructed in 1322 Hijri.

From the 14th Rabi Awwal to 16th Rabi Awwal, the Urs ceremony iscelebrated every year. In the central dargah lies the saint’s tomb who traces his birth to a family of saints in Iran. After staying in Bidar, the Hazrat moved to Hyderabad.

The ceiling adorned with several chandeliers, and the hanging lamps kept a meter away from one another. Once these chandeliers and bulbs are lit, the guest feels like being in an isle of light.

The shrine located near bhoiguda Kaman (Aghapura). The mutawali saheb well maintains the shrine. We still need to study or research the history of dargah inshallah as soon as we get details, we will put them on our website.

Janab late Sultan Salahuddin owaisi relative of Hazrat shah Mohammed Hasan saheb .

Annual Urs of Aghapura dargah celebrated every year.

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