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khaja Abul Faiz Sadath Zaidi hussaini
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Hazrat khaja Abul Faiz was a direct descendant of the Holy Prophet’s daughter, Hadrat Fatima (R.a). He was also related to Hazrat Ali (R.A.), the first caliph of Islam.

Hazrat khaja Abul Faiz sadath Zaidi Hussaini was born in Gulbarga into a family with a long lineage of religious leaders. His grandfather, Hazrat Khaja Bande Nawaz, was a famous holy man in Gulbarga. Hazrat khaja Abul Faiz’s ancestor, Hazrat Maqdoum Abul Hasan bin Hussain, was a religious leader who came to India from Herat. He died in Delhi and buried in Ayaz mosque in Delhi.

Hazrat Abul Faiz grew up to be a pious and learned man.

Hazrat Khaja Bande Nawaz left Delhi and covered the journey from Delhi to Husanabad Gulbarga in three years. and he arrived in Gulbarga during the reign of Feroz Shah Bahmani during the year 803 Hijri and names of his two sons are as follows.

Hadrat Syed Hussain alias Akbar Hussaini

Hadrat Syed Yousuf alias Mohammed Asghar Hussaini.  

Hazrat Khaja Abul Faiz sadath zaidi Hussaini was the son of Hazrat Asghar Hussaini.

Hazrat’s name Syed Shah Minullah Hussaini Mohammed al Hussaini, alias Aminuddin and surname name khaja Abul Faiz.

Hazrat Abul Faiz grew up to be a pious and religious man, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. He became known for his wisdom and knowledge of the Quran. People from all over the city would come to him for advice and guidance.

When Sultan Ahmed Shah Bahmani died, and when his son Sultan Aladdin was becoming king of the Bahmani Kingdom at that time.

he requested Khaja Gunj Baksh to kindly visit Bidar, but he sent his brother and his caliph Hadrat Khaja Abul Faiz sadath zaidi hussaini to Bidar.

Upon the demise of Khaja Bande, Nawaz Hazrat went to visit Gulbarga from Bidar and where he declared there as caretaker of the shrine building he performed his responsibilities in the shrine of Gulbarga for some days.

and he awarded the custodianship of the shrine of Gulbarga to his elder son Hazrat Syed Ahmedullah Hussaini.

And upon this, he returned to Bidar Sharif.

Hazrat has two wives, and Bibi Khadija connected to his family and the second wife was Bibi Nemate was, the daughter of Hazrat Khaja Mahmood Gawan and who was prime minister of the Bahmani empire of Bidar.

Hazrat Abui Faiz sadath Zaidi Hussaini had six sons and three daughters from Bibi Khadija details are as follows.

  • Syed Ahmedullah Hussaini Ghaleb Karamat
  • Syed Kalimullah Hussaini
  • syed Gadai Hussaini
  • Syed Karamatullah Hussaini
  • Syed Mohammed alias Kale Hussaini
  • Syed Sibgatullah Hussaini

The names of the three daughters are as follows.

  • Bibi Kulusum
  • Bibi Sara
  • Bib Tasbih

The Dargah of Hazrat Khaja Abul Faiz is a famous landmark in Bidar and many reference books are available on its premises. You can also find mention of it in many historical texts.

Hazrat Khaja Abul Faiz was a famous religious figure who settled in the area now known as Faizpura near Bidar railway station in Karnataka. Every year, an annual Urs Shareef held in his honor on the 6th of Rabbi ul Awwal.

The Dargha, or tomb, of Hazrat Khaja Abul Faiz is a well-known landmark in Bidar and many historical texts make reference to it.

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