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 Hazrat Mir Mahmood qibla Rh (Kishan Bagh)

Mir Mahmood Sahab
by quadeer
Hazrat’s name is Syed Shah Emad Uddin Mohammed, and his title was known as Mir Mahmood.

However, Hazrat was well known and famous as Mir Mahmood Auliya. Hazrat belongs to the sons of 8th Imam Syed Imam Mosa Raza, so for this reason, he is called Sadat Rizvi.

They were caretakers of the shrine of Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb by their inheritance.
Hazrat Mir Mahmood was born in the city of Najaf and was brought up there.
When he became older than he was gaining knowledge of manifest from the perfect personalities of his time, there was a great effect on him his interest in his search for the truth.
Due to the revelation of the invisible, he migrated from his country along with 50 dervish persons and arrived in India. He visited many places in India and came to the city of Bidar. 
At that time, the light of the holiness of Hazrat Moulana Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini was there and who was a saintly personality who was also the custodian of the shrine of Hazrat Shah Khalilullah kirmani and who was also known as an image-breaker. He was ruling in the souls of mankind due to his lights of recommendation and teaching and preaching systems. 
In three years, he was in the service of Syed Shams Uddin Hussaini Kirmani and during this period, he has reached the status of perfection, and he was also becoming perfect in the following things.
1. Revelations.
2. Miracles.
Hazrat Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini allowed him to pledge in the Sufi order of Namatal Ilahi, awarded him a caliphate, and asked him to proceed to Hyderabad for his teaching and propagation there. Hazrat Mir Mahmood was arriving into the area of the Mir Alam tank and settled down on the mount, which is located on the bank of this tank. On this mount, his tomb is situated. Hazrat spent all his life on that mountain and never went to the city area.
He was used to living in the condition of un-conscious due to his divine love on the mount for many days, and sometimes he 
The historian has described his qualities which are as follows.
1. one having intimate knowledge of Allah.
2. Higher knowledge.
3. Manners.
4. Conduct and character.
5. Kind pious personality.
He was the perfect personality of his time in all knowledge and arts. He was especially well known and famous in the knowledge of alchemy and supernatural financial help to saints.

Construction of the tomb

Mir Mahmood laid the foundation of his tomb and shrine building during his lifetime in the grand style. He was very generous, so he arranged many wages for the laborers during the construction period. He used to pay double wages to the pregnant women’s laborers. In this way, he used to take care of the pregnant ladies workers very much.
Mir Mahmood was famous for his miracles and events, but here we mention his one miracle, which is as follows.
When the Hazrat was constructing his tomb and sanctum building, and as per the order of the Sultan Tana Shah of Golconda, other palaces and tomb of Hazrat Shah Raju works of construction were in progress. Due to the season of construction projects, there was a shortage of labourers, and so, for this reason, it was very difficult to get labourers. He has doubled the wages, and also he used to pay the wages for the child in the womb of the mother who used to work for his construction work, so for this reason, there was the attraction of workers to work for him.
As per the order of the Tana Shah, all labourers forcibly operated to construct Golconda palaces and other buildings in the daytime, but due to desire for more wages, the labourers used to come there during nighttime for the construction of the following buildings of the Sheikh.
1. Tomb.
2. Shrine.
3. Mahmood palace.
All labourers were happy with the Sheikh, and due to this reason, they used to work with much attention and care. But during the daytime, the labourers could not perform well due to no sleep at night and tiredness and for their forcible work with the Golconda construction projects. 
So due to the reason of sleepiness and dull condition of labourers, the Sultan and engineering staff of Golconda were upset and angry in this matter. So, for this reason, when the sultan Tana Shah came to know all these facts, he ordered not to sell kerosene to the Hazrat Mir Mahmood sahab. So, for this reason, the Hazrat used water instead of kerosene to light lamps and torches.
Hazrat left this world on 13th Shaban in the year 1100 A.H. Upon the demise of the Hazrat, his son Syed Shamsuddin Hussaini was seated on the throne of the teaching and preaching in that area.
The Sheikh’s mir Mahmood actual grave is available in a belowground chamber of the tomb. The way to the belowground chamber is available from the north side of the platform on which the tomb is available. But, unfortunately, due to disrespect, this way to the underground chamber was closed for a long time, and on its opening way, some big stones were laid which are seen there.
Hazrat Mir Mahmood  left this universe in the month of Shaban.
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