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Khwaja Aminuddin Ala Quds Sar

Aminuddin ala
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Khalifa Shah Burhanuddin Janam Chishti. Mashahir Auliya and Aka Bur Arfa are from Bijapur. He derived Faiz Aradat and Kharqa Khilafat Chishtiyya from his uncle Khawaja Attaullah. Day and night, they lived in the world of truth and truth. In spite of this perfect absorption, he also used to explain the points of guidance and exhortation and knowledge and secrets. It is written in Aros Irfan that Hazrat Khwaja Aminuddin ala first attained enlightenment by living in the dome of his father Shah Burhanuddin Janam. It is said that due to the state of absorption and rapture, you did not pay the Shari’a members. And the renunciation continued and he abandoned the prayer due to witnessing.

Syed Al Sadat Syed Muhammad Bukhari Sahib Ali Bagh. Who was one of the most prominent in that era. When he heard the news of Hazrat’s abstinence and abandoning the members of the Shari’ah, he felt the support of the Shari’ah and the command of mercy, and from that day he came to conduct himself and pray.

And so on, Hazrat aminuddin ala started arranging for the execution of the members of Shariat. Discoveries and graces appeared abundantly from you.

Among your caliphs, Sayyid Khadwan Khudanama, Syed Miranjhi, Sayyid Hasan Khudanama, and Qadir Linga Ankal are famous. Faizan Batini flowed well from him. He passed away on 24 Ramadan 1085 AH. There is Anwar at his shrine in Bijapur.

Annual urs of aminuddin ala is celebrated every year but the sajjada nasheen of the dargha.

for Easy access to the location of the dargha google maps location is attached https://goo.gl/maps/KswsbCYpwvRwabFVA

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