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Hazrat meeran Syed shah Mohd HabeebUllah Quadri Takh nasheen Rh

habeebullah quadri
by quadeer

Hazrat’s father’s name Syed peer Mohammed Quadri. Hazrat was a disciple and got caliph from his father and relative Hazrat Syed shah Ismail Quadri.

Hazrat habebullah quadri linage tracked to Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadeer jeelani RH.

Hazrat habeebullah quadri continued spiritual exercise over 12 years. And then wandered in various towns and cities, and settled in Gulbarga. At that time, the Gulbarga people were facing severe drought and began to starve.

Hazrat laid the foundation of a new mosque to ease the suffering of the people. Hazrat gave 1-kilo barley to each worker till the mosque constructed.

Hazrat habeebullah Quadri was a worshipper at the mosque for six years before he left to Hyderabad.

where he settled in the mustaidpura karwan area .


Surah Fatiha recited by the people on the third day of his death. They astonished to see his grave transformed into a light circle like the moon emerging from the cloud.

The light remains constant for almost 6 months. Hazrat left this universe in rabi us sani.

Annual urs celebrated under the guardianship of sajjada nasheen saheb.

Present sajjada nasheen Moulana Syed Akram Pasha Quadri takh nasheen.

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Books for reference 
1. mishkat un nabuwah