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 Hazrat mir shujauddin hussaini saheb Rh (Edi Bazar)

mir shujauddin hussaini
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Hazrat mir Shujauddin Hussaini saheb genealogy is traced to Hazrat Moula Ali Murtaza Razi Allahu anuhu.

Hazrat Mir shujauddin hussaini hails from sadath Alvi Hussaini.

The shrine is in the Edi Bazar area of the old city. 
Hazrat’s name was Hazrat Mir Shujat Hussain, and his temperament and standing were renowned for his qualities of innermost and manifest. There was an excellent profit to an outsized variety of Arabic, Indian and Hyderabad folks. 
He was an ideal Sufi saint of his time. As he was conjointly known and renowned as Qutub of the Republic of India, he was an ideal temperament of his time in Hyderabad within the following knowledge. 
Exegesis of the religious text Hadith (the holy prophet’s traditions) The knowledge of manifest The bits of knowledge of the innermost Basic Muslim facts Arabic synchronic linguistics Poetry Fiqa Islamic law. 
Hazrat  mir shujauddin hussaini sahab was known for the innermost data; thus, for this reason, followers benefited several one hundred persons in India and around the world greatly in his presence and his coaching sessions, and thanks to his endeavours and arduous tasks, an outsized variety of individuals were able to reach their final destination. 
He was conjointly renowned for his nice love of Allah and his friendly relationship with the Lord of the world. His name was Mir Shujauddin Hussaini. However, he’s renowned by the name of Maulavi Saheb, and his poetic name was faquir. Hazrat’s ancestors His father’s name was Syed Karimullah Bahadur. He was pious, and a person of ecstasy, and Hazrat was a renowned person of data and known scholar of his time. So the govt authorities gave Hazrat the title of Khan Bhadur in Hyderabad. 
He was within the special service of Paigah. His grandparent Syed Daim was a renowned and known intellectual of shariah law (fiqh) and known pious temperament of his time. Governor Nasir Jung Bahadur appointed him to Qazi (judge) of Burhanpur. Hazrat connected his kin record with Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (R.A.) within the twenty-seventh generation. Thus, Hazrath Qutub-UL Hind has belonged to the pious kin lineage of Hazrat Muhammad Ibn al-Hanafiyyah, the son of Hazrat Syedna Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A.). 
His ancestors were migrated from Arabia to the Republic of India in Madhya Pradesh space throughout the amount of the Moghul Emperor Akbar. Hazrat Ahmed Yesevi (R.A.) was a Turkish author and Sufi person. AN early mystic exerted his endeavours and demanding tasks.
Then he became renowned for his powerful influence on the event of mystical Sufi orders of Tariqa (mystic path) throughout the Turkish speaking world of the eleventh century. His was conjointly successor (caliph) of Hazrat Yusuf Hamdani, is that the forefather of Qutub-UL Hind Mir Shujauddin Hussain.
The sepulture of Hazrat Ahmed Yasevi is placed within the town of Turkestan within the South Kazak. Hazrat was born in 1191 Hijra in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, and his father’s name was Hazrat Syed Karimullah. He was an outstanding temperament for his piousness and spirituality.
Hazrat Mir shujauddin hussaini sahab was awarded with the title of Khan Bahadur by Nasir Jung Bahadur. His grandfather’s name was Mir Mahound Daim, and he was known for his data; he was a conjointly renowned pious person of his time and was a follower of Mirza Be’dil. Thanks to his excellence within the pieces of knowledge and his pious temperament, governor Asif Jah Bahadur had nice devotion to him. 
For this reason, he appointed him as Qazi (judge) of Burhanpur. His maternal grandfather’s name was Khaja Siddiq alias Ghulam Mohiuddin, and he was the shielder of the grand (Jamia) Masjid in Burhanpur. He was a nice worshipper and pious temperament of Burhanpur. He had only 1 girl named Hazrat Arifa Mohammedan Sahiba and was the mother of Hazrat Mir Shujauddin Hussain. 
Early education and coaching At the time of the wedding of Qutub-UL Hind’s oldsters, his father’s age was sixty years. Qutub-UL Hind’s father was passed on to the great beyond once he was 2 years recent. Then his upbringing fell on his maternal grandparent, Hazrat Khaja Syed Mahboob Siddiq. 
Thus Hazrat mir shujauddin hussaini sahab completed his early education and coaching underneath the care and a focus of his maternal grandparent Khaja Mahound Siddiq alias Ghulam Mohiuddin. Underneath his care and focus, he learned the essential Muslim data and Arabic synchronic linguistics and conjointly memorized the Holy religious text by twelve years. 
He studied alternative books of data in Burhanpur with learned persons’ assistance.
Throughout the amount of his mother’s maternity, his maternal grandparent has seen a dream during which he saw that thanks to a severe storm, all lights in Burhanpur were suspended. 
However, the sunshine of the grand (Jamia) masjid in Burhanpur was lighted within the family of his maternal grandparent and was the shielder of the grand Jamai Masjid in Burhanpur. Upon his dream, his maternal grandparent told his son Syed Karimullah the main points of his dream and he privy him the interpretation of the dream that can be a pious son are born to him and will become an ideal person of his time. 
Annual Urs is celebrated. Many people visit the shrine daily to seek the blessings of aulia Allah.
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