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Khwaja Ghawth/Ghaus Mohammad Gwalior

Khwaja Ghaus Mohammad Gwalior
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Hazrat ghaus born on 7 Rajab 907 Hijri in Ghazipur.
Shajra e Nasab
The Muarrekhinos are embarrassed by your association because they have called you Syed i.e. the luminary of the Saadat family whereas you yourself have written in your book Jawahir-e-Khamsiya that I go to my family taluk and meet Hazrat Khwaja Fariduddin Attari Rahmatullah Alaih.
(Note) What is meant is that the Auliya who have written on the blessings of Allah, should not be punished for anything.

The information received is not correct, but for this we cannot say that Fala Moallif (writer) has made a mistake. Rather we would say that he has suffered from Tasamo.

For example Shah Muhaddis Abdul Haq Dehlavi Rahmatullah Allah’s most reliable book Akhbarul Akhyar, in which almost all the Auliya Allah are mentioned, has also been compared to them at many places, for example, the relationship between Mehboob Elahi Rahmatullah Allah and Sheikh Sarfuddin Yahya Maneri Rahmatullah Allah He has written that when Makhdoom-e-Bihar came to Delhi, Mehboob Elahi Rahmatullah Alaih had said goodbye to the world, while the date is Shahid that both the wives have met each other and Mehboob Elahi gave Makhdoom as a gift.

Even if 3 paan were given to A. Bihar, then it happens that Tasamo and Auliya are related to Allah, there is scope for this, because according to the rituals, the Moallif (writer) runs his pen and usually three-four rituals on the same issue of every Wali Allah. keep getting related, so we cannot say that Fala Muarrikh or Moalif has written wrong, it is disrespectful and disrespectful

There is no place in Islam, whoever gets it gets it with respect, often Sufis keep saying…. Ba Adab — Ba Naseeb Be Adab — Bad Naseeb
Shajra e Nasab
Khwaja Shah Ghaus Mohammad Gwalior Rahmatullah Alaih Hazrat Sheikh Khateeruddin Gwaliori Alaihirrahma Hazrat Sheikh Latif Ahmad Alaihirrahma Hazrat Sheikh Moinuddin Alaihirrahma Hazrat Sheikh Khateer Alaihirrahma Hazrat Sheikh Bayazid Alaihirrahma,
Hazrat Khwaja Shaikh Fariduddin Attari Alaihirrahma
So in this way your Shajra-e-Nasab goes and meets Tajul Arfeen Syedush Sakilin Hazrat Khwaja Sheikh Fariduddin Attari Rahmatullah Alaih. The biggest achievement of Khwaja Fariduddin Attari Rahmatullah Alaih is his book “Tazkiratul Auliya” which is still a very popular and popular book for the Ahle Tasawwuf. Hazrat Khwaja Fariduddin Attari Rahmatullah Alaih says that remembering Auliya Allah is an expiation for sins.
Shah is also there before your name. Generally, now this word is used in Hindi with Fakir caste and they believe that its foundation was laid in India by Qutbul Madar Syed Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar Rahmatullah Alaih. This is a word which means emperor or chieftain. Earlier people of Saadat family used to use this name before their name and this name also suited them because it has the meaning of chief and king and Syed also has the meaning of king and chief, but when Saadat saw that now everyone uses this word.
He is writing Shah in front of his name, then he stopped writing Shah. The name Shah in your name is neither because of being a Syed nor because of your connection with Madarul Alameen, but your position in Tasawwuf makes you Shah Sardar.
You are known by this name. Gaus is both a name and a position in Tasawwuf. Gaus’s status among the people of Tasawwuf is very high and special. Generally when we say Gaus, the name of Sarkar Peer Peeran Shahe Jilan Sheikh Abdul Qadir Lahore Gaus Azam Raziallahu Taala Anhu comes to our mind. He is also Gaus’ Gaus. But in Tasawwuf many other Auliya Allah also have the status of Gaus. Which means the one who helps and it is very important to keep one thing in mind that Auliya Allah has spent his life in helping others because the joy of Tasawwuf can be stopped only when you take out the anger from within yourself and think good for others. Let it be Now let’s talk about your connection with Gauss. Darsal Shah Abdul HaqMuhaddis Dehlvi Rahmatullah Alaih says that once he along with his 7 brothers approached Murshid Qazi Hamiduddin Sattari – Rahmatullah Alaih, he said, come Gaus, it is your good grace. After hearing this phrase, his followers were surprised and said, Sir, 7-year-old children. You called it Gauss. Piro Murshid replied that listen, the king calls his son Shah Alam since childhood because he knows that after him the king will become his son. So when a worldly person takes this decision in childhood itself, then we are the ones with rights and this child will be Gosul Agyas. (Haqiqatul Asrar)
Whenever Emperor Humayun and his son Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar wrote letters to you, they used to politely write “Pire Peeran Gaus Saqlain”.
Silsila Shattaria is not a new series but it is known by different names in different countries. Ishqiyaan in Iran, Bistamia in Room, Sattaria in India
Known by the name and Bani of this Silsila in India is Sheikh Sirajuddin Abdullah Sattar Rahmatullah Alaih who is the 5th generation descendant of Silsila e Soharwardi’s Bani (Founder) Sultanul Arfeen Syedus Saleheen Shaikh Sahabuddin Soharwardi Rahmatullah Alaih and Huzoor Syedul Arfeen Khwaja Bayazid Bustami is the follower and caliph of Rahmatullah Alaihi, that is, Silsila Sattaria is a branch of Silsila Soharwardi!
family history
Your great grandfather came to India after migrating from Nishapur. You were accompanied by your prince Shaikh Khatiruddin Alahirrahma. He got married and had 8 children. That means you were 8 brothers.
1-Sheikh Ruknuddin
2– Sheikh Mohammed Flowers
3- Sheikh Shah Abul Kher
4- Sheikh Abul Fatah
5- Sheikh Qutbuddin
6–Sheikh Mohammad Quddus
7- Sheikh Mohammad Kazim
8- Sheikh Mohammad Khwaja Gaus Gwaliari Sattari Rahmatullah Alaih.
childhood and education
You have spent your childhood as if you were fifty-five, you were very serious and intelligent. Staying away from the noise of the world and you like silence very much, at the age of 7, you have achieved that place of spirituality, which many do not get in 60 years. From childhood, you entered Tasawwuf in the same way as Talib enters the Ilm Madrasa. Your follower and Khalifa Shah Fazlullah Sattari has written that you studied Kafiya near Sadra Haq Alaihirrahma and attained Marfat at the age of 9 years. At the age of 15, you have achieved all the uloom. At such a young age hardly anyone is equal to you in attaining status.
The Search and Place of Piro Murshid When you were in Jaunpur, you used to go to your grandfather’s grave and read Fatiha. One day, after reciting Fatiha, he stopped there and after Tahajjud, he fell asleep due to which he closed his eyes. Then a voice came from the grave, O Mohammed, go to Khwaja Abul Fatah, Hidayatullah Sarmad Alaihirrahma. When you went to Hidayatullah Sarmad Alaihirrahma, he said Go Mohammed, there is an old man sitting for you on the hill in front of you. When you reached the mountain, you saw an old man with a fair face resting. He looked at you and said, come Mohammed, my time is near now, I have a task to hand over to you. I want and after this he gave you the place of Gosiya after which he passed away. You made arrangements for the funeral, laid it to rest and started thinking in your mind that this is the result of the blessings of Hazrat Khwaja Abul Fatah Hidayatullah Sarmad Alaihira Rahma and I should become his follower. After thinking so much, you went to him and said, Sir, make me your follower. Take, they said, Mohammad, we don’t have your phase, you go to Khwaja Hameeduddin Sattari Rahmatullah Alaih.
When you reached Saharanpur in search of a mentor, you saw an old man standing near a tree. You greeted him as soon as you saw him, but he kept on looking at you. After seeing him for some time, the old man said to his follower Ahmed Shah Alaihirrahma, look son Ahmed, this is the same face that Aqa Alaihissalam has given us. Darsal Khwaja Hameeduddin Sattari Rahmatullah Alaih kept doing Mujawari by staying at the door of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam for 30 years, Tajdare Madina Nooram Mubeena Syedul Ambiya Mehboob Khuda Rasool e Khuda Badruduza Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam i.e. sweeping near the arm while sweeping Allahu Akbar these are the Auliya Allah Standing for a few minutes in the bargah of Aqa Alaihissalam, great Mashaykh Ulema Sufis ask for blessings day and night, your mentor Khwaja Hameeduddin Sattari Rahmatullah Alaihi, has visited that holy place for 30 years in a row. You are troubled only by the fact that I have neither any children nor any capable followers.
How will my series continue further? One day you had a dream of Aka Alaihissalam and he showed you the face of Hazrat Khwaja Ghaus Mohammad Gwalior Rahmatullah Alaih and said that he will be your successor and will get a very high position and Silsila-e-Sattariya will get a lot of progress through this. Then he praised you and Said to do riyaazat and worship. You spent 10 years in the same discipline and worship, crushing your soul and throwing it away. Then you went to the forest and lived there with wild animals. Whenever you felt hungry, you would eat leaves and it was during this period that you wrote Jawahir Khamsia.
When you returned after doing the rites, the Murshid found the Murid very happy and said that I will give you more than 100 places and I will even give you my name. When you presented the Jewels of Khamsia in front of the Murshid, he He became very happy and said that from today onwards I have done everything in your name and given all the Khilafat and permission by saying that you are my life-line. After that you came to Ghazipur.
(Note–) It is important to note here that your grandfather first stayed in district Jaunpur and his grave is also in district Jaunpur whereas you were born in district Ghazipur, that means your childhood and youth were spent in Ghazipur only. And your mentor used to belong to district Saharanpur, while at the end of time you went to Gwalior and made your place there forever. It is also important to understand this so that people do not get confused by changing the name of the district in every sentence while reading that somewhere it is Ghazipur, somewhere it is Jaunpur, somewhere it is Saharanpur and Gwalior, that is why it has been clarified)
murshid’s letter
You stayed in Ghazipur for 6 months, now your Piro Murshid’s health started deteriorating. They sent Qazi Ruknuddin Alaihirrahma and Qazi Khuda Baksh Alaihirrahma to you and told them, listen, I have been called, but I have taken 4 days’ time and we have given you everything. You have given it • The one you call acceptable will be accepted, the one you reject will be removed from my list. you are my life Followers and khanqahs, this series is all your responsibility, now you only take care of it, I have given you permission and caliphate of all posts and every series and now you go to Gwalior, start tabligh of religion there, after reading the letter, they started crying and said today Whatever Gaus Mohammad is, it is because of the mentor, if he had not got the company of the mentor, then Gaus Mohammad would have gone astray. You were convinced of the existence of Vahdatul.
Arrival in Gwalior and Humayun’s devotion
According to the orders of the Murshid, you brought Gwalior Tasharif. At that time, the Sultanate of Delhi was with Humayun, the second emperor of the Mughal dynasty and son of Babur. Emperor Humayun was 6 years younger than you. Hatta used to have a lot of respect for you, even from the date it is known that he was your follower. Mullah Abdul Qadir Badayuni Alahirrahma has written that Humayun was your follower.
Wherein famous author Peter Hardy has written on page number 438 of his book “Source of Indian Tradition”
Emperor Humayun considered you a spiritual Peshwa and was his admirer. the famous historian
Dr. Tarak Chand has written in his book “The Influence of Islam on Indians” that ever since Humayun met you, he has become your lover. On the basis of love for you, he gave you many gifts but you distributed them all among the poor. Those who do not keep anything with themselves and the people of Tasawwuf give an argument to worldliness that in their eyes, diamonds and jewels are lesser than dust.
Sangeet Samrat Tansen
The whole world knows the music emperor Tanesan but what is common among the people is that he is one of the Navratnas of Emperor Akbar. Dear friends, it is true that he is one of the Navratnas of Emperor Akbar but he also has his own place in Tasawwuf and it is important to understand one thing that he is not a non-Muslim but he has read Kalma and is a follower of Hazrat Khwaja Ghaus Mohammad Gwalior Sattari Rahmatullah Alaih. He is a follower and even today he is taking rest near you.
Syed Husaimuddin Alaihirrahma writes that once Tanesan’s father, who was a Brahmin, came to you and said, “Baba, please pray for us that a child be born, you prayed after which Tanesan was born after some time, but after a few days, Tanesan’s father And the mother had passed away. After which he started living with you. And after being in your health, the emperor went to Akbar and when you passed away, according to the will, your funeral procession came to Gwalior, 360 miles away from Delhi, and his urn was also made there, which shows that you had converted to Islam. And he also got Silsila Sattaria.
(Note–) Often we see that a completely different interpretation is found in Garo’s book about these emperors and poets. In fact, they are all liars because in their books, everyone narrates false stories related to these emperors and after reading the same book, our Muslim brothers also start abusing them, for example Huzoor Aurangzeb Alamgir.
In the glory of Rahmatullah Alaihi, the foreigners made so many big nazeba and false allegations. While he was a Fayez Darvesh on the highest level of Tasawwuf, Sultan Alauddin Khilji was called a tyrant by strangers, whereas he was a follower of Hazrat Bu Ali Shah Qalandar Rahmatullah Alaihi, so did the Qalandar of time make any oppressor his follower. Emperor Humayun himself was a follower of Khwaja Gaus Mohammad Gwaliary Rahmatullah Alaih, that is, the purpose of my saying is that when the Gaus, Qutub, Abdal, Qalandar of the time used to follow these celebrities, then did they not know their actions, so first we need their Investigate and we see the relation when these kings are in relation to such a high status of Auliya Allah, then we have no right to be arrogant in their glory.)
Humayun’s defeat and Sher Shah Suri’s oppression
On the other hand, after being defeated in the battle by Sher Shah Suri, Humayun ran away after saving his life. Now Sultan Sher Shah Suri started persecuting Humayun’s close friends. So it started targeting you too. You go to Gwalior for a few days
They went away from where his four wives, 9 sons, 5 daughters and his mother lived. On the other hand, Shershah Suri’s nephew came to kill you and started torturing the women and took the sons captive. After all this, your mother said angrily, ‘Mohammed, what is the use of your kindness? After all, if you remain silent even in trouble, mother, after listening to Kajumla, you became intoxicated. Your gaze lifted like a storm, and in the meanwhile, a sword was given to the poor.’ She became visible and cut thousands of soldiers like radish and carrot. No one could escape. After this incident, Shershah Suri never troubled you again. ,
Amad and Merajnama in Gujarat
In fact, in those days you had written a book, Merajnama, which was discussed everywhere. When you reached Gujarat, Sheikh Abdul Ali Muttaqi Alahirrahma read that book and after reading it, he objected to it. In those days, the objections increased a lot against one Mujaddid Muhaddis and the greatest scholarly authority in Gujarat, Hazrat Syed Wajihuddin Alvi.
The case came to Sattari Gujrati Rahmatullah Alaihi, then 250 Muftis came to you with Ram, at that time you were sitting in a room, he went inside the room, sat all night, when morning came, Syed Wajihuddin Alvi Sattari Rahmatullah Alaihi said to the Ulemas, if tomorrow If I had not got the company of Khwaja Gaus Muhammad Gwaliary Rahmatullah Alaihi, I would not have become a Muslim. She was achieved by sitting in his company for one night, he became crazy about you, all the objections were over. There you worshiped Syed Wajihuddin Alvi Rahmatullah Alaih and returned after giving Khilafat and permission and said goodbye to the outside world on 14th Ramzan 970 Hijri. But your name is still alive among the people of Tasawwuf and will remain alive till the Doomsday, like you even today people get a phase and this happy series will continue till the Doomsday. 
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