Dargha Shah Khamosh Rh Miracles Unlimited 1 (Nampally)

Dargha Shah Khamosh Rh ( Nampally)

Shah Khamosh
by quadeer




Hazrat Khamosh was born at bidar. Hazrat name khaja Syed Moinuddin Hussaini know as Hazrat shah khamosh Rh. Hazrat Khwaja Shah meeran maqdum Hussaini was Hazrat’s father.

Hazrat’s spiritual master name Hazrat Hafiz Musa Rh makhanpur Punjab.

Hazrat Shah Khamosh was a little further from Bidar. He gave the Horse to his servant and asked him for his departure.

He started his journey from Bidar on foot. Then he reached Ajmer Sharif, where he met the rest of Hazrat khaja Moinuddin Chishti .

Hazrat Shah Khamosh stayed at Dargah Khaja e Hind for many years, doing zikr. Khaja ordered him to travel towards Punjab to Manikpur. and to Hazrat Haafiz Moosa Sahab to meet the spiritual power of His Destiny.

He set out on foot for Manikpur, Punjab. Hazrat khah khamosh spotted a Sufi who had thousands of followers. He raised his hand to greet him and said, “You are Hazrat hafiz Moosa’s sent one, and your Shaikh better than me.”

Their followers puzzled by the Sufis movement.

Shaikh replied that Shah Khamosh was a Syed hailing from Deccan. Hazrat Khaja moinuddin Chisti had sent him to help him continue his quest for his goal.

Hazrat shah khamosh arrived in Manikpur before Hazrat HafizQibla saw Hazrat HafizQibla in a dream. He said to Hazrat Gharib Naawaaz, “My child will be coming to you.” Take him with you. “

Hazrat Haafiz awoke from his dream and summoned all his disciples to greet Hazrat Khamosh. All the Khalifa from the chain went to Manikpur’s city limits and greeted Hazrat Shah Khamosh.

Hazrat arrived at Khankha Hazrat Haafiz and noticed that the Shaikh was eager to stay with him at the gate. Everyone started screaming after the Shaikh welcomed Hazrat Shah Khmosh. Hazrat becomes a disciple Hazrat Haafiz Rahmatullah Alaih.

Hazrat Haafiz then made him caliph and he was to remain in Amroha for the rest of Hazrat Haafiz’s life. After that, he was to preach and stay at Deccan.

Hazrat lineage traced back to Hazrat Syed shah Yousuf Hussain Hazrat shah Raju qattal Hussaini khuldabad.

Hazrat has performed khankha in various locations throughout the Deccan. Bidar, one at Mecca Masjid (Charminar), and another at the shrine in the area.

Hazrat wrote many books, one of which

  • Deewan e shah khamosh

Hazrat is a disciple of many royal families from Deccan.

One of the Jannat ka Darwaza located in the dargah premises. It will be open on 5th Muharram each year and close on 6th Muharram.

Hazrat Urs celebrated each year.

The Sandal procession begins at khankha masjid, and ends at the shrine of nampally.

Present sajjada nasheen Moulana Akbar Nizamuddin Hussaini Sabri head of Jamia nizamia.

Every year, Urs celebrated.

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