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Hazrat Syed shah Raju qattal Mohammed Mohammed ul Hussaini Rh (misrigunj)

shah raju qattal
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Hazrat Shah raju qattal was born in Bijapur. Hazrat’s real name Syed shah Yousuf Hussaini Sani. 

Shah Raju qattal was the title name. Hazrat was the grandchildren of Hazrat khaja Bandanawaz Gesu Daraz Rh.

shah raju qattal bin shah asadullah bin

syed shah saifullah bin shah raju bijapuri bin shah saifullah bin shah asadullah Rh. Hazrat shah raju qattal was born in the year 1002 Hijri in Bijapur city.

When Hazrat was developing up, he has completed the stages of Zaheri and Batini teaching under the supervision of his uncle Hazrat Syed Akber Mohammed Mohammed al-Hussaini. Upon completing the above education, his uncle gave him Bait and granted him a caliphate.   

In the last period of Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah Golconda’s rule, Hazrat Shah Raju Qattal and his uncle Hazrat Shah Akber Muhammad al Hussaini Arrived in deccan.

The grave of his uncle is accessible outside of Ghazi Banda. He known there as a great Sufi saint and Deccan. People of Deccan used to visit the shrine to fulfill their wishes and desires for the Hazrat’s sake.

King of Golconda Abdullah Qutub Shah has presented him with great respect and honour and granted him a daily budget.

Due to this reason, Hazrat was free from financial struggle, so he was always busy in the worshipping and meditation of Allah.

Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah, his great devotee, used to treat him with great respect. For this reason, he granted many villages for the expenditure of the shrine.

He used to present in his shrine, and he used some of his time there to hear Sheikh’s preaching and teaching of Islamic knowledge and his advice.

It stated that one-day Hazrat has given him one piece of pomegranate and asked him to count how many seeds are there in it? So Tana Shah has counted them and replied that there are fourteen seeds in it. So Sheikh told him that his rule over the kingdom of Golconda would be for 14 years only.


The grand style and height of construction Engineers and visitors continue to attracted. It stands at 50 feet high. It is well-known for being India’s highest burial ground. constructed With stones. It built on 112 columns, and each pillar is 25 feet tall. .

He did his preaching work in Hyderabad for 50 years, and pieces of his teaching and preaching work have mentioned.

  1. Teaching and preaching
  2. Favour of Zaheri and Batini

So, in brief, Hazrat was Qutub of his period in the Deccan region and left the world on 22nd Safar in the 1092 Hijri in Sultan Abul Hasan Tana Shah of Golconda. Hazrat buried in the shrine, located outside of Fatha Darwaza in Misri Gunj Hyderabad. His mausoleum in a MisriGunj area is famous even today for the completion of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his mausoleum there. Mausoleum.

Abul Hasan Tana has made a big tomb over his burial due to his great respect and devotion, and the tomb built.

The height and grand style of construction continues to attract engineers and visitors. It is 50 feet tall. It is also well-known and popular for being the highest tomb in India. constructed with stones. It based on 112 columns and each pillar stands at 25 feet .

Urs ceremony

The Urs observed on 14,15 16th Safar every year of the Muslim calendar on the grand scale, and the 14th Safar sandal ceremony organized. On 15th Safar, the lights illuminated on the mausoleum.

This event brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate the Urs. It held every year on the above dates in the Islamic calendar at Hazrat Syed Shah Raju Qattal.

Annual Urs of Hazrat shah Raju qattal celebrated each year. 

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