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Shah Niyaz Ahmad
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Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmed is free from creation.
Ancestry: You are an Alvi Syed from your father’s side and a Hussaini and Rizvi from your mother’s side.
Family Background: Your ancestors were from Shaban Bukhara. Their chieftain was Andi Jan. Among your ancestors, Hazrat Shah Ayatullah Alavi left the throne and came to Multan. His grandson Shah Azmatullah came from Multan and started living in Sirhind. From there Hazrat Shah Rahmatullah Alvi came to Delhi.
Father: Your father’s name is Shah Muhammad Rahmatullah. Mother Your mother Majda’s name is Bibi Ladu. He is called as Bibi Gharib Nawaz. She was the daughter of Syed Maulana Saaduddin, who was the caliph of Sheikh Kaleemullah Shahjahanabadi. She was a disciple of Hazrat Sheikh Muhyiddin in Qadri lineage.
Birth: Hazrat shah niyaz was born in Basadat in 1173 AH in Sirhind.
Nickname: You are popularly known as Niyaz Ahmad.
Education: Your mother Majda took a lot of interest in your education. You came to Delhi with your parents in Mufarsani and your studies in Delhi
Began as usual. Saeeduddin Rizvi placed his hand on your hand. Continue your studies. At the age of fifteen, he graduated from Tehsil Ulum Zahari and obtained distinction.
Pledge of Allegiance and Khilafat: At the request of his mother , Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin Fakhr Jahan took him under his tutelage, but he did not pledge allegiance. The reason for this was that during his Bismillah, his maternal grandfather Maulana Saeeduddin Rizvi had placed his hand on his hand and Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin Fakhr Jahan had great respect for his maternal grandfather.
When you wanted to pledge allegiance and insisted a lot, Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin Fakhr Jahan pledged allegiance to you in such a way that he did not put his hand on his hand, but held his skirt and pledged allegiance and named it “Bayat Talebi”. Delhi When I became famous about your Kamal, people started talking about it. Some said that they are not pledging allegiance to anyone, but what is Kamal? You were shocked to hear this. Jahan said to you that
“Mian! This night Hazrat Mr. Piran Pir Quds Sira Al-Aziz
He accepted your pledge of allegiance on his blessed hand and showed me a form and said that I am sending them from among my special children to be completed apparently on the hand of the thigh. About six months have passed since this, but that elder did not come. One day in the morning Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Jahan recited this message to you that 
Hazrat Piran Pir Quds Sira-ul-Aziz says that “Our son Mursala arrived in Delhi today and you are oblivious to him”. Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Jahan sent people everywhere to search for this saint. Fakhar Jahan was given the address of an elderly man who was from Baghdad
Resident and resident of Jama Masjid Delhi. Upon inquiry, this person described the appearance and condition of these saints, then Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Jahan was convinced that these are the same saints, about whom Hazrat Ghous-ul-Azam had said in his dream.
Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin Fakhr Jahan ordered to bring sweets. Put the sweets in the cupboard. Khuwan was placed on his head and with his right hand he held the hand of Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmad and thus entered the Jama Masjid. On reaching there, he saw that a luminous figure was shining in the middle of the door. Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Jahan As soon as he saw him, he recognized that they were the elders whose faces were shown to him. This elder Syed Abdullah Baghdadi said as soon as he saw you (Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmad). 
:Spouses and Children His first marriage was with the daughter of Hazrat Syed Abdullah Baghdadi Peja, who died childless. After his death, you remarried. A girl and two boys were born from the second wife. After the death of the girl, you got married again. A girl and two boys were born from the second wife. The girl died at a young age. Her elder son’s name is Nizam Hussain and her younger son’s name is Naseeruddin Hussain. –
I was shown the form of those for whom I have been sent.”
Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Jahan removed the Khan from his head and Hazrat Syed Abdullah Baghdadi
and he pledged allegiance to Hazrat Syed Abdullah Baghdadi
Musharraf said and instructed you. The fifty-two ways of affirming and negating dhikr
He honored you with the caliphate, wrote the caliphate letter in Arabic and gave it to you
And I have mercy on you.
urs Sharif: Hazrat Shah Niyaz ahmad passed away on 6th Jumadi al-Thani 1250 AH, Mazar Faiz Athar is the source of blessings in Bareilly. Caliphs: Your great-grandfather, Hazrat Shah Nizam Hussain Meeja, your Sajjada Nashin
Your successors are as follows. Your great-grandson, Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain, Maulvi Abdul-Tif Khan Uloom Samarkand Maulvi Nimat Khan Bukhari (Kabul) Muhammad Hussain (Mecca) Mir Muhammad Sami Badakhshani, Mulla Ayuz Muhammad Badakhshani, Muhammad Fakhr Alam Shahjan Puri, Maulvi Abdul Rahman Khan resident of Jawara Moli Mastan Khan Shah Jahanpuri, Shah Shamsul Haque (Lucknow Shrine) Makhdoom Ji Badakhshani, Shah Noor Hussain Barelvi.
Sirat Pak: hazrat Niyaz ahmad one of the famous saints. He was perfect in external and internal sciences. You were a great scholar and a perfect dervish. He was a great person and was dedicated in divine love. The state of attachment and love for Hazrat Maulana Fakhruddin Fakhr Jahan’s relatives and relatives was such that once one of the palanquin carriers of Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Jahan, Kahar, came to your monastery. He went to the courtyard, kissed the hands of the Kahar, and with great respect seated him near his desk, offered him oblations, and sent him away, 
Your family had great respect for Rasool. Once in a sermon, you were brilliant. Your eyes fell on a gentleman who was a Syed. He was very defeated and was sitting at the back. As soon as he saw them, he got up and placed his head at the feet of Saran, then addressed the audience and said: 6 “Let all people be witnesses that if God asks me here that I went to this assembly, I will say this.” I will do that I had placed my head at the feet of the children of your Messenger there too.” 
Ritual: You wake up around twelve o’clock in the night, perform ablution and perform tahajud. After completing tajd, he used to recite family wazifa. Later, he used to perform twelve tasbihs. He used to rest for a while after praying the morning prayer. 
Academic taste: hazrat shah niyaz ahmad a high scholar. You were also an author.
Hazrat Mirza Jaan Jaan was told about the vision of Shaheed Pecha, when Hazrat Mirza Sahib got emotional.
I see what I see, some of his poems are presented below: Chashm dil niaz ke taban ist chun sadaf az ab roshni dar bebayhay ost, although I see the truth with all the light, all that is born is the same truth. A sea of beings is born forever, the abundance is born, so I see the river of unity. Orak Khurd Ra Barah Nubad Niaz Az Tamasaye Ke Bind Deheh Surprised Ishq Second question: What do you say about Taaziya? Eternity
Poetry: You have a common status among Sufi poets. His pen name is “Niyaz” two divans one in Persian and another in Urdu are memorials to his poetry. Your eloquence is the mirror of all facts and knowledge. Once you wrote one of your ghazals which is known as:
Teachings: Once Mr. Maulvi Akbar Ali came to Bareilly and inquired a few things from you, his questions and the answer to each of your questions are as follows. 
First question: What is your ruling on hearing? You replied: “The sound of the drummer is so full in the ear that nothing else is heard.”
He said: “If it is not made, then I will not give permission to make ta’zia. Because of this, it will not be possible to honor it and what has been made, as much as
It will be possible, I will respect”.
Third question: What do you think about the curse of Yazid? He replied: “Until today, Allah Ta’ala has protected my tongue from this evil name. In my opinion, once this name comes out of the tongue, the impurity of the tongue does not go away for a whole day. I curse or not curse his name.” It doesn’t take so long, Hussain Hussain, why don’t I say that the heart may develop with the light of faith.”
and This is the state of the soul that every vein and vein is drawn from the body. Adhkar and Ikshan: In addition to the common Adhkar and Ikhsan, the Akhtar and Ikhsan came to you from the Mashaikhs, they are as follows. Mention of negative proofs in 51 ways (1) Ikshan Handan Qadiriyyah (2) Mention of affirmation in one way (3) Mention of nouns in one way (4) Mention of Sarma in one way (5) Pas Infas in many ways, (6) Mention Jarub in one way (7) Zikr Arah in one way, (8) Zikr Hadadi in one way (9) Zikr Nishari (10) Muhawa Lajat (11) Zikr Kaliat (12) Zikr Qarbeet (13) Zikr Ruh (14) Zikr (15) Zikr Sultan Al-Azkar (16) (17) (17) (18) (18) (19) (20) (20) (21) (22) (23) (23) (24) (24) (25) (25) (26) (26) (27) (27) (28) (28) (29) (29) (30) (31) Niche (32) Occupation Whisper (33) Occupation . Mehrah and Maad (34) Work and money (35)
The time of death is very severe, an example of this is to put a thin cloth on a thorn tree and pull it from one side and pull its strings.
Karamat: Once you visited Chaudhary Basant Roy’s house. One of his relatives was suffering from dysentery. Seeing the patient’s condition, he ordered a vilayati who was with him to lie on the ground next to the patient’s bed. The stomach and body of the patient began to swell and the patient began to faint. This patient was cured, he ate his fill, the disease of this province increased. When Velayati came to his monastery, he also got better in two days. The fire appeared in the neighborhood Qutb as it spread. by that time
His eldest son, Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain, came to him in a panic and informed him about the fire. It was afternoon, you were resting. You came out as you were without a kurta. You see that Amir Ali Khan was trying to get rid of Risaldar’s horses which were tied up in Chapar. When the Risaldar saw you, he got excited. He said to his followers that do not try to take out the horses, if they have to be saved, Hazrat himself will save them, otherwise let them burn in front of Hazrat. One of the chapar was not able to burn, so it also extinguished itself. On the second day, his nephew Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin Hussain asked him whether he had blown after reciting and the fire went out at once. He said: What was he reciting? A provincial met a person, in conversation this provincial revealed the reason for his visit, this person heard that the person you are going to is Niaz Ahmed. That person pledged allegiance there, then said to that person that you go to the monastery, I will also come there. The person learns that you pledged allegiance to him after the divorce. 
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