Hazrat syed janullah shah qadri amazing master 1

syed janullah shah qadri

janullah shah qadri
janullah shah qadri

Hazrat janullah shah Date of birth is unknown, predates the foundation of Hyderabad. People were not aware of your real name till now. He made his real name in the dream of Sufi Abdul Wahid Qadri sajjada Nasheen Sufi Hussain Ali Shah Qadri and gave a speech on the date of 22 Shaban Urs.

Hazrat janullah shah residence was east of Chehlum. (Near the present or yakutpura station where your shrine is) was sitting under an Tamrind tree. On the way, you will pass by the sellers of beridis and the person will give you different salads. hazrat janullah used to put all the salad, rice, wheat, amrique, salt and myrrh in a handi and take two small gold links and beat it on the padi and say, “By Allah’s order, the handi would be cooked and ready in a short time.

The people of the neighborhood and Those who begged the passers-by to play with them and also eat themselves, tie four-inch-long cords at the shrine today, because he became known as Sonta Peer, the shrine of his younger brother Hazrat Syed Ruhullah Shah Qadri. Near Kisli Gowda or chaderGhat, you had no other two.

The current president of this committee, Muhammad Abdul Wahid and others, make the funeral. Abdul Wahid Sahib’s statement, but his house was far from the Dargah, he buried it on the shrine.

By God’s command, bring me a house nearer. This one person brought me a house very close to the dargah. In one Urs, less rice was eaten and people came in abundance, but the same amount of rice was blessed. Shrine could not be known at the moment.

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