Hazrat syed ujale shah saheb Surprising Great Master 1

Hazrat Syed ujale shah saheb Rh (saidabad)

 ujale shah saheb Rh (saidabad)
by quadeer

Hazrat ujale shah was born in Hyderabad. Hazrat was a caliph of Hazrat Murad shah dhoti Murad Nagar.

At first, Hazrat used stay in sultan Shahi. Then, Hazrat moved to the saidabad, which is close to the chanchalguda jail.


His disciples and devotees included the Amirs from Hyderabad. My great grandfather’s Nawab Wajid Nawaz Jung, buried outside Dargah Shareef.

He has seen rulings of many kings of the Deccan.

Hazrat got a very long age, and at last, he has left the world on 7th Zeqada in the year 1244 Hijri. Hazrat has died during the rule of King Osman Ali Khan of Hyderabad at the age of 125 years. And Hazrat buried in his house place in Saeedabad village. Amir Paigah Khursheed Jah constructed the marble Grill around his grave.

His disciple Lateef Allah Sahib constructed the wooden frame around the grill.

Hazrat ujale Shah saheb used chicken curry and bread during the week. Visitors to the shrine prepared chicken curry or bread for offering purposes.

Hazrat Ujala shah was an excellent worshipper, pure and abstinence person and generous pious person.

a sense of love, a depth of compassion, when we get in touch with Sufi.

This is because the Sufi shows us his unconditional love and compassion without asking.

The shrine located in saidabad.

Annual Urs celebrated every year.

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