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Hazrat Fasahat Hasan Shah

Fasahat hasan shah
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Hazrat fasahat hasan shah were born on 29 Jill Hijja 1374 Hijri according to the English calendar on 19 August 1955 AD at Baroz Zuma Bhainsodi Sharif, District Rampur.
His name was “Muhammad Fasahat Hasan” and the titles were Makhdoom ul Mashaykh, Mehboob Mustafa, Sandul Auliya and Ufiyat “Mian Huzoor”.
Your family was clean and strict in law, your father in your family Khwaja Rahat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaihi and your grandfather Khwaja Inayat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaihi and the greatest of your family
There is a personality like the elderly Qutbul Arefeen Khwaja Muhammad Nabi Raza Shah Almaroof Dada Mian Rahmatullah Alaih, who is greatly respected by the Tasawwuf people.
Hazrat Fasahat hasan shah childhood has been very serious. When you turned 4 years and 4 months, your father Mohtaram Khwaja Rahat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaih performed the rituals Bismillah Khwani on 1378 Hijri. When you turned 16 years old, the first Shabanul Moazzam was on 1391 Hijri i.e. 1971. You took Bait which was the day of Jumma Mubarak and it was the prayer of Dada Huzoor Inayat Hasan Shah Rahmatullah Alaih.
Hazrat fasahat hasan shah were married on 30 May 1982 AD to Baroz Itwar Mohalla Sheikhpura Town Baheri Shah Garh District Bareilly. Your in-laws family has always been of Afghani origin, extremely virtuous, Shariful Hasb, full of Taqwa, Taharat, Sunni Sahiul Aqidah. Not just you but Khwaja Muhammad Nabi Raza Shah Rahmatullah
Since the time of Allah, he and Ala Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan Fazile Barelvi Alaihirrahma have been getting married in your place with the pure Khanwade and even today this process is continuing. Auspicious
The beauty of Huzoor Sandul Auliya
When you turned 20 years old, then the heavy burden of Tabligh-and-Ishaat of “Sajjada Nashini” series was put on your head by the elders. You took full care of this trust heritage and spared the process that the experienced, solid, elderly people of this path said with clenched fists that Allah, in such a short time of your nature, so many great things were accomplished very happily. Gave. A huge crowd of Mulk and Baruni Mulk, a sizeable number of Khulfa also continued the construction of mosques, madrassas, khanqahs.
Visal Sandul Aulia
According to 28 Jamadul Aakhri 1422 Hijri, on 17 September 2001 AD, Baroz Doshamba died at the age of 46 years, that is, the age of Qutbul Arefin Dada Miyan Khwaja Muhammad Nabi Raza Shah Rahmatullah Alaih Mubarak was also 46 years. Your funeral prayers were offered by your own disciple, Hazrat Abul Mahmood Muhammad Mazhari Fasahati, who used to offer prayers during your visible life also. urs sarapa kudus
Happy Urs every year on 26, 27, 28, 29 Jamadul Akhir Kokila Muhammad Sabahat Hasan Shah’s Sajjada Nashini Mein Muqam Bhainsodi Sharif District Rampur in a very blessed rainy season. Due to the influx of Baksrat Murideen, Motkideen, Ulama, Masayikh, Pirane Izaam, a very pure atmosphere is created, there is happiness and greenery everywhere, everyone gets filled with abundant blessings and blessings. I pray that God will always protect you from the hands of my peer and guru.
The streams of mercy and blessings kept flowing and we Jamia Wabstagan have been bathing to the fullest. Amen!
in one sight
The real miracle of you Rahmatullah Alaih has been that every moment of life, every gausha has been molded in the light framework of Itteba-e-Nabvi and Raza-e-Mustafvi. In your bosom, 4 Pirs, 14 Khanwad have accumulated all the knowledge of Silsila Tasawwuf. Qadiriyat and Chisiyat also, Sohrawardiyat and Firdausiyat also, Inayatiyat as well as Rahiyat, Naqshbandiyat as well as Abululaiyat. How can anyone describe your glory, every moment of your life has passed according to Sunnat Mustafa.
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