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Mir alam shah

Hazrat Mir Alam Shah Born in Hyderabad, He used to serve Hazrat Shah Saadullah Naqshbandi and arrange the alanger at his age. After becoming an adult, he became a disciple of Hazrat saadullah naqshbandi and gained spiritual and physical strength from peers attention.

MIr alam shah was a man of physical strength who used to cut the drinking straw into two pieces with his hand. And this was the state of the spiritual force that seeing you engaged in worship , they would close the door and put tafal and after a while you would come out of the hujra. I also gave the Caliphate. He stayed in Hyderabad until Murshid’s death and later he went to Bidar and was engaged in teaching there for a long time.

At the time of returning from Haj and Ziarat, your world went into a whirlwind. The captain told the people to break it. Everyone got busy with Ma’a and he put the Quranic verses together and pasted them on the four corners of the ship. After a while the ship left Bhanu. He was an expert in jurisprudence. He often fasted and was engaged in prayer and remembrance in the mosque from Asr to Isha.

After Shawwal Ha Har according to Mashal and Tahjud prayer, he left this universe when he was 114 old. His mausoleum is in Jahannama Lancer outside Aliabad Mahalla. His son Akbar Maulvi Abdul Qadir Sufi succeeded him.

mir alam shah

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