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Hazrat Abul Hassan Khamosh

Abul Hassan Khamosh
by Quadeer

Hazrat Abul hassan khamosh was a Hyderabadi. Abul Hassan Khamosh Name awarded by his peer murshid spiritual Master Hazrat Shah Abul Hasan Haider Rh.

Hazrat Abul Hassan khamosh was very noble and very much influenced in the last several books. If we do, then we get this lesson from all these situations. The mention of saints is good. Rather, they come to run on the day. They follow sharia. Insha Allah, they will present it in the memoirs of such elders.

They are fortunate to present it. Due to his amateurish temperament, in the beginning,

Hazrat Shah Abul Hassan Haider Sani, who is the beloved mentor of Hazrat Shah Abul Hassan Khamosh was fond of him. The men ready to do it can gauged from how much he was fond of patriotism. Not against the sharia, which is not in the level of service. but there is also such a habit counted in life, so how do they present their objects in the service of their city and this habit is their hobby.

You will find out from the following words that some of the followers of Sufism have also passed away in such a way that due to their method.

The Murshid has added his hobby of a message to his sheik and has written a complete adherence to the Sunnah of the Prophet. Some people assigned to train them for battle, and their expenses were also Hazrat Shah Abul Hassan khamosh for training a few roosters. Hazrat Abul Hassan khamosh remained silent. Al-Hassan, be silent, and he also said that by the time the day of scattering came, all the fighting hens would be present in the service.

Had he engaged in observation, Hazrat Shah Khamosh would have been standing behind his Murshid. but he would have covered his face with such veil that he would have taken four sheets and covered his face.

Standing behind the folds as all the people used to praise the roosters by looking at them and using the term in praise Hazrat Shah Abul Hasan khamosh standing behind his saying such compliments but are angry or disliked.

Have you ever told in any way what you have in your mind after hearing these words of rewards and words of praise and admiration? He remained silent to his disciple Al Hassan Shah. There are always those who, at every age, take a student away from their teacher and create suspicion.

They take the patient away from their city and create suspicion. He said, “How can this be? He is an obedient disciple.”Hazrat Abul Hassan Haider Sani said: You are jealous of my disciple Abul Hassan Khamosh. What is your charity in their battle? When you saw the fighting of the roosters, you saw that the statement of the people turned out to be correct.

He glorified and became angry and said, “Silent, it seems that you are angry with my actions. What I am doing is wrong.” You know wrong, today Hazrat Shah Abul Hassan Khamosh asked, I am asking again,On contrary, he is older than them. That is why you are covering up. He said: Hazrat Shah abul Hassan khamosh Khamosh, if I disobey my Hazrat, he is fighting Hens or not, and this is an undesirable act. 

It is an undesirable act, or if you praise it, then you are in trouble in any case. If I dislike it, it will be against the method, and if I like it, it will be disobedience of your forefathers, and it is against sharia.

And you also want to avoid the violation of the law and every guardian child, but you mustn’t want to object to the Sheikh, so you used to cover up your face. Some Hazrat Irshad will say: I follow it.

There are two ways to follow it. Hearing this, did Hazrat Shah Abul Hasan Haider Sani get the emotion in his heart or not? He used to spend his time only for a while.

He also used to secure spending his time in the memory of the truth. He is the true guide. Whoever He wills, He will give guidance to whom He wills, and by whom He will give it, and they will do it. why you told that one day you were in the service of Hazrat Abul Hassan Haider sani.

What meant by this is intoxication, and if he comes there, then the accusation of misuse is not a form of use.

Nor is there any scope for it because the saints forbade themselves from eating halal from halal affairs and also from halal intentions. How can this expected from them? Allah, they have done something against Shariah. The model is not such a thing. Its leaves or flowers etc. used in writing as they used then it was permissible then people at that time considered it an opportunity which is not meant here. He was taking some of it while in the meantime taking the way of Hazrat’s week. Hazrat Abul Hasan Haider Sani is king in a state of ecstasy. He became unconscious.

Abul Hassan Haider Sani agreed, and when he saw the smell of burning skin in his consciousness.

it became clear that Hazrat Shah was in the hands of the silent. His solution is working, but he is still standing in the service of his mentor.  From day one, Hazrat Abul Hassan Haider sani met you with abul Hassan Khamosh, so he remembered you with the title of Shah Khamosh. Your accomplishments are innumerable.

The only thing the writers have mentioned is that your writings are also present.

Annual Urs Shareef performed on the 27th rabbi ul awaal every year. 

Those who must become mediums of miracles know that there are actual teachings on which the so called miracles operate.

For them, they are not miracles but a normal way of performing at their levels of consciousness.

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