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Hazrat syed shah sadullah sahab naqshbandi mujaddadi (Rikabgunj)

sadullah sahab naqshbandi
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Hazrat sadullah Sahab naqshbandi Was born in Afghanistan. Hazrat was A disciple and Caliph of Hazrat Ghulam Ali shah Naqshbandi.

Hazrat Came to Delhi and then to Deccan to spread the word Naqshbandi order in Deccan.

Naqshbandi chain, one of the Sufi ways. traces its spiritual lineage back to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. through Abu Bakr Siddiq, who was the first Caliph and prophet Mohammad companion.

After Hazrath Gulam Ali Shah Naqshbandi (Rh), he visited Makkah to perform Hajj. Then, prophet Hazrath Mohammad (P.B.U.H) blessed him to migrate to Deccan in his dream.

Sadullah Sahab Naqshbandi Mujaddadi is the Originator of the Naqshbandi order in Deccan.
He spread the teachings of Naqshbandi order from East to West and North to South in Deccan.

Many of his Followers came to Deccan from all over the world.

As preparations continue for the 168th Urs celebrations. it is easy find Dargah Sadaullah sahab Naqshbandi. which has been lit up as a bride. .

The retiwali Dargah has been a solace for the grief-stricken believers over the years.

Visitors and individuals who come asking for dua call it the retiwali dargah sand dargah. The Dargah can found in the Riqabgunj region near Charminar. It is easy to find in daylight because one must look for the tall, white dome.

It is a dargah where individuals offer rose petals and then leave their palm prints on the sand heaped on the burial.

Sadaullah Sahab Naqshbandi spread the word about the Naqshbandi order in Deccan.

Born in the northern territory of Afghanistan. He visited Delhi for an illness and became a follower of Ghulam Ali Shah Naqshbandi. During Haj, he had a dream, and he arrived here to spread the word of Naqshbandi in Deccan. , Hazrat stayed in Masjid Almas near Shahalibanda for two years. He moved to Moghalpura before settling down after purchasing a Bagh Bee Jaan garden.

Regardless of their religion. come with their heads covered and bow at the grave of Sadaullah Sahab Naqshbandi buried.

Some stand for hours with their palms wholly buried in the sand. The grave encircled with sand as it was his wish to buried in a simple grave. Afzal Ud Dowla constructed the dome, and it has a sense of incompleteness about it. 

No chader, sandal, and qawwali.

The Naqshbandi Dargah has a silence of a different spiritual order.

Named after Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari. The Naqshbandi strain of Sufism came to Deccan with Sadaullah shah naqshbandi.

Hazrat used to take care of their food and stay and refused royal patronage. Any moment of the day or night, there used to be at least 100 or 150 people praying and meditating with him.

Hazrat would join the grieving and crying of those who came to Sadaullah for help when they were in pain or grief.

And people discovered here was someone who could comprehend and lighten their grief. And the practice continues when people leave their prints on the sand.

Famous as Retiwali Dargah of Naqshbandi order

Hazrat sadullah Sahab Naqshbandi shrine is also called retiwali dargah.

The shrine sadullah shah naqshbandi located in rikabgunj.

Annual Urs of Hazrat sadullah Sahab Naqshbandi celebrated every year.

Request for the People to come and seek blessings from the great sufi who dedicated there lifes for the purpose of islam and preaching.people should join the spritual chain and spread the message of peace and prosperity thoughout the world.

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