Hazrat Sultan Nooruddin Mubarak Ghaznavi True master 1

Hazrat Nooruddin Mubarak Ghaznavi

Nooruddin Mubarak Ghaznavi
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Hazrat nooruddin was the caliph of Shaykh Shahabuddin, may God bless him and grant him peace, the spiritual leader and Shaykh-ul-Islam of Delhi, during the reign of Sultan Shamsuddin, he was called “Mir Delhi”.
It is written in Fawad al-Fawad that one day Sheikh Nizamuddin Abul Muayed, may God bless him and grant him peace, had a conversation that once it did not rain, people caught him and asked him to pray for rain. He came to the pulpit and prayed for rain. Then he turned his face to the sky and said, “O Allah, if you do not send rain, I will not go to any population before that.” Qutbuddin Rehmatullah Alaihi met you, Syed Sahib said to you that we know about you Devotion is very strong and we know that in the presence of God Almighty you will have complete Niaz
Yes, but why did you say that “If you did not make it rain, I would not have done it before anyone.”
I will not go to the population. Hazrat Sheikh Nizam (may God bless him and grant him peace) replied that because I believe
It was certain that it would rain, so I said, Sayyid Sahib Rahmatullah Alaihi inquired how you got this belief. Alaihi’s dispute appeared in the service of Sultan Shamsuddin Barazi. I said something that made Syed Nooruddin angry. At that time he asked me to pray for rain. If you agree with me, I will pray, otherwise I will not, a voice came from his private house that I agree with you, go and pray. It is narrated from Sheikh Naseeruddin Mahmood Quds Sira that it is known that Syed Nooruddin (may Allah have mercy on him) received a blessing from a great elder Sheikh Muhammad Asal Shirazi (may Allah have mercy on him), he said that among the disciples of Sheikh Shirazi there was a merchant, a One day he came to the Sheikh and asked that a boy has been born in my house who is named after you. May he be blessed. The Sheikh said that it is a good thing. When I finish, bring my child from my right side and present it in front of me. On the same day Syed Nooruddin Mubarak was born, his father was also present in this assembly, and he had heard this, he said in his heart that I also gave birth to my new born child. I will bring it to the service.
On the second day, when it was time for Fajr prayer, the merchant was late, Sayyid Mubarak Ghaznavi’s father got up early in the morning, the muezzin recited the Takbeer, and Sheikh Rahmatullah Alaihi completed the prayer. He came and presented his child in front of the sheikh, the sheikh looked at him, all these blessings are the effect of Faiz, after that the merchant came, the sheikh, may God bless him and grant him peace, said that this blessing is in the fate of Syed Zada. was He said that once it did not rain in Ghazni, people came to the service of Sheikh Muhammad Ajl, may God bless him and grant him peace. A garden came in front of the Sheikh, he visited the garden, the gardener was sleeping under a tree, he woke him up and said that the trees are drying up, get up and water the trees. He replied that the garden is mine and the tree is also mine, I will provide water when needed. The Sheikh, may God bless him and grant him peace, said to him, “Then why does he not forbid this creature from coming after us? We are the servants of God and this land belongs to God.” Yes, it will rain when the Almighty wills, he said this and came back, after a while it rained heavily, the tomb of Syed nooruddin Mubarak Ghaznavi (may God bless him and grant him peace) is on the east side of a tank in Delhi. He died in 632 Hijri.
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