Hazrat Hussain Bin Ahmed yemani RH Sucessful Great Master 1

 Hazrat Hussain Bin Ahmed yemani RH (puranapul)

Hussain Bin Ahmed yemani
Image By: Mir Quadeer Sultan 

Hazrat Hussain bin Ahmed yemani was born in Yemen, Saudi Arabia. Hazrat belongs to the sadath Hussaini family. 

Hazrat Hussain bin Ahmed yemani migrated from Yemen to India to spread Islam.

Hazrat hussain bin Ahmed yemani arrived in Hyderabad during Abul Hassan tanasha .

The one who follows the customs of the Sufis or “gains the knowledge” of tasawwuf cannot be a Sufi.

A Sufi is free of jealousy, hatred, hostility, avarice, greed, ostentation, pride, etc.

A Sufi doesnt backbite on anybody, nor does he lie.

These are all related to deeds. Acting upon them is through striving against oneself and meditation .

A Sufi regards himself as the lowest of all. But, he doesn’t consider any high-ranking person evil. He views his actions as evil.

Without following the sunnah, no one can become a saint or a beloved of Allah. That’s why all the saints of the world have been meticulous about the shariah and obedient to the sunnah.

One may maintain relations with someone who commits grave sins, but if one respects such a person, then the throne of the lord almighty trembles.

In the light of hadith, Faith is between fear and hope. But, the Sufis have preferred fear for the novice and hope for the elite. That is because, with fear, worship done to save oneself from the punishments of the lord.

There are no ulterior motives here. The favors of the benefactor lead one to love him. Thus, worship done only to please him. Again, there are no ulterior motives here. For this reason, hope is not harmful to the elite.

The worship of the shariah is through the body, and in tariqah, the worship is through the heart. This is the worship that is through the heart.

Almighty Allah stated about it: Prayer prohibits indecency and impiety; and, the greatest is the remembrance Allah.

To think of others and to think lowly of others, it is necessary to have prior knowledge.

It is necessary to purify one’s heart. If almighty Allah does so, he will make that person a means of reformation for others.

But, worrying about others before reforming oneself or reforming oneself to reform others will not be so beneficial.

The way the body suffers from ailments, in the same way also suffers from inwards ailments.

So the doctors treat the ailments of the body, and the spiritual mentors, shaikh, treat the inward ailments of the heart.

These include jealousy, hatred and backbiting.

So the seeker traverses the path of closeness to Almighty Allah ad his pleasures and approval.

Please visit the shrine of Allah to get peace of mind.

Hazrat Hussain bin Ahmed yemani left this universe in the Islamic month rabi us sani.

Hazrat hussain bin Ahmed, yemani shrine, is close to puranapul.

Annual Urs celebrated every year.

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1.  Mukhtsar aulia Deccan