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Qazi Hamiduddin Nagori

Qazi Hamiduddin Nagori
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He is also called Muhammad bin Ata, he is one of the leading Mashaykhs of India. A separate family was from Suhrawardia and Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi was the authorized caliph.
Some historians say that Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi in some of his letters It has been written that among my caliphs in India, Qazi Hamiduddin Naguri, may God bless him and grant him peace, is also one of my caliphs. God knows. His nature was dominated by ecstasy and sama’, especially he was a big fan of sama’ (Sama’ means listening to ghazals, naats and poems etc. and not tabla and sarangi. Murtajm 12). As he was not fond of hearing, the scholars of Waqt prepared a document against him and presented it to King Waqt. While presenting a document to the king, he also mentioned the summons he had presented against Qazi Hamiduddin. There are many works of Qazi Hamiduddin, in which Qazi Sahib speaks in the spirit of love. Among these works, “Dawla Shamos” is his famous work, in which he discusses the names of Allah Almighty. He has written the best things that affect the heart of the believer. He had full access to the facts of the sciences of Sharia and Tariqat, and he also had a taste for elegance and good nature in his nature, due to which he used to be good-natured to his companions from time to time. Some historians have written that one day Qazi Hamiduddin, Sheikh Burhanuddin and the more famous Qazi Kabir of his time were going somewhere on horseback. So Qazi Kabir said to Qazi Hamiduddin Nagori that your horse is very small. From It is big, Fazil (12) Kazi Sahib had great love and affection for Sheikh Fariduddin Shakarganj. Narrative: A story about Shaykh Fariduddin’s taste in listening has been written in Fawad al-Fawadi (authored by Mir Hasan Dehlavi) that once he wished to listen to some ghazal and naat etc. So he said to Badruddin Ishaq (may God bless him and grant him peace) that bring the letter that Qazi Hamiduddin Nagori has sent to me.
brought to him which contained many letters and placed it in front of the Sheikh and put his hand in it, the first thing that came into his hand was the letter of Qazi Hamiduddin, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, so Badr-ud-Din sent that letter to Sheikh Farid-ud-Din. The Shaykh said to Badr-ud-Din to stand up and read it, so Badr-ud-Din stood up and started reading the letter. He is a servant and a slave and blesses his head and eyes with the dust of their feet. went,
A quartet
Where is the intellect that is in perfection? Where is the soul that is in glory? I understand well that you have lifted the veil of your beauty, but from where can I get the eyes that can see your beauty) Qazi Sahib’s Mazar on a high platform Khwaja Qutbuddin Some historians have written that he wanted to keep the shrine of his mausoleum, which is towards the feet of Khwaja Qutbuddin, lower than Khwaja Sahib’s mausoleum due to his high status, but after his death. Later your descendants did not like this and your shrine
The platform was built higher than the shrine of Khawaja Sahib, he died in 625 Hijri. Narrative: It is narrated from Shaykh Nizamuddin Auliya that he used to say that Qazi Hamiduddin Nagori has set the coin of Sama (ghazal voice) in this city, and when Qazi Limnahajuddin Jo Rajani was appointed as Qazi on behalf of the ruler of this city. If it happened, Sama got a great strength from his existence because he himself was a rasya of Sama (listening to ghazal) and his opposing group from Hameeduddin Naguri (who had a disagreement with Qazi Hamiduddin on the issue of Sama).
He was fiercely angry and hostile, so these people heard a lot of things from Qazi Hamiduddin, but the Qazi Sahib was firm and equal in his religion, on which the Qazi of the city decided that the sailors had told Qazi Hamiduddin. What is the dispute? and this effect remained till the end, so Maulana Ashrafuddin became ill and Sheikh Naguri (may God bless him and grant him peace) visited his house and obtained permission to be present for his visit and death. Al-Din Bahiri (may God bless him and grant him peace) said that this is the person who calls God the Beloved. The nature of God Almighty is ugly and bad, these are the things that a poet collected in this poem
have done. In love, there is some need for some candidacy, some need for pregnancy, some need for restlessness, so Maulana Bakhjiri, may God bless him and grant him peace, refused to meet. At that time, the famous poet Amir Hasan was sitting near Maulana Bari.
It means beloved because Sultan al-Mashaikh says that this story is very long. Narrative: It is narrated from Shaykh Nizam Al-Awalia, he says that once Qazi Hamiduddin came to us in Majlis-e-Samaa, even though he was a ghazal reciter, there were excellent people, but – no one in the audience was affected by the state of ecstasy. addressed the people and said that if there is enmity and displeasure among the audience, then go out and make peace with each other. So Mr. Sama again said that if there is any stranger among us, he should leave this gathering. This was also done, but even after that, no one came to the gathering. Finally, everyone ended the gathering. At the same time, one Mr. Kamal Darwish came there and recited a poem.
As soon as everyone heard it, a state of elation fell on everyone, and a gentleman in the same assembly was so influenced that at that time he entrusted his life to Afarin. In which the subjects of the mysteries of reality are written wave after wave and the meanings of the tariqat are written in this book, brevity and selection are the most difficult things in this book. In the beginning of the book, the noun “Hu” has been explained in great detail and there are so many excuses of this noun that the writer is unable to cover in the pen. i do
The author of Quds Surah says that the letter “ho” is a gesture and the gesture is made after witnessing the Mushar Ilya or receiving any news about it. is used for the person of Allah, then it will mean that every work of Allah is something that is seen by man, as it is generally said that he did and did good, such as Hazrat Ibrahim Khalil, may God bless him and grant him peace. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and Ali Sina, while refuting the two scholars, uttered two words from all appearances: Ani-bari mamma-tashrikoon (I am free from those whom you associate with God) and all the conditions of the heart and liver are of God. turned to the one who has been described in the left words, ani wa bahayat mukhai lludhi fitr samut wal arz (I have turned my face to the One who created the heavens and the earth) Ibrahim (peace be upon him) separated from the two worlds. Then he turned towards Allah Almighty with all love and friendship. When people asked him about whom he was attracted to, he said clearly, “Allah Rabi Al-Ha’i Ho Yathamni Wasaqeen (of this Lord of ours).” The side that feeds and makes me drink) is this” Although there are many different positions and places in the noun, but the suffixes of all of them are the evidence that they all come for Mashaar Ilya, that’s why Hazrat
Ibrahim (peace be upon him) dressed in Jama-e-Khalat in the Yazidi Bargah with a candle and became known as Khalilullah, and clearly said, “I am going towards my Lord in this direction.” It has been written that all the particles of the universe are always attracted towards Allah Almighty in the world of behavior, because everyone wants me to achieve perfection and perfection cannot be achieved by anyone except God himself, that is why he made everyone He created things from nothingness and drew all towards his light. People asked a sage and sage that towards which entity all the particles of the world are attracted, then the sage replied, towards the entity that brings all things into existence from nothingness. A quartet
If you fall, my heart will be sad and you will be sad. Qisa che kanam fisht omid dalam ya ocho yke shod du to karaye shad (If my heart is attracted to him, his bad condition will be corrected, what story should I narrate, the fact is that the relationship of hope is in my heart. And when Mulkar becomes one with him, then he will be and your own existence will cease to exist.
Li Habib Khyala Masib Aini Wasma Fi Zamairi Maknoon In Taqtete Fiqli Qulob Wan Tamilte Fiqli Oyun (I have a friend whose aim of life is to be lost in imagination and his name is cherished in the depths of my heart (when) this When I remember Him, the heart becomes restless and when I think about Him, the eyes become eager to see Him.)
O brother! In order to follow the path of conduct, it is impossible for the sake of gathering (or it is impossible to meet Allah. Fazil).
If a person reaches God only by following the path of behavior and does not have the help of God, then why would he be a martyr? Vana Subhani said, “The reason for this is that he was in a state of ecstasy (and God Almighty said to him, “Ana al-Haqq”), so he came into ecstasy and began to say this word without attributing it to God, and the listeners understood that they are saying about themselves even though they are repeating the words of God. Fazil 12) It is wrong to say “be” in the place of saying “God is ego” and it is not permissible to say “ego” in the place where you say “be”. It is illegal.
Also, the author V. Waqar writes that if someone says Khair instead of Anna Khair, then the fool is a fool, and when he said Anna instead of “Khair”, then he committed a sin in such a way that all the acquired capital went away, Hussain if his If he says instead, he falls headlong into wrongdoing and becomes naked from Tawheed, and if he says “Ena” then he wins and becomes thousands of degrees higher and superior and then it is said for him: Whoever kills him, I am his deity (that is, all his actions become subject to God’s authority and he does everything according to the Shariat). Fazil (1)
Alas, considering three things is sufficient and necessary at the right time. Indicative Mushar al-Mashihir (indicator) The existence of these three things is declared necessary in order for the indication to be correct and in this case the existence of men must be recognized, which is contrary to unity and according to the problem of the Trinity of Christians. Yes, as a result of accepting these triads, there is a distance from Tawheed and later, that is why (according to some people of Sufism) to point to it is shirk and to consider worshiping anyone else worthy of it is a lie and slander. is described in this quatrain.
A quartet
If it is said, it should indicate the meaning of honor, it should be rich in wealth, interest, unity, and the poor should always be in loss.
Whoever points to you and means your superiority by this signal, then he is at a loss despite having benefited from the capital of Tawheed) O brother! Allusion is made with a few things, the detail of which is that allusion is about three types, firstly, sensory allusion which is done with feelings, secondly allusion which is done with illusions, thirdly rational allusion which is done with reasonableness, and Allah. Allah’s majesty and tahayd have no place or connection with these three types to be pointed towards, in this case what else would be done by pointing towards it other than shirk, then there are two types of pointing, either pointing What is done to the absent or to the present, now tell me what do you think Allah is referring to, if you do it thinking it is absent, then it is intellectually and duplicitously impermissible and inaudible, and if you do it thinking it is present, then it is present. It is seen and the attribute of Allah is the Lander that Al-Absaar means that He cannot be seen, rather He has given us the power and strength to see, He shows us and explains to us, so pointing to it is interpreted as negligence of the heart. It will be said that the heart on which the glories of the manifestation of La ilaha illa Allah are concentrated becomes beyond the limitations of memory and when the heart does not remember Allah, then the tongue also remembers and remembers Him. becomes heedless, due to which a person falls into disgrace and death, because whoever is away from his dhikr is also away from his self, so mention Allah with abundance.
Ke Satrish Me Dand Zaban Darkash Zaban Darkash (No one knows its mysteries, so the tongue should be kept closed) O brother! So keep quiet and forget your self. There is a strange quality and pleasure in the memory of this forgetfulness. After doing this, he became silent and placed his lips on his lips, and in that state, a time of prayer passed on him and when he regained consciousness, he was enjoying this state of pain and he was saying like this.
Naseet al-Yum min Ishqi salati fil adri ghadani min eshai
Fadhikr Sidi, Kuli, Shirbi, Wujhak, I saw healing
(Due to the intoxication of love, I forgot one prayer today, so for that reason I have to pray again in the morning
I was not conscious of the evening, O my lord and mistress, your mention is the permanent place of my food and drink
And the sight of your holy face is a complete cure for all diseases.) Understand well! The fact that the name is one letter, which is visible in it, is created by reading it by pulling the front, that is why this name is the proof of the unity of the name, apart from this, there is no such similarity in any other name. God The name of the great emperor should also be single and singular so that its countless meanings can be understood. This is the voice by which the beloved gives voice to his beloved, as Allah the Exalted says or Yaha Al-Dhin Amanwa (O you who believe!) When a letter comes after the letter (H), it is added to the call of the beloved. It is as if through which the Beloved gives voice to his love, and the call of God to his beloved is the call that calls the afflicted lovers to Him, so that they may turn their attention to obeying the commandments of God. Be and run, for which the noun (ha) usually comes. Lovers remember God in their hearts so that they are filled with the fragrance of His presence, then the name “Ho” comes out of their hearts, and when the souls of love and passion are excessive in the world of love, “Hey and Ho”. The voices are raised, justification itself is the greatest and highest place.
A quartet
Where there is love, there must be conversation, and where there is love, surely if Venus is in a place where there is a smell of love, then there will be conversation, and where there is love, there will be both. It will also be the sound of “hey he ho” from the side) as a poet has said
When it’s funny that both of us are restless on both sides, the fire is equal, remember this dear! That the noun “be” refers to the present tense and the present tense. God, who is the sum total of all the attributes of perfection and is free from all kinds of defects and decay, that God exists in such a way that his eternal existence has no beginning and is such a being that has no end to his eternal existence, and this is the first name that is present in all of his existence. The unseen came into existence with mystery, as in Surah Ikhlas it is revealed from Allah Ahud.
He is the name of the sign whose lights reveal the special mysteries of God Almighty, and when this name was the sign, the name of Allah was added to it to clarify the statement to Mushar Ilya and it became “Allah”. Spirits, especially this is a reflection of the light of Allah Almighty, and when the light of God prevails over the light of human intellect, then the noun Ahud is added after Ho to clarify the statement, so that the hearts of the people of research Manifestations of Oneness continued to occur, and when people’s egos and taali were burned to ashes by Anwar Oneness, the name Samad was added to describe it. The revelations keep on coming, and when the ego of the people was destroyed by Samad and all their rituals were destroyed, for further explanation, lim yalid walim yulid walim yakan lah kafwa ahad (Allah Almighty has no son nor (He is his father, and he has no equal) He himself added to the protection of the above-mentioned attributes, and while the manifestations and light of the above-mentioned attributes brought all the creatures to the realm of worship and these attributes to all the creatures. When Batib Khatir was brought to the door of Baralahi, everyone’s gaze fell on the beginning, and they saw the circle of “Kha” which encompasses all of them, although according to the text and the writing, the other names of Allah are also the same names. But apparently, seeing the name of the same Ha, the creation said that this name is the greatest, which is the origin of all names, and just as Surat al-Fatihah in the beginning is called Umm al-Kitab, this name is called Umm al-Asmaa. For the last time, we repeat that the preface of the address of glory to the name of the Lord
And Surah Al-Fatiha is full of all its attributes and perfections. If the one who remembers the name is insightful, he will know all the mysteries. But the land of love is so engrossed in love that it does not even know itself, but it points to it beyond all limitations of presence and absence, and the eye of its mystery is always fixed on it. There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. A scholar of the Tariqat says that after seeing a person who was in love with God, I went to him and saw him drowning in the Sea of Shahud and diving in the Sea of Shahud. I asked him what is his name. ? He replied, yes. I then asked who are you? You answered, then I asked where you have come from, don’t answer, I asked again, where do you intend to go now, in the answer, you said, the answer to everything, I am worried at the end. I went and could not understand Mujib’s meaning, then I said, “What do you mean by that, do you mean God Almighty, whose country is and will be forever?” , and fell like men in such a way that he could no longer raise a slogan and his soul departed to meet the emperor (i.e. died) when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was floating in the sea of light of God Almighty (i.e. remembrance If Allah had done it), then he would get away from the world of self and become enthralled in the light of the Beloved, and when big waves would bring him out of this sea and he would come to the world of witness, he would pray like this after seeing the causes of alienation happening to him. O Allah, let light shine in my heart, O Allah! Make light in my heart and give light to my visual light and auditory light and give light to my eyes, and give light above my ears and light below and give light above me, below, in front of me, in front of me, in front of me, and behind me Light to all
Wajaalne noora fi noor misraa. Sarta pa m fidaye sarta payat (I am sacrificed to your head sir ta pa) i.e. made.
This goal cannot be achieved without coming to the door of the Holy Prophet and Gabriel Amin.
O Allah! Open the door of your mercy, and look at the darkness (that no one can see me) so that before I burn in the glorious light of your sight, we can be glorified by the glorification of your sight and before the situation is without. May I present myself before you, may I become a statue of light with the brightness of your beautiful page.
To consider and understand this meaning, good taste is needed so that the beauty of Allah can be blessed, O friend! Just as the essence of the noun “be” is superior to all qualities and above the attribute of beginning and end, similarly, although important, all the meanings are above and beyond the beginning and end and sacred, no beginning can access it and No end can reach there, Allah’s greatest attribute is that He is completely incapable of His beginning, and He is completely incapable of His end. Guidance and the glory of the Lord’s identity and will continue to inform until the beginning and the end of this circle is revealed, and when you look carefully at the circle of this (H) In each of its components, you will be able to reveal the ability to create other circles, and in this component there is also an end, so the whole circle of (H) is entitled to primacy in terms of its ability and deserves the most and the end. It is the first and the last, and in view of the reality of assembly, it is not possible to imagine the first and the last other than Allah and the other than Allah. In the same way, the name hasal and the same name, but this is a secret that most people It is not to be understood, that circle which is the first and the last point which is the inner and the outer, so that you should not cry in the circle, look at the circle at the end, which is the first and the last, and the point which exists in the outer and the inner. If you want to see it, then look at the circle and circle of (H) Praise be to Allah.
Therefore, we say from the beginning that Allah Ta’ala is with us until the end, the Lord of the world is obligatory, whose light and manifestations are visible in the world of witnesses. And is present at the end, this speech shows the majesty of the noun “be”. I have deviated from the original article by drifting in the flow of the length of the article, so now I am returning to the original article, dear! Listen with the ears of the heart and remember that “if it comes out of the throat but does not touch the throat, when this noun has no area from the throat, even though it is coming out from the throat in the same way.” It is also important for the reader not to have anything to do with it while living in this world so that he can be satisfied with the presence of God through this separation, and it is also worth noting that a noun in the Arabic language has two letters. is not less than, that is why there is no absolute individual in our world, and when the enlightened people saw the meaning of ahadith in the noun Ho, after turning their hearts towards it, they immediately said that this noun The meaning is that of the absolute individual whose existence is not found within us.
Harani ke murad ma az wo o behde bardar nazr za harf ta o behde (that is, if the letters from which our desired is the beloved, then the gaze should be raised from these letters so that the beloved can be seen directly) is known accordingly. It happened that Asm and Simi Har both are undoubtedly the same, O dear! The letter (H) leaves our soul and goes to the supreme world and then returns to this world with mystery, it is not revealed in any place and in any house except the lips and the tongue, and the lips And the tongue, which is the lawyer of the heart, does not say this word until the heart knows its secrets, Arifin Anwar Samadit knows that it is absolutely necessary that this name is the destination of all kinds of changes. In the same way, his happiness is also different from the decoration of a house and the decoration of a language
Above all, it is a great secret. Oh dear! “Ho is a noun indicative which is always directed towards Mushar Ilya, and the noun indicative is not directed towards Mushar Ilya’s attributes and virtues, and this is the same as what Arifin and Salikin interpret as Bain. There are that love is from his essence and not from his attributes, especially that essence whose perfection is greater than his essence (and that is the essence of Allah) and this precise and mysterious meaning of this statement of scholars – It is because the existence of his essence precedes the attributes and the existence of the essence precedes the attributes in such a way that it does not prove the non-existence and duality of essence and attributes.
Proves the unity so that the mystery of monotheism reveals the abortion of additions. Oh dear! A noun is a noun that is absolute and is not derived from anyone, because a derivative is a noun that is not free from the participation of others, and the basis of unity in something that is participated and shared by others becomes hollow. There is, all the lovers agree that Ism-e-Azam (H) is not derived from anyone (Badileel-e-Maqat. Fazil 12) and it is not absolute because of unity. Khushboo تولون رمز لتيف, brother Man! An absolute person is one whose attribute cannot be described by any thing, and it is a recognized rule of the whole world that everything is distinguished and different from other things because of its attribute. And for this reason, the difference between the predicate and the attribute is explained that the predicate is independent of its attribute and the attribute is dependent on its predicate. , they refer to the same thing as another thing while explaining. In this case, frequency and abundance are necessary
is, and multiplicity is against unity. Oh dear! When our stated speech is taken into consideration, it will automatically become clear that all derivative names and all information are weak and unable to reveal the essence of Allah Almighty, and only the Supreme Name is individual. of the Oneness of the Absolute
He is unveiling the reality and this is the name (which) is the manifestation of Allah Almighty’s unrepentance. All nouns denote derived attributes and attributes are identified only by means of addition, but the general rule is that all additions are terminated by hyd.
Niko goy nago ghafit ist dar zaat keh al-tawheed isqat al-azfaat (What a good speaker has said about Allah Almighty that monotheism is the one thing that eliminates all additions) but the funny thing is that the name If there is a derivative from someone, the eyes of the seeker are fixed on both the derivative and the derived mouth in the time of demand. And the right of the intellect is that when it looks at something, it should never turn to the other side until it realizes its reality, and should not make this other thing a means of salvation, nor should it become real by engaging in other things. There is a danger of obscuring the thing. It is also known that the noun “be” is not derived from anyone to teach the student to be far-sighted, and start believing in his own illusions, rather the noun “be” is a coincidence. The one who ignites the fire of the seeker’s love and separates him from the idolatry of Allah and reaches the true goal. There is no god but Allah. There are also three levels and positions of those who walk on it (1) cruel, (2) righteous (3) former and similarly the self is also of three types (1) Amara, (2) Luwama, (3) Satisfied and Asm Ho In. It is in the fate of the people who are examples of previous charity and the people of self-satisfaction and the light of the light of Ahadith have become gray and they have closed their eyes from seeing Masui Allah, being unaware of all the world and the world of Istighrag. I am intoxicated and enjoying the graces and graces of God, each one of them is unaware of the other, they know the dear ones and all human beings, the world and the world as perishable and ending because of this. All the things in the world are accidents which are going to perish very soon.
“O Bhai Anhu” is the work of thousands of people who are reluctant and ex-charitable
They are lovers of God Almighty because the name “Ho” is the abbreviation of the name of Allah, the only people who are immersed in the love of Allah Almighty are aware of this fact, O dear! The one who is allowed by the Beloved in the world of awe, turns away from egoism and arrogance, dissolves his self from the domination of glory and reaches the place of annihilation and comes under the shadow of the light of God Almighty, then places and deeds. , unconscious and conscious, negation and affirmation, survival and annihilation, hope and fear, expansion and restraint, obligation, love and awe, fear and service cannot be done in this direction. When the Beloved is unmarked, you also become unmarked and appear hidden and visible in the flower like the fragrance of the flower. Narrative: A friend of mine, who was well aware of the ins and outs of Tariqat and reality, narrated to me his eye-witness incident that one day I went to a shrine where I met a Jogi, who was very gentle and kind. Those who met me and knew about my government, took me to a place where I saw a man standing like a humble and recalcitrant and willing to see the visible. I was afraid to see his presence. Hawa and asked his fellow Jogi what was the matter, he said that this man has been waiting for the same observant Jalal for twelve years and waiting for the acceptance of his prayers, this Jogi said that sometimes in the morning Early in the morning I hear the voice of him saying his name “Ho”, when he says “Ho”, a flame of light comes out of his mouth and becomes as high as the sun. O dear, at every step it is always surprised and disturbed, when the beloved is immersed in the observation of the unmarked, then the essence and identity of the beloved will dissolve his egoism and selfishness, and he, because of his virtues, will lose this egotism. It will be terminated, and if this seeker of right reaches the point of death from the position of istighraq, then he will be lost in the beloved and become unmarked and annihilated. After that, all the secrets and mysteries will be revealed to him, just like the waves of the sea of love.
A single drop cannot tip the waves, just as the mystery within cannot be expressed in the garb of words. Seeing this scene, if Jalal falls from the place of Astablak to the place of annihilation, then the kingdom of the two worlds will definitely be in his possession.
The servant should realize that the state of the hereafter is God’s death. The servant reaches the point where all the work ends and nothing else remains except the Self of God. What should be heard from the students at this point will be the ego and we have already told that whoever points to it and says it by himself, he points to himself and says. گفت راست جنبید کونا الحق گفت (Jwana al-Haq is worthy of being said, therefore it is also appropriate to explain the Absolute Secret) Some Shaykhs say that the meaning of min arf is to forget all nouns except the noun “be”. It means that whoever wants to be aware of the meaning of individuality of Allah Ta’ala, he should take a look at the world of unity, and avoid multiplicity and addition, and hold firmly to the foot of unity, and when he sees one as one. So attend the veil of unity in such a way that it becomes unconscious, then the individual dives into unity, at that time how can the student have the power to remember any name other than the name of God?
O brother! Whoever conveys it, always recognizes it without question and it is impossible to point to good deeds, and children mean misguidance, and this is a great secret, there is no god but Allah. is also mentioned frequently, but in the beginning of Ishq, when his street is mentioned, be patient, and if you want to reach it as a scholar and scholar, then the rule is that the one who is mentioned frequently Yes, he is not always far away, so he will surely show his beauty, and not always the poor lover with his heartache
Hamiduddin keeps saying. Let’s reduce the wise hadith! (If I had any sense, I would have mentioned you less. I wish I had spoken firmly about the secrets of God. (What would have been the weeping and wailing on your own words)
By looking at the person of Allah, everyone is forced to say that I am not able to praise you as much as you have praised yourself, this is also a secret.
By God, if at first this meaning, the expression of which even at the end of Kashf makes a man tired and dead (if it starts to appear, one should recite Istighfar a hundred times a day, and I myself do the same a hundred times). Ninety-nine times for the ninety-nine names and once for seeking forgiveness, O brother! He who does not have the strength to walk in praise should stop at the place of Tawheed, so that he can say: O Allah, I am yours. I can’t describe the praises fully. La ilaha illa Allah. Shair ahab minajat al-Habib ba zadabi wa lakan lisan al-Ashiqeen Kalil. I love to praise Habib in different ways, but the tongue of lovers is closed.
Annual urs of hazrat hamiduddin nagori is celebrated every year.
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