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Hazrat Syed Ashraf Jahangir Semnani

Syed Ashraf Jahangir Semnani
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Mir Syed Ashraf Semnani may Allah have mercy on him
People used to call him Sayyid Jahangir ashraf, he was a master of dignity and disposition and a great perfect guardian of Allah. He had attained the highest places of honor, used to speak loudly about facts and monotheism. His letters are a collection of strange and strange investigations. Regarding Pharaoh’s faith, which is also indicated in Fusus-ul-Hikam, Hazrat ashraf jahangir semnani wanted to find out the facts by having a detailed discussion, so he wrote a letter to Qazi Sahib in this regard. There is a place of great grace, and there is a reservoir in the middle, it is a great practice to take your name to drive away the jinn in this area.
Letter 22
Dear brother Jami Uloom Kazi Shahabuddin! May Allah enlighten your heart with Nooriqin, accept the prayers of dervishes and the supplications of the beggars and the praises of the beggar Ashraf. The answer to which has been given in Fuss al-Hikam, so ten 10 answers have been given in ten places related to this problem in Fuss al-Hikam. could Hazrat Shaykh Radiyallahu Anhu says that Pharaoh who believed because of the fear of drowning in water and death, this faith is not valid and because of this faith, Pharaoh cannot be called a believer, therefore the faith is valid only if he is in hell. It should be brought upon receiving the news of Ahwal and Kharwi, and Pharaoh’s faith was not like this because he was believing because of drowning and being damaged, as it is in Kayseri that when Pharaoh made a wide and wide passage in the sea. saw that the children of Israel had gone to the other side of the sea, so he believed before he became dizzy and before witnessing the things of the Hereafter which are seen by ordinary people in a state of dizziness. It will be correct because he believed before the Gharghara and not after seeing the punishment of the Hereafter as faith is fear. It is in Fuss al-Hikam that the Pharaoh’s wife said to the Pharaoh about Moses, peace be upon him, that he is the coolness of my eyes and yours, so the coolness of the eyes of the Pharaoh’s wife means his perfection and the coolness of the Pharaoh’s eyes. It means his being honest, which Allah Almighty had given him at the time of his death, and Allah Almighty had purified him from the world, because he did not commit any sin after believing, and then he made it a sign of His power, so that no one despairs of My mercy, and only disbelievers remain hopeless of Allah’s mercy, if Pharaoh were also among those who despair of Allah’s mercy (disbelievers). So he would never believe. Pharaoh’s wife had said to Pharaoh that this is the coldness of your eyes and mine, so don’t do it. Believes even though before that he was drunk in sins, then this was said by Allah as a punishment, this does not prove the negation of such a good deed, on the Day of Resurrection, the sinners will be put in hell and the hell will be . Declaring it as the worst place does not mean that there is a conflict between faith and hell, and there is no clear text on Pharaoh’s disbelief, and the arguments that mention his disbelief are his.
The events before believing have been described as narratives. The benefit of faith is that it will not be in Hell, but it will be punished for all the atrocities and sins it has committed. They do not deny (i.e. his suffering for some days) and the Shaykh was responsible for all these matters because whatever he has written in this letter is all written on the authority of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Therefore, there are two handicaps, just as a proud person is handicapped, and the Shaykh’s saying that Allah made him a sign of His power is a reference to this saying of Allah. Released from you after rebellion
We will save you from your body, O Maa, from today we have saved your body from the punishment due to faith, i.e. we have saved you along with your body because of believing after disbelief. Allah knows every believer and unbeliever.
Dear brother, Fazil Jalil! I hold the mushrab of the Sufis by the grace of God Almighty and by the prayers of you gentlemen. It should always be kept in mind that no man can attain a high position without the grace and guidance of God Almighty. All that is achieved is the grace of Allah, and Allah bestows His mercy and grace on whomever He wills. Imam Ghazali, may God bless him and grant him peace, says about Sufism and honorable knowledge that a person who is ignorant and does not have knowledge of Sufism and Shariat. As you know, there is a grave risk of ending up with disbelief. It is God’s mercy on the people of knowledge that they at least affirm Allah and His Messenger and obey the rules of the Shari’ah, to get out of the turbulent waves of the river of hidden shirk. Therefore, believing in Tawheed and Prophethood is the best faith. Make it a daily routine of what Mashaikh Chisht has said and what I have already told you. Some means should be taken to get rid of his worries, and when there is an open discussion, it will be revealed. Your morals will have done It is hoped that you will follow the proverb that the entry of happiness into the heart of a Muslim is like an ocean and acts of worship are like a drop of water, and you will also follow this saying that whoever has dusted his feet in the way of Allah. May Allah forbid fire on his body, I spared no effort in my endeavors and in making concessions to you. Stanza
If someone should be rescued from the hands of those who are living in poverty, it should be done out of heart, God forbid, the wounded hearts of the dervishes of this time know that Mr. Wala has great affection and love for this poor man It is also necessary to wake you up from time to time so that you do not waste your precious time.
Annual urs of ashraf jahangir semnani is celebrated every year.
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