Hazrat mohmmed zama khan saheb shaheed Rh Great Master super 1

Hazrat Mohammed Zama Khan saheb shaheed Rh (shahali banda) 

zama khan saheb shaheed


Hazrat zama khan saheb shaheed was born in Hyderabad. Hazrat, a caliph of Hazrat Syed Hafiz Ali shah Khairabadi. 

Hazrat Muhammad Zaman Khan Sahab Shaheed(rahmatullah alaih) was a famous Muhaddis and Aalim e Deen. Hazrat was the first Hadeethic scholar who brought hadith to Hyderabad. 

Works and Achivements

Hazrat used to teach Tafseer and Hadees at his house and in his madrasah-e-mehboobiyah at shah ali banda. One of his students is the Founder of Jamia Nizamia Sheikh ul Islam Hazrat Anwaarullah Farooqi (Rahmatullah alaih). And the teacher of Nizam kings.  Hazrat zama khan saheb shaheed had a good habit of reciting Quran Shareef from Asar to Esha.

Hazrat martyred at the age of 46 while he was reciting Quran Shareef in his masjid Masjid Zaman khan shaheed roop lal Bazar. By one of his students his name was SYED AHMED, he was Mahdavi.

Because Hazrat has written a book on Mahdavi and their teachings and why they are not a part of Islam named “Tohfah-e-Mahdaviyaah”  That made Mahdavis kill Hazrat-e-shaheed. 

After his death, Nizam Osman ali khan has sent Mahdavis out of the city of Hyderabad in chanchalguda.

To save Sunni Jamia, Nizamia built under Hazrat Anwaarullah Khan.

The shrine is near shah Ali banda’s main road.

Annual Urs conducted every year. 

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