Hazrat Murad shah dhoti Great Miracle Master 1

 Hazrat Murad shah dhoti (murad nagar)

Hazrat murad shah dhoti was born in Aurangabad. Hazrat was the caliph of Hazrat shah Fazil Safa Chisti, Hazrat ameenuddin ala Bijapur.

His original native place is Karanja in the Aurangabad region. Hazrat  murad shah dhoti came to Deccan during the period of Asaf Jah 1. Hazrat murad shah dhoti  migrated from his native to Hyderabad Deccan. Hazrat settled down in Hyderabad.

Hazrat Murad shah-dhoti was one of the holy people who arrived later in time. He was prominent and well-known, away from all things and the world.

Hazrat was well known in the world for his miracles and mystical actions. The general and special persons understand him as Qutub.  Hazrat Murad shah dhoti belongs to the censured category of the Fakeer persons. In the food and drink system, Hazrat used to follow the method of the Hindu persons. Hazrat used to eat the food prepared by himself.

Hazrat used this conference of Fakir people. He would then ask for flour and other dry goods at the organizer, and use that time to clean-up and prepare food.

Hazrat did not eat food items prepared by Hindu and Muslim persons.  Shams Moula had invited all Fakirs to the shrine on the occasion Urs of Mir Mahmood Saheb.

Shams Moula said that fakers and darwesh people consented to the statement. He also stated that Murad Shah used first to knead flour on all occasions.

You must not give him flour this time, or else we will all be leaving this celebration. otherwise we all leave this urs celebration for this reason. So, for this reason, Shams Moula has wavered in this matter. But when Hazrat Murad Shah was also listened to this conversation on this matter by himself. Hazrat said to Moula, “Please listen to the Fakeer/Darwesh persons’ talking and arrange for his food after they done.” .

All Fakirs, Darwesh and Darwesh persons ate food right after they had gotten rid of it .

All Fakir and darwesh persons were had admitted his miracle. They all have regrets with him for their humor in this matter. His qualities were like purgatory among the fakir’s person of Islam.  Once upon a time, some Hindu ascetic and his disciples came in the city, and they stayed in the city.

Hazrat Muad shah-dhoti was a member because he was like them in appearance, face, and dress .

They have joined him in dining and drinking.  He was eating food there, and he exited from there.

Some Hindu ascetics had informed by some that he was a Muslim Fakir, and they were sorry.

The master of the Hindu ascetics came into his company along with his disciples. And he told him that ” Oh Hazrat, you have caused us to oust us from our nation and the society.” He told him that “Whoever who have said about him is not right. He belongs to your nation and community.

The proof of incontrovertibility in this matter is that I am an uncircumcised person. Then he opened his waist piece. And all have noticed that he is still uncircumcised. They said that congratulation that today we had seen the great God.  Then after Fakeer and darwesh, persons in Hyderabad attacked upon him. And they began saying different matters about him. So he has become defenseless in this condition.

He opened his lungi and everyone saw that he was in the circumcised state as per the Islamic religion .

All fakeer and darwesh persons regretted upon observing his miracle.  Hazrat left this universe on the 11th Jamad sani in 1140 Hijri.  The shrine is in Murad Nagar and a mosque. Murad Nagar area named after Hazrats name.

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