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Syed Shah Shams Alam hussaini Raichur

shams alam hussaini
shams alam hussaini

He is a very pious person of Raichur and rests in this city.

Hazrat name is Syed Ahmed but his Real name is Syed Shah Shams Alam Hussaini his father’s name is Syed Jalaluddin alias Syed Shah Chanda Hussaini and his younger brother’s name is Syed Mohammed his name is Hazrat Syed Shah Noor Alam Hussaini and he belongs to Sadat family.

Hazrat shams alam hussaini related to  Hazrat Syedna Imam Hussain in the 23rd generation. He is well known as Shams Alam hussaini because he is a very holy person among the saints, so he is like the sun that shines.

1. Syed Shah Chanda Hussaini.

2. Syed Ali Jehan Shirin.

3. Syed Qizer.

4. Syed Mohamed.

5. Syed Ahmed.

6. Syed Yahya.

7. Syed Zayed.

8. Syed Hussain.

9. Syed Sirajuddin.

10. Syed Sharafuddin.

11. Syed Zainuddin.

12. Syed Abul Hasan.

13 Syed Mohammed Abdallah.

14. Syed Ahmed.

15. Syed Omar Israr Allah.

16. Syed Yahya.

17. Syed Hussain Aldamga.

18. Syed Abu Hassan.

19. Syed Hussain Asghar.

20. Syed Ali Asgar.

21. Syedna Imam Ziad Shaheed.

22. Imam Zain al-Abdin.

23. Syedna Imam Hussain

Hazrat shams alam hussaini father’s name Syed Jalaluddin and his name  Syed Chanda Hussaini and he belongs to the Sadat family and he is a member of an old family from Deccan .

He came to Deccan from North India during the reign of Sultan Yousuf Adil Shah of Bejapur and settled in Gogi village of Taluq Shahpur district in Gangangur which belonged to Bijapur Kingdom.

At that time, there was a public kitchen (langer Khana) in Gogi village which run with money from Ibrahim Adil Shah. Many righteous people came there and settled in the city of Gogi. When he arrived in the above country and started teaching the work of Islamic knowledge, he was always working to spread the work of Islam there.

He is a man of miracles and great work and effort. Sultan Adil Shah was very fond of his devotee, and he came into his service and gave him a lot of money.

So, because of this, he was free from financial struggle and for this reason he always worked hard in the work of teaching and preaching Islam and for the rest of his life he is working hard in this work.

He left  the universe on 10 Shaban 858 AH and buried in the city of Gogi and Sultan Yousuf Adil Shah built his mausoleum there. As the sultan was a great admirer of his admirer, he  shocked at his death and in this case he advised that after his death, he should  buried at the Sheikh’s feet. So, according to his advice, the minister and the royal family buried him in the village of Gogi, near the tomb of the Sheikh.

shams alam hussaini is a great Sufi leader from Deccan and his biography is very important because of the coverage of many interesting events and good information, so it is like a treasure of knowledge and information about the saint. is on the dead person. world after his great efforts and Can you kindly provide additional details about your request? This will enable me to better understand your needs and provide the most appropriate assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation.hard work for evangelizing and spreading Islam in the Deccan region, so this event is small but it will introduce an ocean of knowledge and information to guide people in the right way  of Islam.

Visitors will visit the mausoleum from near and far in large numbers and pray to Allah for the fulfillment of their wishes and desires for the name of Sheikh. On the death of his father, his son Syed Mohammed called Syed Shah Noor Alam Hussain became the caliph and his successor and was active in his holy place for teaching and preaching for 45 years and died in 903 AH and buried him. near his father’s grave.


Hazrat Syed Shams Alam Hussaini father of Hazrat Syed Shah Chanda Hussaini came from North India to Deccan and settled in Gogi village during the reign of Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur and at that time he was born.

Childhood. From his childhood, there was a light display of wilayat(sanctity) on his face and he was an intelligent and handsome gentleman and had many miracles that he performed from his childhood and since childhood. 8 he kept himself in abstention and his miracles and kashaf (revelation) in these precious details.


One time his father asked him to bring water to bathe, he brought water for him, a crow came to drink water and went away, his father gave it to him and said that the crow drank water from the pot and changed the water and said what it is. Is it possible for a crow to drink water and live until now? When he said these words, the crown fell to the ground and died on the spot. His father then told him that the state of jalal has reached high in you, so now you are following us, so you allowed to go somewhere else from here.

Honesty. At the time of the above miracle, he was a child, but because of his good heart, he started preparations for the journey and visited his father during his departure and asked for his father’s last advice in this word.

His father after he gave the necessary instructions and gave him the caliphate and asked him to pledge (Bay\’ah) (ready for spiritual support) and gave him grog and told him that during his journey to his bury the grog. in the ground and perform ablution there and if the branch from the ground is in the morning, he will live in this area for the teaching and preaching of Islam, otherwise, he will go to ‘face and continue his journey in the name of Allah. The influence of Allah Akbar.

When he left the city of Gogi, it was raining and he reached the river Krishna at night and at that time there was heavy rain in the river and there was no way to cross the great river Deccan so he counted him. Allah Akber and because of that the water of the river stopped for some time, so when he thanked Allah, he crossed the river without any problem or problem. Arrival in Raichur city.

After passing through many places, he arrived at the town of Raichur and, as instructed by his father, he buried the toddy in the ground and purified it there. Hazrat shams alam hussaini stayed there for a few days and planned to move on, but one day he was taking a bath. for prayer and saw a long green branch from this grog fruit from the ground, so according to his father’s instructions, he lived there and his grave is also there.

Grog fruit branch after a while, we grew and many trees grew there. These branches grew into many trees and lived for many years, but due to the thunder, some caught fire and fell to the ground. Character.

He used to stay under a neem tree in a state of forbearance, and many people serving the holy place used to come there. Nowadays, devotees and people from different walks of life, regardless of race and creed, gather from far away places, regardless of religion and values, to gather there to seek blessings in large numbers and will visit the Sheikh for the fulfillment of their wishes and desires. for his prayers and blessings. . The grace of Prophet Yusuf.

He has a beautiful personality and the look of Anwar Ilahi (grace of Allah) is on him. At that time when he was a child he was very beautiful and very beautiful so that he looked like Prophet Yusuf (People be upon him) and he  honored with Tajaliat Rabbani (light of heaven) on him, in for this reason those who look at him honored. He amazed by her wonderful appearance. It  known that there are two teeth that are so long that they protrude from his lips and the light is in them. A miracle.

Once he was sitting under a neem tree as usual in a state of absorption. One day the wife of the ruler of the village went here for entertainment and when she came back she left the Sheikh’s place and saw him, she thought in her heart that the Fakir was beautiful and handsome but he had two teeth. very bad in front of his mouth because the woman is very beautiful and beautiful so that he is proud of her beauty and beauty.

Thinking about the above, the woman returned near her home and at that time, all her teeth fell to the ground due to the great miracle of the sheikh. Because of this he was angry and when he reached home he explained to his husband everything about the event and there was a Fakir sitting who was beautiful and intelligent but his two teeth were tall and different. his mouth, so he thought because of the feeling of hatred that he was beautiful but because of his two teeth he was ugly.

The husband who was the chief of the village, after hearing all the details of what had happened, asked him to go there and apologized for his bad opinion with great respect and courtesy so that the Fakir would help him. because of his kindness and. grace in this matter.

As her husband told her, the women went to the fakir to see him in his own state, so he stood there crossing his arms. After some time the Sheikh saw her and the women started crying and crying for her great trouble, and he asked her to forgive him for his mistake in this. The teeth fell out of his mouth as he did the same thing and when all the teeth  put in his mouth and the teeth were set back they went where by the grace of Allah the sheikh prayed about it.

Generosity. When the women saw the Sheikh on a great miracle and it affected a lot in this matter and she asked him to pray for the birth of a son, so the sheikh prayed for him in this matter and Allah answered his prayer and after some time. a man gave birth to the wife of the ruler of this country.

Because of the above miracles, the ruler of the country and his wife came to the shrine of the Sheikh and accepted the religion and became his permanent worshippers. The chief of the city built these structures in the holy place.

1. Temple.

2. Mosque.

3. GOOD.

4. Caravan will be.

Due to the grace and mercy of Allah, the couple  buried in the Sheikh’s estate when they died. Death.

There is no death for the pious and holy people of Allah, but according to the rules and regulations, Allah transfers them from one place to another and the next world is better than this world and its delivery  under the name of death or end. of life. This great honorable character of Allah left this world on 15 Safer of the year 892 A.H.

According to the novel ‘Tariq Auliya Raicher’, this shaikh was only 18 years old at the time of his death.

Course of study. 1. Hazrat Khaja Moinuddin Hasan Sanjari. 2. Hazrat Khaja Bakhtiar Kaki. 3. Hazrat Khaja Farid Uddin Gunj Shaker. 4. Hazrat Khaja Nizam Uddin Auliya. 5. Hazrat Akqi Siraj Uddin Aoudhi. 6. Hazrat Khaja Shamu Zahedin AlaUddin Haq 7. Hazrat Khaja Ashraf Jahangir Haji Samastani. 8. Hazrat Asad Uddin Zinjani. 9. Hazrat Khaja ArifBillah Bin Zia Uddin. 10. Hazrat Jalal Uddin aha ya bụ Syed Shah Chanda Hussaini.

11. Hazrat Syed Shah Shams Alam Hussaini.


Every year on the 15th of Safar, the festival of Urs is celebrated and the fire is lit in the mausoleum. During this time, people from all walks of life, irrespective of caste and creed, gather to celebrate the Urs (day of death) which occurs every year on the above dates of the calendar. Muslim in the famous house of Syed Shah Shams Alam Hussaini. thousands of faithful people from near and far, regardless of religion and values, gather there to seek blessings. During the Urs , visitors in large numbers will visit the temple for the fulfillment of wishes and wishes for the shaikh name.

 In this way, the above ceremony will be performed on a large scale and guests will visit the hotel from near and far and the temple will be visited in large numbers. and pray to Allah for the fulfillment of desires and wishes for the well-being of the temple. Sheikh. name Surrender of the rulers of the kingdom of Hyderabad.

During the reign of the Nizams of Hyderabad, there will be an exhibition of flowers and oud in the shrine of the saint of the Deccan and there will be a village festival in the village of Raicher. during the Urs .

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