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Hazrat Shah Abdul Nabi Quadri (Hanamkonda,Warangal)

Abdul Nabi Quadri
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Abdul Nabi Quadri, a Warangal qutb (spiritual head), was his father. Shah Moinuddin Hasan Quadri was his father. Hazrat was an apprentice to his father, Shah Moinuddin Hasan Quadri. He was also a spiritual follower of his Holy Father Shah Moinuddin Hasan Quadri.

Hazrat Abdul Nabi Quaderi Shah Sabib was a prominent and well-known Majzub whose holy tomb is located in the Hanmakonda area. Hazrat Shah Afzal Biabani’s service would have said that those who visited him would claim they felt as though they were Qutubs at Hanamkonda, according to their master Qazi Sahib.

Hazrat Syed Ali Biabani visited Hanmakonda in that period and used to speak with him. Hazrat Abdul Naabi Quadri Saheb would greet him until he left. Hadrat Shah Afzal Biabani took great care of Hazrat Abdul nabi Quadri Saheb’s well-being when he visited Kazipet. He refused to let him go without first eating.

Hazrat Sarwar Bajabani said that Hadrat Shah Afzal Biabani was Qutub’s authority. Hazrat Shah Abdul Nabi quadi left this world in the month Ramzan. Hazrat shrine can be found in Hanamkonda District Warangal Their heirs conduct annual Urs each year. Many people visit this place to offer flowers or make dua. This shrine is one of the most famous landmarks in hanamkonda.

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