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 Hazrat Syed Abdullah shah sahab Naqshbandi (Misrigunj)

abdullah shah sahab
by quadeer

Hazrat syed abdullah Shah naqshbandi Saheb was born in Hyderabad Hussaini Alam area. 

Hazrat’s father’s name is Hazrat Syed Muzaffar Hussain RH. 

Hazrat  abdullah shah was famous by the name Abul hasanth Syed Abdullah shah. 

Hazrat linage traced back to imam Hussain Razi Allah hu anuhu. 25th generation children of Hazrat imam Hussain Razi Allah hu anuhu.

Hazrat was a great personality, scholar, and a great saint. Inspite of all this, Hazrat spent his whole life in the service of the creation.

His whole life is a model of the commandments of Allah Taala and His Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Hazrat would make the disciple recite Astaghfirullah Rabee Min Kulli Dhambin Wa Atubu IlahLa Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah

Hazrat then said, “I have given you in slavery hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani & Hazrat Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband.”

On this, the devotee would say: I accept it. Then Hazrat would say: I have made you a follower in the Qadiri and Naqshbandiya Tariqah. 

The first recommendation is to offer the 5 Salaat . If it were a man, Hazrat would add, try to offer each Salaat in the Masjid, with Jama’at. Salaat, Quran, etc., recited with the tongue, but for zikr, recite Allah, Allah from the soul. For this, Wazu is not necessary. It can done with Wazu, without Wazu, in a state of Taharah, out of it, while walking, sitting and lying down. Suppose you forget it due to the absence of habit, no difficulty. Then, when you reminded of it, start doing it. 

Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahab is a Spiritual follower of Hazrat miskeen shah Naqshbandi. 

Teaching Strategies:

Even as a student, he started teaching in formal and non-formal ways. 

He would hike approximately 4 miles every day to assist his spiritual leader with his midnight ritual prayers. It didn’t matter the weather. This continued for many years, until Syed Badshah Bukhari R.A. died. Hazrat Abdullah Shah didn’t like his spiritual disciples being Murids during his lifetime.

Yet, the number of disciples of Murids in his lifetime reached hundreds and thousands.

He practices the Hanafi school of jurisprudence and Hanafi school. He initiated his disciples in both the Quadria Orders and the Naqshbandi Ords.

His current Master Shaikh Hazrath Syed Muhammad Badshah Husaini who died on 25 August killed by lightning strike. Hazrath Abdullah Shah had predicted that he would also leave this mortal realm in two days . His prediction came true.

The world lost an outstanding spiritual leader and scholar with his death on 18th Rabi us-Sani (1384 A.H. or 1964 A.D.). He was 92 years old.

Hazrat funeral procession attended by thousands of people and it was the biggest of its kind in Hyderabad history .

Hazrat buried in Naqshbandi Chaman, Misri Gunj.


Apart from Zujajat al-Masabih, Hazrat has written various subjects, from Salaat to Salik.

The following is an index of his works:

Fazail Namaz

Yousuf nama

Qiyamat nama

Meraj nama

Milad nama

Gulzar Auliya

Mawaiz Hasana, Volumes 1 and 2


Fazail Ramzan

Kitab ul Muhabbat

Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahab left this universe in the Islamic month of Rabi us sani.

Hazrat shrine is in misrigunj.

Annual urs celebrated yearly.

Hazrat syed abdullah naqshnadi saheb (misrigunj) has thousands of devotees around the globe.

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Gulzar auliya

Tuzk mahbubia

Tazkira Aulia Deccan

Gulzar Asafia

Tazkira  Aulia Naqshbandi