Hazrat Khwaja Mirza Mohammad Baig chisti Mirzai True master 1

Mirza Mohammad Baig chisti Mirzai

mirza mohammad baig
mirza mohammad baig

Hazrat mirza mohammad baig Born in Hyderabad, probably according to his grand father was a native of Shahjahapur (Punjab). And they came to the Deccan with Aurangazebs army and did not return. Your father Mirza Qasim Baig was employed in Royal Army. He also took up the profession of a soldier. You were among the childhood companions of Hazrat Mara Sardar Baig saheb. Later, he became a devotee of Hazrat sardar baig saheb and after pledging his allegiance, he gave up his job in the army and trade in clothes, and used to take care of a nobleman’s garden for his livelihood.

When he achieved perfection in austerities and esoteric sciences, the Murshid also granted him the caliphate. He traveled on foot from Hyderabad to Bengal and Khyal for the sake of Tabligh Deen and continued to give blessings. The society used to listen with full respect. During hearing. There was no vision or reality. Hazrat Syed Sultan Ali Shah Bukhari, Hazrat Nawab Mehboob Mirza and Hafiz Fakhruddin are notable among his caliphs. You had two majors. After the teaching of Hazrat Mirza Sardar Baig, he said that I will not stay in France next year.

Therefore, Murshid, who died on the 13th of Rabi’ul-Thani a month ago, was found to be 125 years old and rich, and Murshid was buried on the west side of the dome.

The mausoleum and the square are of beautiful white marble. The present Sajjad Nashin is Mr. Maulvi Alhaj Muhammad Nasrullah Chishti Mirzai.

Annual urs is celebrated every year.

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