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 Hazrat khaja abid kilich khan siddiqui (Bandlaguda rajendar nagar)

 abid kilich khan
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Hazrat abid kilich khan was born in aliabad, Samarkand. Hazrat’s father’s name was Hazrat shaikh Siddiqui.


Hazrat’s father took Hazrat to sajjada nasheen at Hazrat khaja bahauddin. He told him that the child would learn religious activity Sufism, and name khaja abid kilich khan.

Hazrat abid kilich khan linage traced back to Hazrat shaikh shabuddin suharwardi.

Hazrat received his Islamic education in Bukhara. He was then made shaikh ul Islam. .Hazrat Aurangzeb has given the tile name “khilich khan bahadur“.Hazrat was in royal military general in the Aurangzeb period. Hazrat has taken part in the war. He returned from his pilgrimage to Mecca to India in 1658 to begin his post emperor Shah Jahan, only that the Emperor was being ill.  

So Kilich Khan decided to throw his lot in with the prince. Aurangzeb to find Kiya. After commanding one of the Mughal forces, Abid Kilich Khan played a vital role in the Battle of Samugarh.  For this, he rewarded by making him Sadar Hum Sadur and one of the most trusted generals of the Emperor.

He then followed Aurangzeb around India as the Emperor pursued his dream of bringing the whole of India under the Timurid flag. 

Abid Khan fought many battles and forts besieged but, during the Siege at Golconda (1687), Kilich Khan was the most loyal and brave commander.

When Aurangzeb’s army left to attack Golconda, it was under the command of Ghaziuddin Khan Firoz Jung, son of Kilich Khan.

Firoz Jung was so eager to capture the fort that he sent his father in charge of the stormtroopers in a sudden attack. 

But, Kilich Khan hit by a powerful cannonball, a bombardment that completely severed his arm.  He returned to the Mughal camp on his horse and refused to descend. 

Aurangzeb Prime Minister, Asad Khan noticed he was drinking coffee while surgeons were busy removing bone from his wound.

Kilich Khan died a few days later, his hand also identified by the ring he had always worn on his finger. 

Kilich Khan buried in a mausoleum at Kismatpur near Himayat Sagar, a few kilometres from where he died at Golconda in Hyderabad.

Hazrath has six children.

Hazrat left this universe in the Islamic month of Rabi us sani.

Hazrath shrine is near himayat Sagar (Rajender Nagar).

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