Hazrat Yousuf shareef Baba RH Powerful Master 7 (Nampally)

 Hazrat Yousuf Shareef Baba RH 

Yousuf Shareef Baba
by quadeer

Hazrat Yousuf baba was born in misr. Hazrat Shareef baba was born in Kufa. Both Hazrat uses to work in the army of Aurangazeb Badshah.

Hazrat Yousuf Shareef baba Saheb were great Sufi saints. They had finished their characters for the sake of Allah. Their name is as follows.

1.Hazrat Sharifuddin saheb

2.Hazrat Yousufuddin saheb


Both yousuf shareef baba lineage connected with Allah’s last prophet. Both of them belong to the Sadat family and the proof in this matter shown in the ancestry records.

Hazrat Yousuf Saheb was born in Egypt and spent some part of his life there and Sharif Saheb was born in the town of Kanan in Palestine.

Is the home of Prophet Yousuf (p.b.u.h.) and other Israeli prophets. This place was once a major base for Islamic preaching, propagation and work .

About their birth, education and early life details are not available in the records. Due to their preaching and propagation work of Islam both of them became popular and famous among the widespread people there.

Bait Upon meeting with Hazrat Sheikh Kalimullah they could able to find their last place of destination in India. both of them become disciples of the Hazrat Kalimullah and did bait with the shaikh. and they also got a dress from him and become successors of above great Shaikh of India at that time. Sheikh was very kind to them so he awarded caliphs of Chistiaya and Nizamia Sufi Orders.


Both yousuf shareef baba of them were not real brothers and but they were only disciples of one shaik. For this purpose, Shaikh Kalimullah enlightens their souls.

Due to his spiritual strengths so they should decide and proceed toward India for the propagation and preaching work of Islam there. After the haj, Sheikh Kalimullah come back to India and died there and he buried in the cemetery in Delhi.

Due to the blessings of Sheikh Kalimullah, the people of Delhi were many benefits there.

Due to the direction of Sheikh Kalim Ullah of Delhi  Hazrat Yousuf brothers decided to proceed to India.

For the propagation and preaching work of Islam and they landed in India during Aurangzaib Alamgir of Delhi Arrival in India.

Immediately upon reaching India they had proceeded towards Hyderabad and settled down there. Like other great Sufi Masters they did not like to live in the shrine accommodation. for the worshiping and propagation and preaching work of Islam.

But they preferred to get their livelihood by adopting some work and so they got an appointment in the Mughal Army of Emperor Aurangzaib as an army man.

At that time the army personnel needed to have the horses for the need of the job and also it was for the army men for the wars and military expeditions.

In the army of Aurangzaib, there were no problems and difficulties in it. there was complete peace and order was available and there were also Islamic rules. Great friendship.

Please note the following details that both of them performed hajj together in Makkah. and both of them arrived in India together and become disciples of one master in Delhi. Also, they entered the army of Alamgir and came to Hyderbad together.

Both yousuf shareef baba of them did great endeavors and hard tasks for the preaching and propagation of Islam.

Both of them died on the same day and also their funeral prayers organized together and at last, both of them buried in the same tomb. Upon the end of the Mughal Empire.


The Asif Jahi rulers of Hyderabad also had their great faith and care for this great mausoleum of Hazrat Yousuf  Shareef baba. The graves of the following famous personalities are also available around the mausoleum and the details are as follows.

  1. Amir Minai
  2. Dagah Dehelvi and his wife
  3. Salabath jung

The Urs ceremony of yousuf shareef baba is being conducted by the wakf board every year. in the finest workable manner for the comfort and best service of the visitors of the shrine.

Hazrat Yousuf  Shareef baba left this universe In the Islamic month Zil hajj. Yousuf baba and Shareef baba do not have any children as per historic records. 

Sandal procession starts from mecca masjid and ends at dargah Shareef late in the night. Sama and other Prayers are offer daily. 

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