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Hazrat Khwaja Inayat Hasan Shah Bhaisodi Shareef Rampur

Inayat hasan shah
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Hazrat Inayat Hasan Shah was born on 22 Muharram 1302 Hijri in Bhainsodi Sharif of Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh. Your father’s name was Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Hasan Raza Shah Qudus Sirrahu. Your name was Muhammad Inayat Hasan and title was “Shaikhul Auliya”.
Hazrat Inayat Hasan Shah were only 2 years old when your father passed away. After which you were brought up by your elder brother and peer Murshid Kulbul Arfeen Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Nabi Raza Shah Almaroof Dada Mian Lucknowi Rahmatullah Alaih, from whom both your education and upbringing were excellent. Dada Huzoor, being the elder brother, provided spiritual upbringing and being a guru, imparted spiritual, spiritual knowledge, education and training, tazkiya-e-nafs, tanveer kalb.
title of Khul Auliya
“Shaikhul Auliya”, your Imtiaz, Infiradi is a very high status title, which is translated as “Pir Murshid of the Valiyans”! This is a very high status in Auliya Kabar. Shaikh also means Murshid.
Chanda Miyan
Hazrat Inayat hasan shah’s surname is Chanda Miyan, the real reason for which is that the people of the colony used to call you ‘Chand’ because of your immense beauty and your beautiful face used to tarnish even the moon, that is why you are called Chanda Miyan. Your Khanism. -E-Aali has been the best in beauty, Taqwa in cleanliness and these qualities are visible even today in each and every person of your family. People praise you like the moon but I would like to say that
What kind of justice is this if I praise the moon? There is a stain on the moon, but the face of my grace is clean.
Hazrat Inayat Hasan Shah reached Mecca Sharif in 1356 AD and performed Hajj. For that Muslim who sees the Prophet while sleeping, his luck will rise but your biggest achievement is that you have seen the Prophet while awake and not just once but for all the days you have been in Madina Munawwar. Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has been blessed.
Often, the community of Auliya Allah has seen the sleeping Rasool-e-Khuda in dreams, but there are some Auliya Allah who have seen the Rasool while awake, for example, Shah Muhaddis Abdul Haq Dehlvi Rahmatullah Alaih 1052 Hijri, Qutb Subhani Syed Shah. Abdurrazzaq Al Bansawi Hussaini Rahmatullah Alaih in 1136 Hijri, Maulana Syed Muhammad Waris Rasool Numa Banarasi Rahmatullah Alaih in 1166 Hijri, Khwaja Muhammad Inayat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaih in 1360 and also to Ala Hazrat Azimul Barkat Fazeele Barelvi Rahmatullah Alaih This honor has been achieved. (Makallul Arfa–Aala Hazrat)
In fact, you belonged to Silsila-e-Abul Ulaiya Jahangiriya Chishtia, that is why you are the son of this blessed Silsila, Hussain, the prince and caliph of Hazrat Syedul Arfeen Khawaja Mukhlisur Rahman Rahmatullah Alaih and your grandfather Hazrat Khawaja Fakhrul Arfeen Syed Hafiz Abdul Hai Rahmatullah Alaih.
Has appeared twice in Astana Sharif and Chittagong Sharif Bangladesh. The first attendance was given in 1329 Hijri and the second attendance was in 1338 and has achieved unprecedented phase.
You are also a scholar with innumerable qualities and we should understand that a scholar is a well-respected personality who is respected and respected by the world. You have also given permission to Silsila-e-Jahangiriya by writing books. Here are the names of some of your most popular books.
1– Ajaze Jahangiri
2–Sirte Fakhrul Arfeen
(Syed Shah Sikandar Abul Ulai Jahangiri Rahmatullah Alaih)
3–Sirte Jahangiri
4- – Memorials of Jahangiri
There are many admirers and every admirer is colorful with graceful colors, all the rivers are filled with gracefulness. The number of Khulfa is obviously less but it is very important. Every Caliph is the source of guidance and guidance in his own place and is loyal and faithful to his follower Murshid from all sides, among whom the names of some of the Caliphs are being given here.
1–Khwaja Sufi Muhammad Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaih 2–Hazrat Sufi Muhammad Siddiq Hasan Shah Moradabadi
Rahmatullah Alaih
3–Hazrat Sufi Bashirullah Shah Lucknowi Rahmatullah Alaih
4–Hazrat Sufi lawyer Yakub Ali Shah Rahmatullah Alaih Piro-Murshid
Your Guru is Murshid Kulbul Arfeen Khwaja Muhammad Nabi Raza Shah Dada Mian Rahmatullah Alaih who is also your real brother. You had done Bait at the age of 16. You are the first flower of Gulshan Shahe Raza i.e. the first admirer.
You were the close companion of Shah Raza and became the master of his palace. You maintained his authority. You had immense love for Piro Murshid and it is true that his special attention was on you, that is why even today you are plundering the Jahangiri treasure with both your hands.
According to 4 Shawwal 1360 Hijri English calendar, on 26 October 1941, at the age of 58, you said goodbye to this world. According to your will, Aale Rasool Khalifa e Ala Hazrat Sadarul Afazil Badrul Amasil Allama Syed Naeemuddin Hussaini Moradabadi Qadri Razvi Ashrafi Barkati led the funeral prayers. Your Roza is in Bhainsodi Sharif of Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh where even today your Urs Pak is celebrated on 2,3,4,5 Shawwal. Your descendants are your Prince Sandus Saleeen Khwaja Muhammad Rahat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaih who is your follower and Caliph. A Azam is also there.
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