Hazrat syed shah ali abbas hussaini Great Master 1

Hazrat Syed shah Ali Abbas Hussaini bughdadi RH  (Hussaini Alam) 

Ali Abbas Hussaini
by quadeer

Hazrat ali abbas hussaini was born in bidar and came to Deccan and settled here. Hazrat shrine is in the Hussaini Alam area.

There is also a mosque near the shrine named Hazrat’s name (Masjid khaja Syed shah Ali Abbas Hussaini bughdadi RH). Hazrat caliph of Hazrat Abul Hasan Haider sani Rh. 

Hazrat’s linage 

Syed shah Ali abbas S/o shah Abul Hasan Sani S/o shah Abdullah min Allah bin shah Abul Hasan S/o shah Kaleem Ullah bin shah min Allah S/o Mohammed Asghar Hussaini S/o Syed Mohammed Hussaini Gesu Daraz.
He pledged allegiance and caliphate to his father. After the pledge of allegiance and caliphate, you became passionate and able to work.
He often visited the bazaar and performed miracles. According to your father, there should be a little explanation that Hazrat Shah Abul Hassan Haider sani (may Allah have mercy on him) is the elder about whom the briefest explanation.

You have been the caliph of Abu Al-Hassan Haider Sahib (may God have mercy on him).


It is written that one day Shah Ali Abbas hussaini (may Allah have mercy on him) used to come to you through his father filling a bowl of healthy hot food with him. Father sent Hazrat Ali Abbas hussaini (may Allah have mercy on him).

His father left his feet in the water by the pool (may Allah have mercy on him). If it was sent by the poet Abbas Rahmat Wale because he had religion, he took the idea of ​​food in his hand and threw it in the pool.

Attendance plan has some benefit from the practice of these elders. First, they have usually associated with the group symbol this religion then it is realized that the Qur’an is a blasphemous religion and group in the Sufis whose method is this That they usually take care of themselves and do Shariat-e-Muhammadiyah Ali Sahibah-e-Salat-e-Wal-Salam in such a way that there is no evidence of hypocrisy.
That is why they keep themselves united. Hazrat Ali Abbas hussaini (may Allah have mercy on him) also belongs to the same group and religion. As a suspicion may arise that the food was cooked by the saints of Allah and then thrown away. Without goodness, there are fish in it, so Hazrat put food in water to eat fish.
So there may be many such interpretations. There is no waste in it. It is not apparent that Hazrat Shah Sahib (may Allah have mercy on him) took it in his hand and gave it seasonal fruits. Describe the case.
Hazrat Haider sani (may Allah have mercy on him) said your father’s name is Grami and then told Khadim to go to him and say it on my behalf, now tell him to return the food I sent.
So the servant, according to the order of Hazrat, came to the service of this Abbas (may Allah have mercy on him) and began to plead that Hazrat Baba, including the bowl, respects his father.
Shah Abbas (may Allah have mercy on him) immediately put his hand in the water and took the hot food out of the water, and handed it over to the servant.
The food put in the water is dispersed, spreads becomes active, or even the water bugs can eat it. So immediately put your hand in the water, including the bathroom utensils.
And returned to the same hot state in its original state.Attendance.Hazrat Shaykh-ul-Islam, the founder of Jamia Nizamia Imam Anwarullah Farooqi (may Allah have mercy on him), says about the miracle of this virtuous servant of Allah.
Describes the greatness and greatness of those who have attained nearness and high position in the court of Allah. And after that, Hazrat Shaykh-ul-Islam (may Allah have mercy on him) says: of the.
Therefore, miracles are not a sign of the superiority of Hazrat Ali but the appearance of miracles because only Hazrat Ali is close to Allah.
There is a difference in this. People generally think that the one who shows miracles to a saint is a great saint. So, the miracle revealed describes their position and status and greatness.
The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: It is a hadeeth of Saheeh Bukhari.
Almighty says that the servant. After the completion of the duties, when the Nawafil pays, and the Qurban gains my closeness to me through the Nawafil and becomes close to me, Allah says: I become his eye by which he sees, I become his ear. The one he hears becomes his tongue with which he speaks and the hand he grasps.
Allah blessed the hand of your Hazrat shah Ali Abbas hussaini (may Allah have mercy on him), and Allah Almighty drives the strength and power.
If any deed against Allah is revealed to the people of Allah and it is written in their memoirs, it should indicate their greatness because they are the followers of Shariah. When they manifest miracles, they are implanted in the people’s hearts, and devotion and love are created.
Because of their love for this belief, they become followers of the religion. Some people believe in the day of Allah; that is why miracles appear from them.
 Hazrat Syed shah Ali abbas hussaini left this universe in the Islamic month of Muharram.
Annual Urs is celebrated in the month of Muharram every year. 
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