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Hazrat Khwaja Qutub Shah Ghori Kolar karnataka

khaja qutub shah ghori
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Khwaja Qutub Shah Ghori is Rahmatullah Alaih Aale Rasool. Fatmi Saadat, your elegance is very unique. You are called Sarkar Qutb-e-Alam, Shahenshahe Auliya, Qutb-e-Kolar.
Pir  o Murshid
Hazrat qutub shah ghoris Piro-Murshid is Malang-e-Azam Syed Jamaluddin Jaaneman Jannati Rahmatullah Alaih, who is the Caliph of Huzoor Kulbul Madar Syed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar Raziallahu Anhu and the real nephew of Syedna Sarkar Ghaus Azam Raziallahu Taala Anhu.
Your Guru is called Malang-e-Azam whereas Huzoor Madarul Alameen Rahmatullah Alaih had given him the news of heaven in this world. Once Madarul Alameen Rahmatullah Alaih was looking at the sky, he said, I am looking at the iron safe in Maluddin. in that in heaven Your name is also written and from today you are our life and mind, since then his name has become Jaaneman Jannati.
The funeral procession continued for 100 years
Although hundreds of miracles are performed by the auliyas from Allah, but there are some such deeds which make that caste proud forever. One name comes and that name is Syed Shah Qutub Ghori Rahmatullah Alaih. You had bequeathed to Murideen before Visal that when I become Visal, he should travel with my funeral procession and wherever the funeral procession does not rise i.e. you cannot lift it there, my followers will do the same after your Visal. Keep going Moallif writes that for almost 100 years, your followers kept walking with your funeral and as the days passed by, the fragrance of Aqdas kept coming in your body, Allahu Akbar, these are the deeds of Allah, about 12 lakh people wrote Kalma Dear ones, read and entered Islam, these are the people of Allah, seeing whose funeral 12 lakh people read Kalma Seeing the exploits, even the infidel devils must have been ashamed.
hazrat qutub shah ghori’s followers continued to carry your body and Aqdas, at a place in Kolar which was considered holy for the queen, where your funeral procession was kept and prayers were offered. There is a place for which my mentor has ordered. When the queen’s soldiers saw it, they said to pick it up from here, but the followers did not listen to them. An unsuccessful attempt was made to lift the funeral pyre by tying it, but it did not budge even a bit. Now the queen and the soldiers were also surprised. Astana is in Kolar itself, where devotees attend in lakhs and keep on getting fit, of course they are Auliya Allah, their pride is different, dear ones.
Hazrat Khaja Qutb Shah Ghori shrine is in Karnataka Place kolar .
Annual urs is celebrated.
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