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Hazrat Syed Shah Zinda Hussain was born in Makkah  Shah. The Kaaba was the hereditary sweeper of The Kaaba . Hazrat  and  brother were traveling in a boat when the boat capsized and your brother also drowned.

Hazrat reached the shores of India on a board and came to Hyderabad during the reign of Sultan Abul Hasan Tanashah and pledged allegiance to Syed Akbar Hussaini, the eldest son of Hazrat Shah raju Qatal Hussaini. Hazrat zinda shah Shah was known by the nickname “shah Jhado” because hazrat  always had a broom in his armpit and used to clean the mosque he passed by.

So hazrat  spoke against the king. By the order of the emperor, you were imprisoned in the fort. The next day, people saw hazrat zinda hussain were in the city as usual.

Many people became believers from shah zinda hussain urf shah jhado. 26 Zul Hijjah and According to Dar, he died at the age of (80) and was buried in Panch Mohalla.

Hazrat syed shah zinda hussain mausoleum is in a roofless four-walled shrine on the left side of the Shah Ali Banda road to the south of Char Minar. The graves of his disciples Ali Shah I and Gulzar Ali Shah II in his shrine.

The present Sufi Muhammad Abdul Jabbar  

Annual urs   is celebrated every year.


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