Hazrat syed shah moosa quadri baghdadi true master 1

Syed shah moosa quadri baghdadi farmanwadi Abids

Moosa quadri baghdadi Farmanwadi
Moosa quadri baghdadi Farmanwadi

Hazrat moosa quadri baghdadi born in Baghdad Sharif According to the documents, Hazrats father’s name was Hazrat Miran Syed Mohammad shah Hussain Qadri Baghdadi. The father was rarely trained.

Apart from Arabic, he was also fluent in Persian language. Hazrat moosa quadri baghdadi followed his lunch teaching and went to visit. During his stay in Madinah, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was ordered to go to Deccan in India. You came to India for marriage at that time and Aurangazeb was in power.

Along with you many followers. Khalid spent six days staying in Aurangabad, and at a different place where there is an unorganized market, there was a dense forest. Every day, a lion would come to you and go back after wiping its tail. You burned your muswak in the ground at night at this point. In the morning people noticed that the maswak had gone bad and leaves appeared on it. You said to the disciples, this is what we know about our end. And when Aurangazeb became a member, he met Hazrat and expressed his truth. He used to present his statements in proof of hatred. And they were distributed to different kings from you.

The name of this neighborhood of his came to be Famandari. The shrines of two sons Syed Shah Rahim Qadri and Syed Darwish mohiuddin Qadri and one Shezadi Sayyeda Hafeez are in the sight of Hazrat. There is a shade tree at the shrine. Inside the headstone, there was a connection between Arba-e-ul-Awwal and Al-Mubarak. And burial took place at the place of residence. The current Sajjada Nasheen is Syed Shah Moosa Qadri.

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