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Hazrat Ghousi Shah was born in Hyderabad and real name was Ghouse Khan. Hazrat was born Hazrat Kareem Ullah Shah.

Hazrat, a disciple of his father was, after his death, a disciple, and caliph for Hazrat Kaleem Ullah Shah machi wa shah.

Hazrat Kaleemullah was awarded Ghousi Shah.

Hazrat was only 20 years old when his father died. Hazrat ghousi Shah studied under Maulana Hameedullah. Hazrat Ghousi Shah learned Urdu, Arabic and Persian: Fiqh. Hadith. Tafseer.

He also learnt calligraphy.

Hazrat Ghousi Shah represented all elements of Akhlakhe Muhammadi, the Islamic prophet Mohammed.

Hazrat Ghousi Shah Sheb was a complete natural person. His total surrender to God was complete.

As a speaker, he left an intimate impression on his listeners. With his powerful words, Hazrat would inspire their hearts.

He was an interpreter for wahdatul wajood.

Hazrat, a great Khateeb orator, left a lasting impression on the audience.

Masnavi Maulanarumi was an extraordinary interpreter of Arabi.

We would be baffled by Hazrat’s simple understanding of the complicated problems of Sufism. Hazrat would establish a healthy relationship.

Ghousi Shaikh was a Muslim Sufi saint and scholar from the Indian subcontinent.

Ghousi Shah was a poet. His poetry in Urdu, Persian and English is widely regarded as the best of the modern era.

Tayyab e-Ghausi can be considered one of the most famous Tasawwuf poetry books. It contains a variety of poems including Hamd, Naat and Manqbat.

He was Syed Kamalullah Shah’s most prominent disciple and successor, also known by Machliwale Shah who became the spiritual master to many Sufi saints in India.

Alhaj Karimullah Shah was raised by his father and initiated him into Tasawwuf. After his initiation, he developed a love of Allah.

His love for Ishq grew to great enthusiasm and he eventually met Machiwale Shah.

He subdued Bayat, and was instantly awarded the Caliphate. Syed Kamalullah Shah, a Mysore merchant who first encountered him at Secunderabad (Machilawale Shah), surrendered to Mahmudullah Shah Hussaini.

He was completely changed by the meeting.

In front of thousands of Murideen, he declared his son Sahvi Shah his successor (Jansheen). He stated that Sahvi Shah should succeed him.


Pir Ghousi Shah (gave the Caliphate to four of the disciples Mohammad Abdul Qadir Shah Sahab and Syed Khasim Shah Sahab. He also gave the Caliphate to Sadullah Khan Sahib and Abdur Rashid Sahab with the help of his son

Contributions and Works

Hazrat, an Islamic scholar, wrote many well-known books.

  • Kalima E Tayaba
  • Noor Un Noor
  • Tayyebat E Ghousi

Hazrat has a son, Hazrat sahwi shiah. Hazrat left this world in the month of safar. The shrine can be found in Begum Bazar masjid Kareem Ullah Shah.

What month is urs celebrated in? Every year, urs is celebrated in the month of safar.

Who is the current sajjada-nasheen Present sajjada nasheen Ghousavi sahi shah, son of Hazrat sahwi sahi shah.

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Books for reference

  1. Mukhtasar Ahwal auliya deccan