Hazrat makhdoom hussaini buqari Noted Great Master 1

Hazrat makhdoom hussaini buqari (karwan jhirra)

makhdoom hussaini buqari


Hazrat’s real name Syed shah makhdoom Hussaini buqari and famous by jhirra peer.

Hazrat makhdoom hussaini buqari was born in Gujrat. Hazrat linage traced back to Hazrat syedna imam naqi Razi Allahu hu anhu.


Syed shah makhdoom Hussaini buqari S/o Syed shah meeran Hussaini buqari S/o Syed shah Ali Hussaini buqari S/o Syed Ahmed Hussaini buqari S/o Syed Nasir Uddin Hussaini buqari S/o Syed Jalal buqari S/o Syed Shah Mahmood buqari S/o Syed shah Mohammed buqari S/o Syed Burhanuddin buqari S/o Syed Mohammed buqari S/o Syed Jalal buqari S/o syedna imam Taqi Razi Allahu anhu.

Hazrat’s father’s name Syed meeran Hussaini Bukhari. He migrated from Gujrat to Deccan during the rule of Ibrahim quli Qutub shah, and he settled in karwan Sahu.

He didn’t have water to ablution so he started digging the earth with the first finger of his right hand. Water was coming out of the ground, which he converted into water in the well at the jheera karwan.

People often think that once one becomes a mureed, one has achieved maqfirat. It is not like one has to work for one’s salvation. Why was our Prophet (P.B.U.H)? So worried for his ummah? Think about it. Another thing most people think and feel is that peer means one who should perform miracles. Remember, even prophets did not perform miracles until no option left.

So once the miracle performed and even after that, if the people do not come to the right path, then azab e ilahi is unavoidable.

And in ummat Mohammadi, we taught to work on ourselves, and if you have achieved something, be quiet and do not brag about it, or your progress will stop.

So those who perform many miracles remember that they either do it to achieve worldly fame or the devil’s work. So remember always you are your own best confidence.

Once you let your secret out, the devil will never let you succeed further and guide you to build your ego and self-pride in the guise of self-respect. These are very thin and fine lines from which every individual must pass. A Sufi should never reveal his inner experience to others. one can see God reflects how we see ourselves.

If God brings to senses fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blames welled inside us if we see God as full of love and compassion.

Every reader understands the Holy Quran on a different level in tandem with the depth of his understanding. There are four classes of insight. The first class is the outer meaning, and it is the one that the majority of the people are content with. Next is the Bathini, the thee inner class. Third, there is the inner of the inner, and the fourth level is so deep that words cannot described.

Hazrat makhdoom hussaini buqari has only one girl child by the name of Syeda bibi. Hazrat left this universe in Shaban in 1080 Hijri.

Annual Urs of makhdoom hussaini buqari celebrated every year.

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