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Abdul Rahman Sailani was once a great Sufi saint. Sailani is well-known for his compassion and kindness towards fellow humans. Born in Delhi, India, Sailani was orphaned at an early age by his parents. Sailani was born in Delhi, India and had no parents. However, a distant relative adopted him and raised him as his son.

Sailani dreamed of leaving the orphanage, despite its poor living conditions. To escape his living conditions, he did what most children do: he worked in the fields and did chores around the home to support the family.

Sailani was twelve years old when he met an Ustad in Delhi who taught wrestling to boys from Hyderabad.

Hazrat Sailani Baba was the first Sufi saint to instigate the Sufi movement. Hazrat sailani Baba was born in Delhi. His original name was Abdur Rahman Shah. He left his home and found himself in Deccan (now Maharashtra), where was trained by a local ustad to master wrestling. He met a Sufi saint during this time and was able join the Sufi Order.

Then, I visited a Sufi Hazrat Qtub shah Rh as well as Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdoom Mujarrad R.

Hazrat Khairuddin Makhdum Maujarrad, a leader of the Sufi sect from India, lived between 1268 and 1349. He was a Chisti follower. Annual Mausam-e-Holi Samaroh is the most important religious event that the Mumbai Hazrat Khairuddin Dargah devotees organize. This Samaroh unites many people from India and around the world.

The shrine of Hazrat Khairuddin Mahomed Mujarrad Rh. It is located in Sailani, Buldana District. This shrine was once a popular destination for Muslims and Hindus until recently. The Holi Dahan procession that takes place annually at the shrine is proof of this fact. Every year, thousands of people visit the Dargah because of Hazrat Khairuddin’s inclusive approach to all religions.

He traveled across India spreading love and tolerance. His life was filled with many miracles, including curing illnesses, providing water supply to cities that were not available, and even bringing his grandson back after he had lived for only one day.

Sailani Baba Miracles

Holi is a unique celebration that uses clothes and dried coconut to burn instead of wood. This Holi is believed to help with ghosts, black magic, and other ruhani illnesses and diseases.

The Holi Dahan began in 1990. It is the first event of Sailani Baba Urs.

Hazrat left the universe in 1908.

Dargha Sailani is a well-known landmark.

Hazrat shrine can be found in the chikhli at buldhana (Maharashtra).

In 1908, the Urs of Hazrat Silani Baba was established. The number of devotees who have come to this place has grown significantly since then. Each year, around 8-10 lakh people come from all parts of India to attend the Urs. Every March, Babaka Urs Day is celebrated.

The celebration of Urs anniversary lasts 20-25 days. The Urs of Holi Tourist Baba begins with Holi. This Holi is also known as Nariyalki Holi. This Holi is a celebration of coconut.

A person can be cured of any illness or demonic effects by burning coconut on their bodies and then burning it in Holi. Holi is a holy festival that attracts thousands of people from all corners of India.

The sandal of Baba’s Dargah, which is on the fifth day in Sandal Holi, is celebrated.

This sandal, which is decorated with camel nippers, has been carried from Pimpalgaon Sarai village (Dargah) in great pomp. This majesty is witnessed by many devotees.

The trustee of Sailanibaba makes many arrangements for this occasion. Safety is guaranteed by a strict police settlement. When the procession reaches Dargah, drums, sandals and chadars will be offered. The celebration of Urs Sharif continues for three days.

Devotees of Fatiha offer prayers for the Saint Sailani Baba Trust on the fifth day of Fatiha Khani Urs. This day is when devotees come together to pay respects to the Saint, and to seek his blessings for a happy life. Following a day of prayer devotees offer Tabarrukh (Mahaprasad), a sweet dish made from rice and milk, as a thanksgiving offering. This offering is highly revered by the Saint’s followers.

This is a tradition that has been taking place in Maharashtra’s tourist village for many years. Village Sarpanch says.

Fatiha Khani’s celebrations include family games, sacred ceremonies, and prayer meetings. The event’s main highlight is when the followers offer Baba Tabarrukh, or Mahaprasad — a tradition that has been carried on for many years.

Baba Ka Dargah, a well-known pilgrimage site in Maharashtra’s Raigad district is

Every year, thousands of pilgrims travel from all over the country to visit the Fatiha Khani Temple at the Sailani Baba Trust in Maharashtra. This ancient tradition is not limited to the annual festival. Trust continues to offer services of prayer throughout the year, and processions at 10 in the evening each day.

This tradition has been going on for many years in Maharashtra, at the Dargah Sailani Baba, a small village just outside Mumbai. On this day, thousands of people visit the shrine to participate in the festivities and rituals. 

This celebration is also witnessed by tourists from India.

Although Dargah is a popular tourist attraction in the region and generates a lot of income, many locals still lack adequate facilities. Dargah doesn’t use the tourism money to improve infrastructure or help those in greatest need. Dargah does not use enough money to provide welfare for devotees who must stay in tents close to the Dargah. Toilets are also scarce around Dargah.

Many people who visit this area defecate openly. Pune’s businessman has organized a meal for Baba’s followers. They also manage a clinic that provides free treatment. Hospital doctors claim that patients rarely visit the clinic. He believes more in Baba’s Dargah.

Every year, is celebrated.

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