Hazrat qutb Alam Amazing master 1

Hazrat qutb Alam Amazing master

Qutb alam
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Qutb Alam (may Allah have mercy on him) 
qutb Alam was the grandson of Makhdoom Jahanian Syed Jalal Bukhari, he moved from his native land and settled in Gujarat and then made Gujarat his modern homeland. His name was Syed Burhanuddin and he was known as Qutb Alam. Ahmed At a distance of 6 miles from Abad, there is a town called Batu, there is his tomb.
There is a stone lying on your tomb which has the characteristics of stone, stone, stone, etc., no one can know exactly what it is, if you look at it first, you will see it. It will be known as stone, then if you look closely, it will be known as iron, and on further consideration, you will know that it is wood, because the properties of iron, wood and stone are present in it and no part of it can be separated and separated.
There is a strange thing that is related to seeing (the tradition about this strange stone is narrated like this) that one day you were walking in the water and something fell on your feet, people pulled it out. When he did it, he looked at it and said, “Are you iron or stone or wood?” After that, Allah Almighty put all three attributes in it. Shah Alam may Allah have mercy on him
Annual urs is celebrated every year.
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