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Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Al Hussaini Sanjri Quds

Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti
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Hazrat Moinuddin is the head of the circle and the founder of the chain of Chishtiyya in the Hindu sub-continent. He was in the service of Khwaja Usman Haruni, may God bless him and grant him peace, for 20 years while traveling and in the city, and used to supervise his gold clothing. After that he blessed you with the blessing of Khilafah.
He came to Ajmer (India) during the reign of Thora Rai and worshipped Engrossed in divine, Thora Rai was living in Ajmer at that time, one day he persecuted one of his Muslim devotees for some reason, the poor man came to you with a cry, you recommended him. He sent a messenger to Pithura Rai, but he did not accept his recommendation and said that this person has come and sat here and talks about the unseen. He said that we captured Chhora alive and referred him. At the same time, the army of Sultan Muez-ud-Din Sam aka Shahab-ud-Din Ghori arrived from Ghazni. Since history, Islam has spread in this country and the roots of disbelief have been cut. It is known that after the death of Khwaja Ajmeri, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, a mark appeared on his forehead that said Habibullah died in Habibullah (meaning Allah’s Habib died in the world in love with Allah). 633 Hijri and according to some, it happened in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, but the first statement is correct and a mausoleum was built in Ajmer, where he lived and is. An ark was built on top of it, that is why the height of your shrine was created, first the building of your shrine was built by Khwaja Hussain Naguri, then the door and the monastery were built by a king of the temple.
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Hazrat Khwaja Bakhtiar KaKi Oshi has collected his words and attachments in Dilil al-Arifeen, in which it is written that he said: A lover’s heart burns with the fire of love, so whatever comes into that heart will burn. And it will be destroyed, because there is no fire faster than the fire of love, … He said how the noise of flowing rivers makes noise, but when they reach the sea, they become completely silent. He said, “I have heard it myself from the words of Khwaja Uthman Haruni, may God have mercy on him.”
He said that there are such saints of Allah that if they come under the hijab from Him even for a moment in this world, they will be destroyed. If there are three things, understand that Allah loves him as a friend, firstly, generosity like the seas, secondly, compassion like the sun, humility like the earth.
Hazrat moinuddin said that the company of good people is better than doing good and the company of bad people is worse than doing evil. Not written. Raqim al-Haruf submits that this is also narrated from the Akbar mutududin and some later Sufis have stated the truth of this matter in such a way that it is necessary for the murid to repent and ask for forgiveness at all times, and there is no sin in repenting and asking for forgiveness. It is written, it does not mean that the sin is not committed at all, that is why the Mashaykhs urge their devotees to seek forgiveness while sleeping so that the sins of the day that have not yet been written due to the mercy of God. , don’t come in literature and appearance.
Hazrat Moinuddin said: I heard from the words of Khwaja Usman Haruni, may God bless him and grant him peace, he used to say that a person deserves poverty when he has nothing left in this mortal world. Be afraid that the beloved will not separate you from friendship.
said Arifs have a very high position, when they reach this position, they see all the worlds and worlds in between their dualities.
Hazrat Moinuddin said Arif is the one who immediately comes in front of him for whatever he wants and listens to him immediately for whatever he talks about. He said, “The minimum status of a scholar in love is that the attributes of truth are born within him, and the perfect status of a scholar in love is that if someone makes a claim against him.”
If he comes, let him arrest him with his power. He said, “We continued to do this for years, but in the end nothing came of it except fear. He said, “No sin of yours will cause as much harm as insulting a Muslim.”
will arrive from He said. Pass Infas is the worship of the people of knowledge, and the sign of knowledge of God is to run away from creation and remain silent in knowledge. He said, “A knower cannot attain knowledge until he remembers knowledge, and a knower is one who expels from his heart the things other than Allah, so that he too becomes alone just as his beloved is alone.”
Hazrat moinuddin said, “The sign of misfortune is to keep committing sins and still be a candidate for popular recognition, and the sign of a scholar is to remain silent and sad.”
Hazrat moinuddin said, “A dervish is one who brings whatever he needs, and does not return it empty-handed and empty-handed, and a person who knows the path of love is a person who has two worlds in his heart.”
Hazrat moinuddin said, “Dervishes sitting with dervishes is the dearest thing in this world, and the separation of dervishes from dervishes is the worst thing, because this separation is not without reason.” He said. In fact, the one who trusts is the one who receives pain and suffering from the creatures but does not complain to anyone or mention it to anyone, and the greatest knower is the one who knows everything.
Hazrat moinuddin said, “The sign of a sage is to like death, to leave luxury and comfort.”
Hazrat moinuddin said, “When Allah revives His beloved ones with His light, this is the vision.”
Hazrat moinuddin said: “The people of love are those who listen to their friends without a teacher.”
When the heart is free from whispers. He said that knowledge is an immense ocean and knowledge is a channel of it, so where is God, where is the servant.
Illuminated by his light, he said that people can go near the destination only when they obey completely in prayer, because this prayer is the ascension of a believer. It is known that the reason for the name of Ajmer is that the name of a Hindu king who The government of Ghazni was up to ‘Aja,’ and ‘Aja’ is also called sun in Hindi, and Mira is called a mountain in Hindi language. Before this wall was built, which is on top of the mountain of Ajmer. Likewise, the first reservoir built in the land of India is the Phakar reservoir, which is eight miles from Ajmer and is worshiped by Hindus and for six days every year. Therefore, at the time of “Scorpion” they gather and bathe there, ruining their lives and their children due to a false religion. , and ‘ Aja, the name which the Hindus in this country had already borne, Thora being the last Raja from whom the Muslims obtained the country of India,
Most of Nagor is inhabited by Thora, the story goes that Thora asked one of his officers who was in charge of feeding the animals, to find a suitable and good place for stables, including the city. The officer wandered around a lot, when he reached the place where the city of Nagor is now, he saw a Danbi who had given birth to a child and wanted to attack a Bhitar or that child. Back on this wolf He started preparing for the attack, he saw this situation and said that this is a manly place and the climate of this forest is useful for horses, so he settled a city there and named it “New Angar” meaning new city, Sultan said. When Shahabuddin Ghori (may God bless him and grant him peace) arrived here and Thora was killed, during the time of his Turkish armies, this word became “Nagur, Allah knows best.”
Special prayers ( chati shareef ) 6th day of the month we celebrate chati shareef all over the world by the chisti khankhas,dargha everywhere
Annual urs is celebrated with lakhs of devotees. 

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