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Hazrat Shah Alam Ahmedabad

Shah alam
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Hazrat Shah Alam was the son of Qutb Alam, his name was Shah Najhan, and his nickname was Shah Alam, his grave is in Ahmedabad, his shrine is a place of pilgrimage for the people living in this area, and it is located in such a pure, elevated and beautiful area. which is a very spacious and vast region, On Thursdays the good and the bad of the city visit your shrine and stay there all night.
It is known that Shah Alam had a strange condition in his Sufism and behavior, often he was covered with the world of masti, sometimes he wore silk clothes, and he seemed to be a follower of the Malamatiya sect, but despite this, his There were open and clear arguments on Wilayat and Sheikh Ahmad Khattu was responsible for his training and instruction, he was among the most honored elders, he died in 880 Hijri, the number of which is indicated by the word “pride”, Sheikh Qutb. Some of the successors of Alam and Shah Alam are also buried in Ahmedabad.
In the famous city of Patan in Gujarat, the mausoleum of Sheikh Hussamuddin Multani, the famous caliph of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya, which has been mentioned earlier, is very famous. It is said that the fragrance of love and love comes from here and the lights of the blessings of the province can be seen shining from its forests and ruins. Stanza
In the same way, I love you so much because you were among the scholars of your time and among the people who were popular in the presence of God.
The effects of his blessings are still visible in this Ahmedabad city
Annual urs is Celebrated every year.
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