Syed Shah Meeran khudanuma Hussaini chisti Rh Great master Miracles 3

 KhudaNuma Hussaini Chisti al Quadri Rh 

khudanuma hussaini
by quadeer

Hazrat khudanuma hussaini was born in Hyderabad and worked in the sultan Abdullah Qutb shah army, the king of Golconda. Once king sends Hazrat to sultan Ibrahim Adil shah in Bijapur. While he was returning from Bijapur, he liked to visit Hazrat ameenuddin ala, where hundreds of people came to get ameenuddin ala blessing. 


Hazrat ameenuddin ala deeply observed a stone and asked his followers what the stone telling is! No one has answered, But Hazrat shah Miran Ji politely said stone says ameenuddin is god Allah and God Allah is ameenuddin ala. After listening to those words, Hazrat ameenuddin ala took Hazrat Khuda Numa Hussaini into his cave and gave some spiritual blessing. After returning to Deccan, He leaves his job and spends his life spiritually teaching spiritual practices and acceptance


 Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda Kingdom has sent him to Bijapur for diplomatic assignment work in the year 1046 Hijri. During his stay there, Hazrat khudanuma hussaini evolved devotee and disciple of him Hazrat Shah Aminuddin Ala and quit the job of the Golconda Kingdom.


 Hazrat khudanuma  hussaini will be perfect for performing his diplomatic mission work between two kingdoms. But to accept the above year 1076 Hijri as per the above statements is not correct. Due to the crowning of some kings, there will be some problems between neighbouring states. Still, these problems will arise with time, and to settle such problems, the diplomatic missions will use to visit the kingdoms to deal and settle the problems and other conflicts peacefully and smoothly.


 Abdullah Qutub Shah of Golconda Kingdom ruled from 1035 Hijri to 1083 Hijri.  

 He was most successful there for the general training of disciples and devotees

  Hazrat was responsible for the training and teaching of disciples and devotee persons, and also he was successful in writing many books on Sufism and Islamic subjects. 


 Hazrat KhudaNuma hussaini translated the book of Sharah Tahdidat from Persian to another language. So this book shows his incredible work of translation, which is not likely in two years. So while training and sermonizing work of disciples and devotees, the translation of the above work, which is well known and was done in between the year 1067 Hijri to 1074 Hijri and which appears to be possible, but it is a very difficult and hard assignment which was done in the above short period.


 Due to his high level of personality and manners, the king has selected him to perform his diplomatic mission duties between the two kingdoms to settle some important works of the two neighbouring states.

Urs Shareef of khudanuma hussaini celebrated every year. 

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